Nachetanya main image
Nachetanya Loei Piena Augustra
Kanji ナッシェタニア・ルーイ・ピエナ・アウグストラ
Rōmaji Nasshetania Rūi Piena Augusutora
Aliases Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Anime Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode #1
Japanese Yōko Hikasa

Nachetanya is the first princess of Piena and the Saint of Blades who journeyed with Adlet to unite with the rest of the 7 Braves to stop the demons.

Story Arcs

Notes: This is written based on the anime series' content. It's temporary.

After Adlet is imprisoned for disrupting the holy ritual, Nachetanya visits Adlet as a palace maid to converse him casually. When the Demon God awakens and Adlet gets his crest, Nachetanya visits Adlet and frees him. The two journey to the peninsula. Along the way, the two find a village overrun by Fiends. Adlet leaves Nachetanya and against her advice to go to the village to help any stragglers. While Nachetanya waits, Goldov arrives to be at her side. Goldov informs about the identity of the Brave Killer, Flamie.

Later on, Nachetanya and Goldov ambush Adlet and Flamie who were on their way to the temple in an effort to kill Flamie. As all of the Braves unite at the temple, the phantasmal barrier activates. When there is a 7th Brave, confusion ensues as everyone points the blame on another. Adlet finds himself being the most suspicious character and runs off. Nachetanya and Goldov attempts to clear his name by finding clues to pin Hans. After a while, Maura announces Adlet is the 7th Brave, Nachetanya changes her mind and attacks Adlet with a killing intent. Her efforts are in vain when Adlet exposes her as the 7th Brave with clues that Chamot and Hans had found. 

Powers & Abilities

As the Saint of Blades, Nachetanya can materialize blades and manipulate them as projectiles or a barrier of defense.

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