Mine main image
Kanji マイン
Rōmaji Main
Aliases Mein
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 155 cm[1]
Measurements 77-53-78 [1]
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Yukari Tamura
English Christina Kelly


Mine hails from the Western borders of the Empire. While her exact parentage hasn't been revealed, she is known to be of mixed blood between those who live in the Empire and the Western tribes that lived outside of it. As such, she was often an outcast and target of ridiculing, beatings and general abuse, due to the discrimination against the Western tribes. She eventually joined Night Raid with the goal of replacing her current country with a new one that might embrace stronger ties with foreign nations, and hopefully have less discrimination as a result.


She is one of the main characters created by the writer, Takahiro (Majikoi!) and the artist, Tashiro Tetsuya in the Akame Ga Kill manga. She first appears in the first chapter. She has character notes in Akame ga Kill Guidebook that is currently and unofficially untranslated.



Mine possesses a small body and a huge body of pink hair, which she usually wears in twin-tailed bunches secured with ribbons. She has an incredibly pink colour scheme, with pink hair, eyes and, usually, a pink dress, albeit one of a much lighter shade than her physical attributes.


Often not an easy person to get along with, Mine can be verbally caustic, condescending and short-tempered. She is also very proud of her prowess with her gun-type Teigu, Pumpkin, to the extent of seeming rather arrogant. Despite this, she does care about her friends, and can offer a supportive word when she needs to.

Powers & Abilities

Mine typically carries out assassinations through sniping with her gun, Pumpkin. She has demonstrated exceptional focus during this task and is an incredibly accurate shot. She is not limited to sniping, however, as she is also a skilled gun fighter, and is particularly nimble.

Imperial Arms ~ "Roman Artillery" Pumpkin.

Like most members of Night Raid, Mine possesses a "Teigu", one of the Empire's 1000-year-old superweapons, and in her case, a large, silver rifle called Pumpkin. This weapon gathers spiritual energy and fires it in a concentrated shockwave. Thus, it isn't dependent upon conventional ammunition. Additional parts can be used to adapt the gun with several different functions, including sniping, rapid-fire shots and a continuous beam that cuts like a blade. Mine also stores a small, monocle-like scope in one of its compartments.

The hidden power of the weapon is that it grows more powerful the greater the danger the user finds themselves in. Prior to being used by Mine, Pumpkin was the weapon of Night Raid's leader, Najenda.