Najenda main image
Kanji ナジェンダ
Rōmaji Najenda
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 172 cm [1]
Measurements 85-58-86 [1]
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #2
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #2
Japanese Risa Mizuno
English Shelley Calene-Black


Once a general with a promising career ahead of her, despite her young age, Najenda defected and joined the Revolutionary Army when she learned how corrupt the country she served was. Despite taking a good chunk of her army with her, having exceptional prowess and wielding a Imperial Arms, one of the Empire's treasured superweapons, najenda was easily bested by her former colleague Esdeath, losing an eye and an arm into the bargain. Nevertheless, she survived this brutal beating, and formed Night Raid, the revolutionary army's assassination cell.



Najenda is a tall woman in her mid-twenties with short, thick, white hair. She wears an eye-patch and a large, green, clunky prosthetic arm. She has a somewhat-androgynous appearance.


Sharp-witted and calculating, Najenda is the leader of Night Raid, a team of assassins who work for the revolutionary army. She is responsible for organizing and ordering assassinations by the group, though the original directive to kill usually comes from higher up in the chain of command with the rebels. While she doesn't often join them in the field, and is their superior, Najenda is close to the members of her team, and often offers personal guidance or friendly banter.

While being a leader of assassins, Najenda does have solid principles, and cares about what she fights for. While confident, she also has an awkward side, she has a questionable sense of humor, and likes being acknowledged or praised, taking pride in praise, and any positive remarks about her living Imperial Arms Susanoo.

Once targeted by the Empire's most reputable assassin Akame, Najenda managed to persuade her attacker to not only drop the assassination attempt, but to join her in Night Raid. Despite acknowledging that Esdeath is far stronger than her, Najenda one day hopes to defeat her, and settle the previous score.

Powers & Abilities

Akame Ga Kill's setting is one where people can achieve superhuman strength and speed through training, and, as such, Najenda is effectively superhuman, as is anyone who has achieved a General rank in the Empire. She is likewise a skilled fighter, demonstrating an ability to read opponents moves and counter-attack. Her leadership abilities are also noteworthy as she achieved general rank at a young age, and tends to form most of Night Raid's plans, and has successfully outmaneuvered the similarly skilled general Esdeath, distracting her and manipulating her into killing bandits for her.

Najenda was previously the user of the Imperial Arms rifle Pumpkin, and flashback scenes tend to depict her wielding rifles, so it is quite likely that she has marksmanship skills as well.

Imperial Arms Susanoo

Najenda's Imperial Arms is actually a living being named Susanoo. He appears as a tall man with blue hair and cow-like horns protruding from them. Like most Imperial Arms, Susanoo only responds to compatible people, and was dormant until encountering Najenda. Susanoo is superhumanly strong and durable, and can heal or regenerate from virtually any injury provided that a particular point on his body, his core, isn't destroyed. He usually wields a dual-sided club. Susanoo was created to be a bodyguard and valet for VIPs, thus he is skilled in many domestic fields, such as cooking and building. He also has an exceptional eye for details, which can also come in handy in combat, as he can identify stress-points and weaknesses in opponents' bodies or armour and attack with precision to destroy these weak points.

Susanoo has a trump card like most Imperial Arms, by taking a third of his master's life force, he can receive a great boost in power, making him noticeably stronger and faster. He also gains a gigantic sword of vast, destructive power, and a large mirror that can be used to reflect or block projectiles.


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