Masrur main image
Kanji マスルール
Rōmaji Masurūru
Race Fanalis
Gender Male
Height 195 cm
Weight 105 kg
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Occupations General
Affiliations Sindria
Laem Empire (Former)
Teams Sindria's Eight Generals
Manga Adventure of Sinbad: Chapter #64

Magi of Labyrinth: Chapter #32

Anime Magi Episode #7
Japanese Yoshimasa Hosoya
English Keith Silverstein

Masrur is a Fanalis who is one of the eight generals of Sindria in the Magi franchise.


Masrur met Sinbad back in Leam Empire during a gladiator fight where he lost to Sinbad. Masrur joined Sinbad as his general. At some point in his life, he had traveled to visit his homeland, the Dark Continent.

  • His origin is revealed in the Adventure of Sinbad manga series.


Masrur is created by Shinobu Ohtaka as a supporting character in Magi. Although there are no current information from the author and her staff regarding any inspiration used in Masrur's character design, his name in Arabic, مَسرُور, means happy or glad. This contrasts his serious personality. He first appears in Magi volume 4: chapter 32 and episode 7. He is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya in the Japanese version and Keith Silverstein in the English version.



As a Fanalis, he has red hair and eyes, and his eyelashes has a distinct hook on the outside corners. He has a thick build and a toned, muscular body. He stands at 195 cm (6'5") and weighs at 105 kg. His current attire consists of a golden armor for his chest and torso while he wears a white sash over his shoulders and waist. He wears a robe below the belt and a golden bracelet on each arm. He has a piercing below his lower lip.


He's a quiet, serious man who speaks a few words and expresses little emotions. He only speaks when someone asks him a question or interacts with him. With Sinbad, he sometimes comments on his leader's flaws especially with women. When he greets Morgiana, he does not express any excitement or joy in seeing another Fanalis in a long time.


  • Sinbad - He respects Sinbad's strength and believes in him as a strong leader, and he is willing to follow Sinbad's decisions. Although Masrur has no confidence in Sinbad when it deals women issues, Masrur notes that Sinbad is a womanizer. He and the other generals are quick to to give up on Sinbad who was accused of sleeping with Kougyoku.
  • Jafar - The two are close friends. In the Magi Character Encyclopedia, Jafar teaches Masrur how to read and write.
  • Sharrkan - There is inside joke in one of Ohtaka's bonus manga segments where Sharrkan tries to have Masrur refer to him on equal grounds as Jafar and Sinbad.
  • Morgiana - Despite Masrur's cold attitude to Morgiana, he treats Morgiana as his student and as a little sister. This is demonstrated during Zurmudd's brutal attacks on Morgiana which infuriated Masrur. Masrur does not hesitate to use all of his power to make Zurmudd pay for hurting Morgiana. One of the inside jokes in Ohtaka's bonus manga segments is that Sindria people often mistake Masrur and Morgiana as siblings due to their Fanalis's similar features. At one point, Masrur gives up correcting everyone and allows them to call him and Morgiana siblings. During Sharrkan and Yamraiha's arguments over who taught their student best, Morgiana proudly compliments Masrur.

Story Arcs

Balbadd Arc

Masrur appears at the hotel with Jafar who is waiting for Sinbad. When Sinbad brings new friends, Aladdin and Morgiana, Masrur stares at Morgiana a bit without greeting her. In Sinbad's room, Sinbad asks Masrur about Morgiana. Masrur replies it's unusual to see another Fanalis without any enthusiasm. During lunch, Masrur greets Morgiana coldly during Sinbad's introduction. Later that night, Masrur accompanies Sinbad for a stakeout in case the Fog Troupe robs one of the wealthy. After Morgiana had kidnapped Alibaba and force him to talk, Masrur waits with Jafar and Sinbad who eavesdrop on Alibaba and Aladdin's conversations. When the hotel is under the attack and the Fog Troupe tries to rescue Alibaba, Masrur and his group fend off the thieves. Masrur uses his sheer speed and the shock wave from it to brush the thieves away. During Jafar's fight with Aladdin, Masrur could not crack through Jafar's Borg without having his Household Vessel with him. Afterwards, Masrur is present with Jafar who stops the villagers from fighting during Cassim's attack on the royal palace. Later, Masrur assists Sinbad in taking down Isnan by using his Household Vessel to kick Isnan down. After Jafar shatters Isnan's Borg with his Household Vessel, Sinbad finishes off Isnan with his Balalark Saika.

Sindria Arc

In Sindria, Masrur helps Morgiana with training which spans half of a year until Sinbad comes home from his negotiations with Kou Empire.

Powers & Abilities

Being a Fanalis, he has inherited his race's augmented strength, speed, and hearing. Like most Fanalis, he has low Magoi making it difficult to use his Household Vessel, Balalark Kauza. Masrur is part of Sinbad's Household, using Baal's powers, a Djinn of thunder. Balalark Kauza augments Masrur's abilities even more. It is first demonstrated in his battle with Isnan where he is able to catch the magician off-guard and kick him with ease. A second time, he uses against Zurmudd. He is able to cut through Zurmudd's body which was in Black Djinn Full-body Equip, Alf Al-Yad. This battle also demonstrates the weakness along with Masrur's low Magoi level. It makes him unable to move due to exhausting his muscles.

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