Lucy Heartfilia (character) main image
Lucy Heartfilia
Kanji ルーシィ・ハートフィリア
Rōmaji Rūshi Hātofiria
Aliases Lucy Heartphilia
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17 (debut) [1]
Weight 47kg [2]
Measurements B90-W59-H88 [3]
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Occupations Reporter
Affiliations Sorcerer Magazine
Fairy Tail Guild
Teams Team Natsu
Allied Forces
Team Tenrou
Team Fairy Tail A
Relatives Jude Heartfilia (father)
Layla Heartfilia (mother)
Light Novel Fairy Tail: The Color Residing Within The Heart
Manga Chapter 1 (Fairy Tail)
Anime Episode 1 (Fairy Tail)
Film Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess
Game Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen!
Japanese Aya Hirano
English Cherami Leigh

Lucy Heartfilia is a character in the Fairy Tail franchise and the main female protagonist. She is a Celestial Spirit mage and member of the currently disbanded Fairy Tail Guild.


Lucy comes from a extremely wealthy family. Her parents used to be part of a guild called "Love and Lucky" but left when Layla, Lucy's mother, became pregnant with her. Throughout her childhood, Lucy lived with her father after her mother passed away. But his constant neglect for Lucy, due to his obsession with money and the family business, forced her to run away. After meeting and befriending Natsu and Happy, Lucy joined Fairy Tail and since then, she has accompanied him and Team Natsu on all of their wild missions. She currently lives in an apartment which Natsu and her other friends use as a hangout, usually against her will.


Original Concept Lucy
Lucy is one of the main female protagonists from the Fairy Tail series, and the first character to appear in the manga, who was created by Hiro Mashima, the series' artist and writer. She acts as the narrator of the story, often leading fans to believe that she is the main/lead character. But others have argued that the main character is Natsu Dragoneel since the series strongly follows his story. Without a clear answer from the mangaka himself, the debate over this question will still continue.[4]



Lucy Heartfilia is a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to her mother. She has brown eyes and blonde hair, which she usually wears in a side ponytail or in pigtails. She has a curvaceous body with large breasts and wide hips. Though her specific height is unknown, according to a chart drawn by Hiro Mashima, Lucy is shorter than Natsu, the same height as Mirajane and Juvia, and taller than Levi.

Outfits & Costumes

One of Lucy's most evident changes shown in the series is her clothing. Almost in every arc, Lucy is shown to wear something new and is rarely shown to wear the same type of clothing. Its partly due to her clothes getting ripped or damaged in some of her battles where she is often forced to cover her chest with a piece of material in the form of a tube-top (e.g in her fight against Sherry and Vidaldus/Juvia). At other times, she prefers to dress for the occasion, be it her "date" with Natsu, her job at a restaurant, or her dance routine at the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant.

Main Outfits
  • Pre time skip - Lucy's typical attire consists of a sleeveless white jacket with a blue cross pattern and trim, a blue pleated skirt, a brown belt to hold her Gate Keys and whip, black knee-high boots, and a black wristband on her right wrist. She wears her hair up in a side ponytail with a blue ribbon.
  • Post time skip - Lucy wears a white tube top with a blue heart on the front and gold trim, which reveals her cleavage and midriff. Over this is an open, half-length jacket with detached, frilly sleeves, both blue with gold trim. She also wears a navy blue skirt with a white belt, black thigh highs and brown boots. Lucy wears her hair in twin ponytails.
  • Grand Magic Games
Casual Outfits
  • Date Dress
  • White bikini - perhaps her most commonly worn swimsuit, a white bikini with pink patterns on it.
  • Cow print bikini (artwork only) - a white string bikini with black blotches, Lucy wears brown boots with this swimsuit.
  • Blue bikini (artwork only) - a blue string bikini worn with matching nail polish.
Other Outfits
  • Maid uniform - a black uniform with a white shirt, a white head-dress, pink heart-shaped earrings, black wristbands with white frills, black shoes, and white thigh-high socks. Lucy wore this uniform in an attempt to go undercover working for Duke Everlue.
  • Cheerleader uniform - a blue two-piece uniform with white trim.
  • Bunny Girl costume - a red Playboy Bunny style costume with large red ears, a white detached collar with red bow-tie, white detached cuff-links, and red high-heel shoes.


Lucy is a bit of a diva who takes exceptional pride in her looks and magic skill. She often gets quite angry when a person fails to recognize her beauty. On one quest, she disguises herself as maid in an attempt to gain entry into a man's house. The man supposedly has a fetish for cute maids, however his definition of "cute" is very different to most. In the end, he rejects her at the door and calls her ugly. Due to her vanity, she's the prime target for Natsu and Happy's teasing. She's also quite gullible as she is easily lured onto a ship by the wizard pretending to be Salamander and part of the Fairy Tail guild. Natsu convinces her to join him on an S-ranked quest by adding a fake reward (one of the twelve golden gate keys) to the ad poster. Like all the members of Fairy Tail, she does believe in performing good deeds and looking out for innocent people. That said, she sometimes acts lazy and unmotivated on quests--namely ones she's dragged on by Natsu. Often, she prefers to ride comfortably inside Horologium.


Lucy has grown a lot closer and has become more fond of her friends in Fairy Tail. After being fully accepted into the guild, she's come to embrace everyone as her own family. At first, she often viewed many of the guild members simply as odd, insane, violent, and harsh (which she still does), but over time, she's learned that they were more than that: they were kind, loving, caring, honest and sincere individuals who valued each others company and friendship and treated one another with respect (to an extent that they don't mind exchanging punches at each others faces). She's also come to completely trust and believe in them, even to the point of risking her life (an example is when she jumped off Phantom Lord's sky prison knowing that Natsu would be there to catch her).

Story Arcs

Please see Story Arcs.

Powers & Abilities

She is a stellar spirit mage, which allows her to summon warriors to fight for her. Celestial spirits are summoned with gate keys which create dimensional doorways allowing the warrior to come out from the spirit world. There are 12 golden spirit keys representing the 12 signs of the zodiac. Remarkably, Lucy has nine of them, one being Loki who was revealed to be Leo. Her other golden key summons include Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio and Gemini. Her silver key summons include Lyra, Horologium, Crux, and Nikora the Canis Major (better known as "Plue").


Usually she is only able to summon one spirit at a time, however when trying to save Loke she was able to summon all of her spirits. As her magic grows, so does the number of spirits she can consecutively summon within a day. Her contract with the spirits also only permits her to summon them on a specific number of days of the month, and some, such as Aquarius, have certain days where they refuse to answer to a summon.


Her relationships with the spirits vary. For example, she and Aquarius have a tense relationship in that Aquarius is not particularly friendly towards her. This contrasts with her relationship with Taurus which is much more congenial yet awkward at the same time--Taurus lusts after Lucy's body, however she keeps him in check.

Gold Keys

  • Aquarius:

One of Lucy's strongest spirits but also one of the most difficult to control. She can only be summoned in the presence of water, whether its a small pond, the sea or the ocean. When she unleashes her water attack, it usually engulfs both Lucy and the opponent. Her boyfriend is Scorpio, another Zodiac celestial spirit.

  • Cancer:

He wields two scissors, one in each hand and uses them expertly for minor clashes and haircuts. Although he says "-ebi" (Japanese meaning "shrimp") at the end of his sentences, he should really say "kani" (Japanese meaning "crab"). But he does often say "-choki" (Japanese meaning "snip" or "cut") at the end but only in Erza's presence because of his infatuation with her.

  • Taurus:

A bull wielding a two-blade axe. His attacks can be quite powerful, but so far, he has been shown to be weak in most battles. He is also a pervert who only fights to protect Lucy's "perfect" body.

  • Virgo:

She has the ability to dig holes underground regardless of its composition (rock, soil, etc.). She is also very loyal and obedient to her master and she tries to adhere to the master's preferences even as so far as to change her appearance. Whether she has done a good job or not, she will often ask her master if she'll receive her punishment, indicating that she may enjoy it. During the Edolas arc, she gives Lucy her first Celestial weapon, the Fleuve d'étoiles (River of Stars).

  • Leo:

Its claimed that his key is the most powerful. It was also revealed that Loke was Leo, who resided in the real world because he was banned from the Spirit World for indirectly killing his former owner, Karen. He's able to come to Lucy's aid without being summoned and uses a form of light magic called Regulus. In addition, he seems to have an attraction to Lucy, but this is questionable since he is known for being a player.

  • Gemini:

They are two twin spirits named "Gemi" and "Mini" with the ability to perfectly copy their opponents' thoughts, magical abilities, and appearance. But the duration of their transformation has a limit of 5 minutes.

  • Scorpio:

The apparent boyfriend of Aquarius who uses sand based magical attacks. Strangely enough, he often refers to himself as "we" instead of "I" because he considers himself royalty.

  • Sagittarius:

He has great skills in archery. He also tends to say "moshi moshi" (Japanese meaning "Hello Hello") at the beginning or at the end of his sentences while maintaining a saluting pose.

  • Aries:

She is a shy female who uses wool attacks. She is also very good friends with Leo, who risked his life to save her from the mistreatment of Karen, their previous owner. She was also abused by Angel, another previous owner.

Silver Keys

  • Horologium "The Timepiece" or "The Clock"

He is often used by Lucy as a form of shelter against extreme weather or environmental conditions (such as snow or mud), but also as a defense mechanism against enemy attacks.

  • Crux - "The Southern Cross"

He retains all the information about any celestial spirit and their masters, past or present. When in search of information, he is often shown sleeping, but whether or not he is asleep is difficult to tell.

  • Nikora - "The Canis Minor"

Nicknamed "Plue" by Lucy, its a small little creature that hardly requires any magical power to be summoned. Lucy states that its one of the most popular spirits used as a pet. It seems that Natsu is the only one who understands what Plue is saying.

  • Lyra - "The Lyre"

She primarily known for her amazing singing voice. Although she mostly sings about emotions, she will often abide to any of her master's request. Lucy usually uses her for theatrical plays or competitions.

  • Pyxis - "The Compass"

Pyxis mainly acts as a directional compass, using the compass on the top of its head to point to the direction ordered by its owner.

Other Abilities

  • Unison Raid - This is a very rare ability which enables two users to fuse their magical powers for a short period of time. During the Tower of Heaven Arc, Juvia and Lucy were able to gain this ability. It seems that only those with the same type of magic are able to achieve Union Raid (Juvia = Water Magic, and Lucy = Aquarius).
  • Uranometria - A very high level spell that inflicts massive damage against the opponent. When the user chants the spell, the target becomes surrounded by celestial bodies in an outer space setting and is hit by a series of immense attacks. Lucy casts this spell after Hibiki transfers it to her mind using his archive magic.
  • Lucy kick - Lucy's attack where she kicks the opponent. She used this against the Naked Mummy guild. In the S Class Arc, she used her kick to defeat Bixlow.


  • Whip - A basic whip with a heart-like cracker that Lucy used in several battles but got lost in Edolas.
  • Fleuve d'étoiles (エトワールフルーグ 星の大河 Etowāru Furūgu) - French for "River of Stars", this is an extending whip that Lucy received from Virgo. It comes from the Celestial Spirit World and is a whip of the constellation Eridanus, the River. As the name suggests, the rope part is made of water with varying sized stars flowing/floating around it. The full name of the whip is "River of Stars of the Eridanus Constellation" (エリダヌス座の星の大河 Eridanusu-za no Hoshi no Taiga).
  • Gale-Force Reading Glass - A pair of enchanted reading glasses that allows the user to read at an extremely accelerated rate. They allowed Lucy to read Daybreak, a full sized book, within minutes.


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