Lubbock main image
Kanji ラバック
Rōmaji Rabakku
Aliases Rabac
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 165 cm [1]
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
The Empire (Former)
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Tyler Galindo


As the son of a wealthy merchant, and a young man who effortlessly excelled at anything he tried his hand at, Lubbock's early life was comfortable, yet dull. This changed when he met Najenda, and he fell in love with her immediately. Since then, he has always served and followed her, first when she entered the military, then when she defected and joined the revolutionaries, and again in the present when she formed the assassination group Night Raid. Lubbock also wields an Imperial Arms, one of the Empire's treasured and ancient superweapons, though how he came by it hasn't been revealed.




Lubbock is a short, thin young man with green hair that often covers one of his eyes, most often his left eye. He also wears a red hairband and a green coat.


Lubbock usually behaves in a carefree manner, smiling often and making jokes. He tends to be quite open and unreserved about his feelings, displaying anger, misery or mirth without much inhibitions. He also has a pronounced girl-crazy streak, enjoying discussing them with others, or frequently trying to peep on the other members of his team when the chance arises. Despite this, he has a serious side as well. He owns a bookstore(his cover identity as his status as an assassin isn't well-known), puts a lot of value in knowledge and never hesitates when he needs to make a kill.

Powers & Abilities

Imperial Arms - Cross Tail

His Imperial Arms takes the form of a set of gloves with wires of indeterminate length attached to a large spool worn on his lower back. Incredibly versatile, Lubbock uses the Imperial Arms for security by placing them around the perimeter of the area he needs to guard, armour by wrapping them around himself, swinging on them, or forming weapons with them by folding them into certain patterns. He has been observed to be an experienced and adept opponent by enemies who have faced him.