Modesty towel
Modesty Towel
Aliases Naked Towel
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Modesty Towel is a trope.


A towel worn to preserve one's modesty, sometimes even when no-one else is around. Men typically tie them around their waist, while women tie them around their chest.

Anime & Manga

In anime and manga, as in real life, towels are generally worn after getting out of a bath, shower, hot spring, swimming pool etc. and before getting dressed. Understandably this is to get dry, stay warm and preserve modesty. This provides an easy form of censorship, and sometimes they're even worn during bathing, though this would seem to defeat the actual purpose of a towel.

In anime, these towels tend to either be white or appear in a variety of soft pastel colors including pink, blue, green and yellow.

Despite the use of towels for censorship, seeing a character wearing only a towel is also often considered a form of fan service. In the more fan service-heavy scenes characters in towels often fall victim to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, though they usually catch the towel before too much is revealed. Unfortunately some characters don't notice their towel has fallen until it's pointed out to them.

Notable Examples

  • Fairy Tail has shown many characters in towels, most frequently Lucy Heartfilia. In the movie she is chased through streets at night in nothing but a towel by an unknown assailant. Ironically her towel doesn't fall down until after the chase, while she's standing still.

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