Story Arcs

Intro Arc

She meets Natsu in the town of Hargeon where they both go to investigate the appearance of the supposedly famous fire wizard Salamander. As she approaches a flock of girl's surrounding a mage who claimed to be Salamander (whose real name is Bora), she immediately becomes trapped in his charm spell. But the effect of the wizard's spell on Lucy wears off when Natsu's appearance interrupts the proceedings. After being pummeled by Bora's army of female fans for refusing his autograph, Lucy walks up to him and thanks him (and Happy) for saving her by treating him to some food at a nearby restaurant. During Natsu's meal, Lucy told him her aspirations of joining a guild, more particularly, Fairy Tail (to which Natsu doesn't admit being a member of yet).[1]

Once they depart, Lucy is met with Bora who uses her desire to join Fairy Tail to lure her onto a ship where he attempts to sell her into slavery. Captured and unable to summon her spirits, she becomes helpless and enraged but is overwhelmed with relief when Natsu crashes the party. Unfortunately, Natsu's motion sickness kicks in from the boat's sways, and is rendered useless. Lucy, who escapes from the ship thanks to Happy, finds her keys and summons Aquarius, who washes everyone and everything (including the ship) ashore Hargeon's port. Fully recovered, Natsu identifies himself as a Fairy Tail mage, to Lucy's shock, and fights Bora as punishment for tainting his guild's name. But he overdoes it by destroying half of the port in the process. He then grabs Lucy and runs for his life before the military arrives. When Lucy asks why she's being dragged along, Natsu answers that he's taking her to join Fairy Tail, the guild she always dreamed of joining.[1]

After Natsu brings Lucy to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall, he picks a fight with one of the members for giving him false information about Salamander (thinking it was Igneel). A fight breaks out among everyone in the guild and Makarov shows up to stop it before anyone resorts to using magic. Upon witnessing the guild's master in his giant form, Lucy becomes paralyzed with fear. But when he shrinks to his original body, her fear turns to shock and disbelief. He welcomes Lucy who becomes accepted easily. Later, Mirajane gives her Fairy Tail's insignia on her right hand in the form of a pink "tattoo."

Macao Arc

Lucy joins Natsu in search of Macao, who hadn't returned from a mission for a week. But she regrets it when she becomes overwhelmed by the cold climate. She steals Natsu's blanket and huddles in Horologium for warmth. Then a Vulcan, that Macao was trying to subdue, comes and kidnaps her. Upon finding herself in a cave, Natsu shows up and demands Macao's whereabouts from the Vulcan. After he was tricked and pushed off the edge of the mountain, Lucy summoned Taurus. But he's easily knocked out by Natsu (who was saved by Happy), thinking that the Vulcan called for reinforcements. After a brief battle, Natsu is victorious and the Vulcan is revealed to be Macao, who had been "taken over" by the Vulcan's magic. The trio return to the guild and Macao is reunited with his son, Romeo.[2]

While she went on an adventure with Natsu to face a pack of Vulcans, her first official mission as a member of Fairy Tail was to steal a book. She had to disguise herself as a maid to sneak into the mansion of Duke Everlue to retrieve this book, only to discover that the Duke only found ugly women attractive, so she was rejected from entering. They sneak around the mansion to find an entrance and after Natsu defeats some of his other maids, they sneak inside.[2]


While she went on an adventure with Natsu to face a pack of Vulcans, her first official mission as a member of Fairy Tail was to steal a book. She had to disguise herself as a maid to sneak into the mansion of Duke Everlue to retrieve this book, only to discover that the Duke only found ugly women attractive, so she was rejected from entering. They sneak around the mansion to find an entrance and after Natsu defeats some of his other maids, they sneak inside.[3]

Lucy discovers the book DAYBREAK in his library, the book they were sent to destroy. However, Lucy, being the bookworm that she is, cannot pass up the opportunity to read a book she has never seen before, so she sneaks off with it and uses a pair of magical glasses (an item that allows her to read an incredible speeds) to read its contents. She discovers a secret hiding inside but is attacked by Everlue, who says he forced Kemu Zealeon to write the book about him. Using Cancer, Lucy is able to defeat him (thanks to Natsu fighting Everlue's own Celestial Spirit Virgo) and she takes the book back to Kaby, the man who hired them for the mission. He tries to burn the book but it suddenly comes to life and the words rearrange themselves into a new title, "Dear Kaby." Lucy reveals that Kaby is Kemu's son, and that is who he really wrote the book for. Lucy then gives the book to him and they leave without getting a reward (much to Lucy's dismay).[4]

Lullaby Arc

Lucy is first introduced to Erza when everyone in the guild suddenly goes into a panic over the arrival of the strongest woman in Fairy Tail. She is so intimidating she even makes Gray and Natsu act friendly towards each other because she will punish them if they are caught fighting. She says she has just taken on a mission that is of so much importance she wants to bring others along. She asks Natsu and Gray to assist her, and Lucy decides to tag along as well, partly for the money and partly because she is so impressed by Erza's strength. This is how Team Natsu, the strongest team in Fairy Tail, was formed.[5]

On the train ride to their mission Lucy learns about the mythical flute Lullaby that has the power to steal the souls of anyone who hears its music. Once they arrive at their destination, they make their way to the town square to face the dark guild Eisenwald to prevent them from blasting the flute's music over the towns speaker system. Lucy watches Erza take out almost all of the members of the guild by herself, although in the anime she does help out by summoning Cancer to fight along side her. Lucy is amazed by her strength and begins to look up to her from this point on. However, this was all a trap to keep them imprisoned in the town square so that they couldn't prevent them from using the flute on its actual target, at the meeting of the Guild Masters.[6]

The team is surrounded by a whirlwind that cannot be broken through, but Happy remembers that he took the Virgo key from Duke Everlue, and he hands it to Lucy. She summons Virgo and she digs a tunnel under the whirlwind that they can escape from. Natsu flies ahead and defeats Erigor but Kageyama betrays Lucy and her friends by taking the flute and using it on the guild masters. However, when he gets there he cannot use it as his conscious causes him to have a change of heart. But the flute comes to life and forms into a giant monster. Lucy stands back and watches in amazement as Natsu, Erza, and Gray battle the creature and take it down with ease.[7]

Galuna Arc

Lucy teams up with Natsu and Happy to embark on an S-Class mission that they stole from the second floor. While at the port, the trio are caught by Gray who tells them that he was ordered by Makarov to bring them back to the guild. Natsu blindsides him, forcing him to join the mission. After washing ashore Galuna Island, they enter a village where the mayor gives them a synopsis of the situation. He explains that the curse, which turns them into demons, is caused by the moon and its light and so destroying it would free them. Lucy and the team decides to investigate the island, believing that there may be another explanation for the curse inflicted on the island's inhabitants. During their exploration, they are attacked by a giant mouse named Angelica, which leads them to a temple where they find Deliora, a demon that was sealed away years ago by Gray's teacher, Ur.

After they learn that Lyon and his comrades were planning to free it and destroy the village, Lucy and Happy run to save it. While in the village, Lucy, with the help of Virgo, dig a hole and cover it up, hoping that the enemies will fall for the trap. To her disbelief, Natsu accidentally falls in it, and those behind the plot are seen flying over the area, ready to throw potent poison on everyone. Although Natsu manages to redirect the poison with his flames, saving the villagers, the town itself is destroyed. Lucy, in the meantime, grabs on to Angelica's leg as it flies by, and tickles it, forcing it, her and Sherry to crash to the ground.

After recovering from the landfall, Lucy and Sherry face off. Lucy summons Taurus, but Sherry uses her Doll Magic to control him. While attacking Lucy against his will, she learns to forcefully close his gate, enabling him to return to the spirit world. Sherry then creates a doll from the ground and attacks Lucy until they reach the ocean. Realizing the presence of water, Lucy summons Aquarius who sends a gigantic wave on both her master and her opponent (despite being controlled by Sherry's magic). Unable to maintain their balance because of their dizziness, Lucy takes this chance to defeat her. But Sherry commands Angelica to avenge her, and as its about to attack Lucy, Erza stops it, saving her in the process. After a not-so-happy reunion, Lucy and Happy are apprehended by Erza but are later freed when Gray refused to quit the job.

Once Lyon is defeated and Deliora is found dead, the team decides to return to the village, only to find it back in one piece. The mayor then commands them to destroy the moon, but Erza, with the help Natsu, manages to destroy not the moon, but a lens that covered the entire island, which was formed from the Moon Drip's (a magic spell used to melt the ice in which Deliora was imprisoned) crystallized gas. It was revealed that the lens actually altered the memories of demons, making them think that they were originally human, when in fact, they were demons to begin with. After completing their mission, Erza declines the reward, since the guild did not officially accept it, but took the Gold Key for Lucy, which turns out to be Sagittarius.

Phantom Lord Arc

Upon returning home from this last mission Lucy and her friends were shocked to see that the Fairy Tail Guild had been destroyed. The culprit was none other than their rival guild, Phantom Lord. The rest of Fairy Tail stormed their guild headquarters looking for revenge, but it was revealed that this was all just a trick set up by Phantom Lord so that while Fairy Tail was fighting they could sneak in and kidnap Lucy and hold her for ransom since her family was so wealthy. Luckily though she was able to sneak away and jump out the window, knowing that Natsu would be there to catch her.

Lucy can't help but think of how her friend Levy was hurt during the attack and she blames herself, knowing that Phantom Lord only attacked so they could get to her. However the battle isn't over yet as Phantom Lord's guild begins marching it's mechanical guild headquarters towards the Fairy Tail headquarters and targeting them with a massive cannon. Mirajane tries to put Lucy to sleep with a spell and send her out of the city to freedom, but Lucy's carriage is stopped and she is captured again. She is tortured by Gajeel, but is once again saved by Natsu. Natsu and Gajeel battle it out but Lucy can tell that Natsu is going to lose because while Gajeel can eat the metal in the building to grow stronger, there is no fire for Natsu to eat. She then summons out Sagittarius and asks him to create fire, which at first he sadly informs her he cannot do that, but he sees the machinery on the walls and fires his arrows at them and destroys them, causing the machines to burst into flames. Natsu eats the fire and grows strong enough to save the day.

Following the defeat of Phantom Lord and comforting words from her injured comrades, Lucy decides to return to the Heartfilia manor where she is greeted by her kind and loyal servants. After they dress her up, she enters her father's office and apologizes for running away without saying a word. Her father then states that she made a wise decision coming back. He continues explaining that he paid Phantom Lord to bring her back because he had chosen a husband for her in the interest of the family company. But Lucy replies that he misunderstood her in that she returned not to make amends but to cut her ties with him and to ensure that he would never threaten or harm Fairy Tail ever again. Before departing back to the guild, she visits her mother's grave. Natsu, Gray, Happy and Erza then show up worried that she left the guild in order to go back home. But Lucy assures them that she only came home to settle things with her father. As the gang return to Fairy Tail together, they become stunned when they learn just how wealthy Lucy really is.

Loke Arc

Once Lucy and the team stop by an inn to relax following their mission, they engage in a pillow fight to which Lucy forfeits fearing she "might be killed." As the others occupy themselves with the intense pillow fight, Lucy decides to take a small walk with Happy and Plue. But she is soon met with two mages who were getting too close for comfort. Unable to release herself from their forceful grip, Loke comes in and rescues her. Grateful for his help and for returning her keys earlier, she takes him to the nearest bar. After a futile attempt at trying to understand why he doesn't like celestial mages, she thanks him and leaves. But he manages to stop her when he grabs her hand and embraces her saying that he doesn't have much time left. He then passes it off as a joke and receives a slap across the face.

The next day at the guild, an upset Lucy learns that Loke broke up with all his girlfriends. She decides to do some investigating by summoning Crux, who had all the information about celestial spirits and mages. He revealed that Loke had a relationship with a celestial mage named Karen who passed away years ago during a mission. As she heard the entire story, she recalled the time he joked about not having much time left in this world. As she tries to figure out what he meant, Gray bursts into her room telling her that Loke left the guild and is no where to be found. She immediately realizes the truth and runs to Karen's grave where she finds him. It is then revealed that he was the Celestial Spirit Leo who killed Karen (indirectly for mistreating Aries) and as punishment, was banned from the Spirit World.

When Loke accepted his fate, Lucy countered saying that he had to do it to save his friend and thus he didn't deserve this. Unable to remain on earth any longer, he started to fade. Lucy, refusing to let him go, tells him that she would change the rule if she could. After saying those words, the Celestial Spirit King appears before the two. Although Loke explains that he did not kill Karen, the Spirit King explains that his actions were what led to her death. In an attempt to convince the Spirit King to reconsider, Lucy summons all her spirits at once (which quickly disappear) and states that its not a crime to save one's friends. Surprised, he permits Loke to return to the Spirit World but only on the reasoning that he did what he did in order save Aries. Loke thanks Lucy for saving him and receives the key to summon the Celestial Spirit Leo.

Tower of Heaven Arc

While Lucy and the gang enjoy themselves at a luxurious resort, courtesy of Loke, Erza is kidnapped by her long time friends to the Tower of Heaven. With Natsu's amazing sense of smell, Lucy, Gray and Juvia follow them to save her from Jellal and company. After splitting up, Lucy and Juvia encounter and fight Vidaldus, one of Jellal's top fighter from the Trinity Raven of the assassins guild, Death's Head Caucus. During their fight, Vidaldus uses his Rock of Succubus to turn Juvia against Lucy. Although she's still under his control, her voice reaches Lucy and tells her that she doesn't want to hurt her. She then helps Lucy summon Aquarius and, somehow both of them join hands and perform Unison Raid to defeat Vidaldus. Later, Simon instructs Gray and the others to escape from the tower and Lucy watches from afar how Natsu fights Jellal and destroys the tower. As Erza bids her childhood friends farewell, Lucy sets off her version of fireworks using her stellar magic.

Fighting Festival Arc

After returning home and finding a sleeping Natsu and Happy in her bed, she screams and demands they leave. But before dropping Happy out the window, he hands her a flyer of the Harvest Festival which includes information about the Miss Fairy Tail contest. In desperate need of money to pay her rent, Lucy, with determination, decides to participate. But once she discovers that Mirajane and Erza are taking part in the contest, her confidence in winning deflates. Still not discouraged, she approaches the stage, attempting to perform a cheer with her spirits. However, her show is immediately interrupted by Evergreen, who turns her, along with the other women, into stone as part of Laxus' plan to force the guild to participate in a Fairy Tail battle to determine the strongest member. She is eventually returned to normal thanks to Erza.

Free from Evergreen's spell, Lucy and Happy leave the guild to evacuate the citizens of Magnolia. While formulating a plan to persuade everyone to leave without creating widespread panic, the two are confronted by Bixlow. After narrowly dodging his puppets' attack thanks to Happy, she summons Sagittarius. Although she manages to destroy the dolls, they are replaced with new ones. They attack and wound Sagittarius, who retreats to the spirit world to recover. The dolls then steal her keys preventing her from summoning her other spirits. As they launch their most powerful attack, Lucy is saved by Loke (by summoning himself). With unity and trust, the duo manage to defeat Bixlow. Later, Warren communicates to everyone in the guild, telling them that each one of them is needed to help destroy the Thunder Palace. With Happy's help, Lucy and the others successfully accomplish this task, saving the town and its citizens.

Following the events of the battle for Fairy Tail, Lucy joins Bisca and Levy on a float to perform a dance in the Fantasia Parade.

Fairy Tail Special

During a filler episode in the anime series, which was an adaptation of the special chapter in the manga called "Special Mission: Watch Out For That Guy," Lucy is struck with worry and panic over the possibility that Natsu may harbor feelings for her, thanks to Mirajane's little matchmaking scheme. It all began when Lucy, bored out of her mind, is approached by Mirajane who suggests she take on a mission. But Lucy, feeling she has a responsibility to Natsu and the team, refuses to go without his company. Mirajane immediately jumps to the conclusion that they must be a couple since they get along so well. She reasserted her theory saying that Natsu might actually love her. After turning her attention to the named boy, who was performing the "Plue Dance" in front of everyone, Lucy completely denies the idea.

On her way home, she finds Natsu awaiting her return. After explaining that he came to tell her something important, she states that he must love her house. But because of her unfortunate choice of words, namely "love", the conversation she had with Mirajane earlier that day pops into her mind. She instantly backs herself to a wall, and out of embarrassment, orders Natsu to leave. Once he does as told, Lucy begins to wonder what's going on as her heart pounds uncontrollably.

The next day at the guild, Lucy was calmly reading a book and eating a bar. But Natsu, out of nowhere, interrupts her by popping up from behind and while holding her shoulder asks if she's feeling better. Lucy, who becomes shocked and almost chokes on her bar, pushes him off and walks away with a red face. Concerned over being too self-conscious, Lucy tries to convince herself that she's thinking too much about it. But after overhearing a conversation between Warren and Max about Natsu being in love with a girl and how he wanted to "see her," Lucy becomes entirely certain that that girl is her. She brushes off the idea of a relationship, and feels that because she has never dated or had a boyfriend, she's at odds when it comes to these sorts of things.

Though she tried to tell her imagination to knock it off, she couldn't stop fantasizing about Natsu as the perfect boyfriend, driving her near the edge of insanity. Lucy is snapped out of her thoughts when Natsu approaches her and asks her to meet him near the Old tree. As he explains that he wants to tell her something important, he blushes and leaves in a rush. Lucy leaves early and goes home to prepare for her "date."

As she takes a bath, she decides that if Natsu does confess his feelings, she would turn him down because they are only teammates. But her actions speak otherwise as she criticizes every choice of clothing she picks, and after asking Cancer to give her a haircut that would make her look cute, she knocks him to the sky yelling "what am I doing?!" Later, she is continually having wild imaginations about her and Natsu such having children with him, who look like Happy, or about being with him forever. She then scolds herself for having such thoughts.

On her way to their meeting place, she tries to stay calm but loses her cool when Natsu greets her from afar. She nervously wonders on what to do since she doesn't know how to reject someone. However, Natsu whose digging into the ground with a shovel, tells Lucy she's late and asks her to summon Virgo. Confused, Lucy tries to clarify what was so important he wanted to tell her. After making sure that no one was looking, he tells her that he wants to dig up an old album full of embarrassing photos of everyone in the guild that was buried by Makarov years ago. She then asks him about the rumors about him being in love with a girl and wanting to see her. He merely says that he needed Virgo to help dig through the hard ground. Upon hearing this, she screams and slaps him across the face. In the end, she calls herself a total idiot. The next day, Mirajane tries to match Lucy up with Gray by saying that he may love her. Lucy just gives up and tells her to leave her alone.

Oracion Seis Arc

Lucy, along with Natsu, Gray and Erza were chosen by Makarov to meet up with the alliance ( Cait Shelter, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus) at Bob's villa to discuss a battle plan to eliminate Oracion Seis, a dark guild that have been active as of late. But Oracion Seis knew about it and formed a counter attack, wiping out most of the members of the alliance. Once recovered, the alliance decides to rescue the kidnapped Wendy (and Happy), while Lucy chose to stay with Erza, who was bitten by Cobra's pet snake, Cuberos. Hibiki also stayed stating that he can't leave two young women alone.

After Natsu saved Wendy, who healed Erza, a beam of black light bursts into the sky, catching everyone's attention. Soon after, Natsu runs toward it, thinking that Jellal is there. As Lucy and the others try to decipher what it meant, Erza disappeared. Lucy and Hibiki, along with Charle, Happy, and Wendy then run after the two towards the black pillar of light. As Hibiki explains the magic of Nirvana, they encounter "Gray" who was about to finish off a helpless Natsu (due to his motion sickness from the raft he was on). Lucy summons Sagittarius, stopping his attack. "Gray" then freezes Happy and attacks Lucy, who is saved by Hibiki. As the gang realize that he is not Gray, he transforms into "Lucy" and flashes everyone her bare chest to which Lucy screams in embarrassment. "Lucy" then commands Sagittarius to attack Hibiki, shooting him in the back. Confused, Lucy tells Charle to take Wendy to safety and closes Sagittarius' gate. "Lucy" summons Sagittarius and orders him to shot down Charle, but is stopped when Angel appears and states that its not necessary. "Lucy" then turns into Gemi and Mini, revealing to be the two twin spirits, Gemini.

Aware that she was the only one who could take her on, Lucy summons Aquarius to attack but is stopped when Angel summons Scorpio, Aquarius' boyfriend. As the two "love birds" walk and fade away, Lucy is knocked into the river by Angel who says that there is no hope in defeating her if she does not know the relationships of her spirits. Lucy summons her powerhouse, Leo (better known as Loke) but Angel counters by summoning Aries. Lucy becomes distraught over the thought that Loke won't be able to fight his close friend. She then asks how she got Aries' key and Angel replied saying that she killed Aries' previous owner, Karen and took it. As Lucy tries to close Loke's gate, he stops her stating that its his duty to serve his master. As Loke and Aries fight, Angel summons Caelum shooting them both. After becoming upset over her actions, Lucy says she can't believe that Angel calls herself a Celestial Spirit Mage and summons Taurus, who is easily defeated by Gemini.

After draining most of her magical power, Lucy asks Angel to release her contract with Aries. She states that Aries had a hard life with her previous owner and thus she deserved to be with Loke. She added that she would give anything except her keys to make that happen. Angel then decides that her life is sufficient payment and orders Gemini to finish her off. But Gemini, understanding how Lucy loves spirits, is unable to do as commanded. When Angel closes Gemini's gate, Hibiki approaches Lucy from behind and grabs her neck. Shocked that he had fallen into darkness, he reveals that he in fact came to help Lucy. Using his archive magic, he transfers a high level spell into Lucy's mind. As she chants the spell, known as Uranometria, Angel becomes surrounded by celestial bodies in a space-like setting and receives a series of immense attacks. Once the spell ended, Lucy seems to have forgotten what happened. But Angel gets back up, denying her defeat and uses Caelum to attack Lucy which misses her but hits the stump that was holding Natsu's raft. After Angel falls into the river with no more strength left, Lucy goes to Natsu to save him from going down the river but ends up on the raft, heading towards a waterfall and falling over.

After regaining consciousness from their fall, Lucy realizes that Virgo had tended to her wounds from her fight with Angel and even changed her and Natsu's clothes with matching ones from the Spirit World. Seconds later, Sherry comes out and attempts to attack the duo when Gray shows up and subdues her. Trying to get revenge for the "death" of Lyon, the name man shows up and Sherry is released from the darkness that had possessed her. As the team witnesses the second phase of Nirvana, Gray, Natsu, and Lucy decide to climb one of the legs to get to the top.

As they climb one of the legs of the Nirvana walker, Natsu immediately gets motion sickness and falls off. But after a relieving rescue by Happy, Lucy and Gray decide to move on while Natsu agrees to fly ahead of them to the top. As Lucy and Gray arrive in the capital of Nirvana, they meet up with Jura and Hoteye only to get interrupted by Midnight. After a small test of power, Hoteye gives them the chance to escape saying that he will defeat Midnight. They took the opportunity to leave and on their way, they encounter Brain dragging Natsu away. Jura then attacks Brain without holding back, demanding an explanation as to why Nirvana is en route to destroy Cait Shelter.

After Brain's defeat, Lucy and the others try to figure out a way to stop Nirvana. Unable to come up with a solution, Brain (under the disguise of Hoteye) uses his telepathic powers to tell them that they must defeat Midnight who was located at the bottom of the capital. But when they opened the gates, Jura realized that it was a trap and he immediately shields Lucy and the others with his iron rock magic from the explosion. While treating him, everyone becomes surprised after Brain's staff, Klodoa begins to speak, claiming that he is the seventh member of Oracion Seis. After a comical battle between Klodoa and Natsu and Gray, Zero (Brain's second and most sinister personality) shows up and defeats the Fairy Tail mages without much effort.

After Zero's attack on Cait Shelter failed, Hibiki communicated telepathically with everyone to work together to destroy the Lacrima crystals in Nirvana's legs to stop it. With a little encouragement from Sherry, Lucy mustered all her strength to get up and help execute the plan. But because she used up most of her magical power she was unable to destroy the crystal. Fortunately Gemini shows up to her aid and summons Taurus who does the job successfully. In the end, Lucy inherits the three Zodiac keys: Gemini, Scorpio, and Aries after Angel's arrest rendered their contracts with her void.

Edolas Arc

Lucy returns to the guild following the defeat of the Oracion Seis, only to hear a bell chime in the town of Magnolia. Curious, she learns that Gildartz, the strongest member of Fairy Tail, had returned from his mission and had witnessed the town rearranging its structures for him to prevent him from accidentally destroying its infrastructures with his crash magic. Later that week during a rainy day, Lucy sits in the guild, hoping that something interesting would happen. Soon after, without warning, the town, and everyone in it gets swallowed up by an Anima, with the exception of Wendy, Natsu, Charle and Happy.

As the four travel to where everyone was transported, Edolas, they stumble upon the alternate version of Fairy Tail. The Edolas version of Lucy notices them and proceeds to hug and then bully Natsu (thinking he was Edolas Natsu). But this was short-lived when the guild was suddenly attacked by the "Fairy Hunters." Edo-Lucy took leadership and commanded Levi to transport the guild to a safer location. After doing so, Natsu and the others, with the help of Edo-Lucy, proceed to the capital city of Edolas to help find and free everyone from the Lacrima crystal in which they have become trapped.

En route to their destination, they were forced to take cover after an unexpected encounter with the army. While in their hideout, the army yells "Fairy Tail!" and the gang tenses up thinking that they were found out. But after peeking through a hole, they notice Earthland Lucy struggling against the guards. Before Natsu got the chance to help her, she summons Scorpio and then Aries, giving them enough time to escape. She then learns that she is the only one who can use magic, making her feel empowered and making her think that she is currently the strongest mage of Fairy Tail.

After their escape, Lucy explains that Horologium felt that space was becoming twisted and so he hid her in another space for a while. As she remained in the middle of no where, Mystogan showed up and explained the whole situation to her and sent her to Edolas. The gang then decide to stay one night at a nearby town where Edolas Lucy decides to cut her hair to distinguish herself from Lucy.

The next morning, Lucy becomes furious when Edolas Lucy left a note saying that she returned to her guild. But this rage is later replaced with joy when Lucy got her hands on a book narrating the history of Edolas. While reading, her and Natsu notice an airship to which Natsu proposed stealing. On board with the plan, Lucy summons Loke, but Virgo shows up in his stead stating that he was currently on a date. She then begins to panic, forcing Natsu and Wendy to use their Edolas weapons, however, they are easily defeated by the soldiers.

As they were about to be captured by the Royal Army for their attempts, a vehicle comes up and saves the team. It was revealed that the driver was Edolas Natsu who called himself "Fireball Natsu." Once Lucy and Co. reach the Capital, they notice a large lacrima where their guild has been trapped. Lucy tearfully holds back Natsu as he nearly loses his temper after witnessing Faust hit the crystal, which caused a small piece to break off.

Lucy and Charle decide to formulate a plan on returning the guild to normal which required them to sneak underground. To their misfortune, Erza Knightwalker, Erza's Edolas counterpart, catches the group and imprisons Lucy in a separate cell from Natsu and Wendy, who are informed by Hughes that she'll be executed.

Later, Erza Knightwalker walks into her cell, which relieves Lucy because of her similiarity to Earthland Erza. She tries to persuade her to save her friends because the Erza she knows is a member of Fairy Tail who is responsible, good and does not like watching people suffer. However, Erza Knightwalker grabs and pulls her by her hair, telling her that she doesn't care and not to confuse her with her counterpart. She then uses her spear to suspend Lucy over the balony above the city, saying that unlike her counterpart she enjoys the suffering of others. Upon hearing this, Lucy begins to tear up and tells her not to say such things with that voice and face. As Knightwalker releases her, Lucy begins to fall but is saved by Happy and Charle. Despite Charle's failed attempt to use her lie as the princess of the Exceeds to force Knightwalker to release Natsu and Wendy, she does get the information with regards to their location and flies there along with Lucy and Happy to free them.

Once at the tower where Natsu and Wendy are held captive, Lucy, Happy and Charle run down its halls in search of them only to be ambushed by Knightwalker. Right before striking Happy, who was defending Charle, Lucy begins to cry tears of joy upon seeing Earthland Gray and Erza joining the fray. With Erza holding off her counterpart, Lucy runs with Gray to find and release Natsu and Wendy from their chains. After doing so, Lucy learns from Gray that him and Erza were freed from the lacrima thanks to Gajeel's Dragon Slayer Magic and that she was able to use her magic in Edolas because of the X-balls that Mystogan fed her. Soon after, she joins Gray and Natsu in search of Faust, however, they end up in the most unlikely of places within the palace: an amusement park. As they enter it, Sugarboy and Hughes reveal themselves, signaling the team to prepare for battle.

Hughes starts the fight by showing off his "Command Tact" weapon by using it to send a coaster behind Natsu. Lucy shouts out to him but realizes that her and Gray fell into Sugarboy's trap, making them both sink into the ground. Gray then uses his strength to send Lucy flying towards Natsu to free him only to fail as Hughes sends them into a body of water. With the presence of water, Lucy decides to summon Aquarius, however her plan backfires as Aquarius tells her that she can't control it. Shocked, Hughes explains that he controls everything in the park before Lucy is engulfed by his water attack. Soon after, she finds herself in a clothes-changing device (within a Monster Academy) which Natsu uses to change her into a sexy looking outfit to seduce Hughes. To her (and Natsu's) dismay, the plan failed as Hughes sends a hoard of monsters towards her. As she runs for her life, she bumps into Coco who is being chased by Byro. Byro tells Coco to return the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon but Lucy mistakes this as a referral to her keys. She then takes a battle stance, showing that she's ready to fight him.

Lucy begins by summoning Taurus, who is easily defeated by Byro's flame liquid, then Virgo, who lands a hit but gives up upon seeing Byro swallowing the flame liquid to turn into a human-octopus hybrid and capturing Coco. Despite quitting, Virgo gives Lucy a whip from the Celestial Spirit world to help her conserve her magic power. With it, Lucy manages to tie up Byro with his own tentacles and hit the Monster Academy from which he is hit by Natsu's fire punch against Hughes, hence defeating him. Right before Coco hands over the key, Sugarboy slides by and steals it with Gray chasing after him on a motorcycle. As Lucy and Natsu attempt to follow him, Sugarboy softens the ground beneath them, causing Lucy to get stuck under Bryo's octupus form with Coco.

After the cannon failed to fire, Lucy reappears with Coco on her Legion. Erza, Natsu and Gray hope on and fly to the lacrima island where they use all their strength to stop it from colliding with Extalia. Their efforts pay off as Mystogan is given enough time to send the lacrima back to Earthland. As they try to save the Exceeds from the Royal Army who have shown up, they are ambushed by Knightwalker and her force. Upon crash landing, she, Gray, Coco, Happy and Charle fight off the Royal Army only to be outnumbered and overpowered even with Loke's help. However, to her surprise and relief, the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild enter the battlefield and begin to fight along side their counterparts, with Lucy being helped up by her Edolas version. But as the world was losing its magic, the Royal Army retreated and induced panic among the members of Edolas Fairy Tail. Although Lucy tried to calm them down, she was only yelled at in return by her counterpart who exclaimed that a magic guild can't exist without magic.

S-Class Trial Arc

Upon Lisanna's return, everyone in the guild reunites and engage in a small skirmish as always. The following morning, Lucy wakes up to find everyone still asleep. Her eyes travel to Elfman, Lisanna, and Mirajane with their arms around each other to which she smiles and comments on how they must be happy to be together again. She then looks to a sleeping Natsu and thinks whether he feels lonely without Igneel. After she comments how cute he looks asleep, he punches her in the face and is sent flying through the guild's roof and into a river near her house.

Later that week, while taking a shower, she shrieks in shock when she finds a naked Cana in her tub. She asks her what brings her here, and Cana, looking depressed, only says that she's thinking of quitting the guild. Worried, Lucy tells Mirajane who only states that Cana is always like that this time of the year. She then notices and wonders why everyone in the guild were taking on so many jobs. The next day, Makarov announces the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial (to Lucy's surprise) and instructs the participants to choose a partner. On her way home, she finds a drunk Cana passed out in an alley and takes her home. Cana explains that she failed the exam four times and that she has to pass this year in order to meet "that" person. After telling her entire story, Lucy volunteers to become her partner.

As everyone travels to the site of the exam, Lucy complains about the blistering heat, claiming that she'll melt any second. Soon after, Makarov shows up and explains the first part of the trial which was to choose a path where they would have to either battle and win against their opponent(s) or walk through a quiet path in order to advance to the next round. When the trial began, Lucy and Cana, along with several others, were trapped on the boat because of Fried's runes. Once the barrier disappeared, Lucy and Cana found that they were the last ones to reach the island and thus had to choose the remaining path. But to their misfortune, they had to face off against Fried and Bixlow.

Cana, aware that Fried was weak against women, uses her card magic to release a swarm of women in bikinis to distract him . Lucy then summons Virgo, to add more women to the mix, but is easily taken out by Bixlow's dolls. Cana then releases beams of water to counter, but misses. Although Cana's water attack failed, Lucy uses it to summon Aquarius. She immediately braces herself by holding on to a boulder (and advises Cana to do likewise) as Aquarius creates a giant wave flooding the entire cave. Once the water receded, Bixlow and Fried are seen as down for the count, and the gate to the next round opened. The defeated duo revealed that they lost on purpose because they were indebted to them (for the Fighting Festival). Fried commented that Lucy and Cana were lucky for running into them.

As the duo meet up with the winning teams, Gray becomes shocked when he's told that they defeated Fried and Bixlow. After Makarov explained which teams lost, Cana and Lucy figured that Elfman and Evergreen must have lost against Mirajane (who only cringed at the thought of fighting her 'demon' powers). But to their surprise the mentioned team showed up, proving them wrong and making them wonder how they did it. Makarov then explained the second part of the trial which was to find the grave of the first master of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermilion. While in search of the grave, Cana and Lucy learned that the island was inhabited by insanely powerful creatures as they were being chased by one. Once they lost it, Cana stated that there must be some clues to finding the grave because all the trials that she's participated in tested one's intelligence. Lucy immediately figures out its location and the two rush of to the destination without realizing that Gray and Loke were right behind them.

On their way to the grave, they notice a red warning signal launched into the sky by Erza, which indicated an enemy attack. Although they are fully aware that the exam has been suspended, Cana refuses to stop but Gray states that they have no choice. Soon after, a swarm of mages from the Grimoire Heart guild began to fall from the sky and attack them. After defeating most of them, Caprico appears and dismisses the mages stating that they are no match and that he alone will take care of them. Throughout the battle, Caprico managed to weaken Lucy, Gray, Cana and Loke without much effort. Loke then steps up and decides to have a one-on-one battle with Caprico, stating that his magic of weakening humans will not work on him since he is a spirit. He then tells Lucy and everyone else to run and find the others. Lucy protests but Loke makes it loud and clear that he will handle Caprico. Before departing she tells Loke to come back to her. After Loke's battle with Caprico, he returns to Lucy and informs the Caprico will be joining her side which she tells Cana and Gray.

As they walk together, Cana proposes they split up in order to deal with the Seven Kin and continue the exam as soon as possible to which Gray protests. She then reassures him that she'll accompany Lucy and mocks him asking if he's too afraid to go on his own. Gray suspiciously agrees to the plan and the team splits up. As the duo walk together, Cana inquires as to the location of Mavis' grave and once Lucy explains where she thinks it may be, Cana immediately figures it out and puts Lucy to sleep using her sleep card. She leaves Lucy at the side of the road and runs off with an apologetic look.

While asleep, Kain stumbles upon her sleeping form. As he was about to stomp on her, Lucy wakes up just in time to dodge his attack. After sending him a flurry of questions as to the whereabouts of Cana, he runs behind a tree trembling and states that he's stronger than he looks. She proclaims that she'll take on anyone who challenges Fairy Tail and Kain says he'll fight her with the power of his magic, Ushi no Koku Mairi. Similar to voodoo, Lucy believes that such a magic doesn't exist and states that he must be bluffing. Kain decides to demonstrate his ability and takes out a doll. He asks for her hair but Lucy refuses his request after he explains that by doing so, he would be able to manipulate her movements. He then takes his own hair, places it on the doll and gives it to her to try it out.

After she hits the doll on the ground and splits it in mid air, he grabs the doll from her hands and chases her through the forest stating that now he's angry. Lucy then summons Taurus, who gets knocked out with one hit, then Sagittarius and Scorpio, who were also subsequently defeated with ease. Kain's doll then transforms into a light form and blasts her with a light attack. After Lucy realizes that the doll was strengthening him, the doll changes into iron and as he was about to finish her, Natsu kicks him in Ultear's direction.

Natsu asks what she's doing here and she wonders the same, but then thanks him for saving her. Happy states that she was flying ungracefully to which she retorts whether there was a "cool" way to be sent flying. She asks Natsu if he has an opponent and he says that Kain is his opponent and that she couldn't take him. Lucy replies that she doesn't want him and that he would be a tough one to beat. Happy chips in saying that they now have two opponents but Natsu says that they have an extra member and that he can put the exam on hold to form a team. Lucy agrees and after the two high-five, they remarked that they will win.

Before the battle was about to begin, Kain tells Ultear that he'll handle them alone and Natsu protests saying that it will ruin the already two-on-two battle plan. Lucy, on the other hand, comments that they should be thanking them for it but later takes it back once Ultear reveals that she has acquired Zeref and plans on taking him to Hades. Natsu immediately charges toward the two only to be pushed back by Kain, forcing Lucy to take action but to her shock, she couldn't move her body. She then realizes that she was being controlled by Kain using his doll after he explains that he managed to get a strand of her hair while chasing her through the forest. He then gets his revenge on Lucy by pulling her hands up into the air and forcing her to do a split in mid air, similarly to what she did to him earlier. Natsu looks on and comments that it looks like fun to which Lucy fiercely retorts saying that its not.

Kain then slides Lucy towards Natsu's direction and forces her to attack him but the dragon slayer dodges it with ease. Once doing so, Natsu prepares to release his dragon roar on Kain while using Lucy's butt as support, to her annoyance, but the celestial mage suddenly sends a kick to his face before he gets a chance to do so, causing him to yell and question her intentions. As soon as she replies that she's not the one in control of her body, she punches him in the face. Unable to take it anymore, Natsu grabs a hold of Lucy from behind, stopping her from flailing her fists at him. Kain, who sees this in an inappropriate light, tries to use the doll but is shocked when he realizes that Happy had taken it from his hand. Curious, Happy decides to test the doll by forcing Lucy to pull Natsu's face into her chest but is suddenly knocked out by Kain, causing the doll to fall from his paws.

Although Kain attempts to catch it, Natsu manages to beat him to it. Natsu then attacks Kain but he easily dodges it and palm strikes the dragon slayer towards the mountain side, causing the rocks to crumble and fall on top of him. With Natsu trapped under the rubble, Lucy tries to summon Virgo to help him out but realizes that she has no magic power left. Soon after, Kain slams her to the ground from behind and Natsu tells her to run away while she still can, but even after being beaten and tortured, she refuses stating that she doesn't want to run away alone and that she rather stay here with them. Kain then grabs a hold of her head with his hand and lifts her from the ground.

As he tightens his grip, prompting a loud cry of pain from the celestial mage, Natsu notices the doll beside him and starts manipulating Lucy's movements, forcing her to kick Kain in the face. After successfully landing several hits, Natsu tries to make things a little more amusing by lighting the doll's right hand on fire, subsequently causing Lucy's hand to go aflame (but does not harm her). Natsu then tosses the doll to Happy, to Lucy's concern, who begins to fly at max speed forcing Lucy to do likewise. They then fly in Kain's direction at full speed and Lucy, now fully engulfed in flames, sends a fierce and powerful kick to his face, knocking him unconscious. The team celebrates their victory with Natsu using the doll to make Lucy do a victory pose, receiving a irritated reply from the girl.

Later, Lucy and Happy are seen trying to pull Natsu from under the boulders. With little success, Happy suggests Natsu use his flames to get out, to which Natsu responds that that's a good idea. After getting out, the team discuss about Zeref with Lucy adding that she has to look for Cana since she's worried about her. They then go over the Grimoire Heart's goals about using Zeref to create a world of mages only with Natsu stating that since they've injured Makarov, they aren't getting off the island. Lucy comments that their ship must be anchored somewhere near Tenrou Island and asks Happy to fly and check it out. But Happy informs her that doesn't have any magic power left, so they decide to walk to where Makarov is resting with Pantherlily, Charle and Wendy.


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