Liver main image
Kanji リヴァ
Rōmaji Riva
Aliases River
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Grey
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Three Beasts
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #3: Chapter #10
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #7
Japanese Jōji Nakata
English John Gremillion


Liver used to be a general in The Empire, a superior and a friend to Bulat before the time of prime minister, but after the prime minister reached his position he tried to bribe Liver and fabricated charges against Liver who refused the bribe. Liver tried to defend himself, but none listened to him and thus he was sentenced to prison and Bulat was almost suffer the same fate if he hadn't escape and joined the revolutionary army. However, this wasn't the end of Liver. Esdeath who reached the position of a general and gained the Teigu Demons Extract, used her influence to free Liver. Grateful for being saved and being returned to the military Liver become loyal to Esdeath.

After joining Esdeath army Liver personality drastically changed. He had no problem with the horrible acts that his new superior commit when they stopped a rebellion of savages and had their town violated in order to plant the seeds of hate for a new rebellion to rise one day. Liver even sadistically smiled at the suffering of those who were spared for Esdeath plan. When Najenda tried to join the revolutionary army Liver was part of Esdeath group who tried to kill her and her army only to fail due to the arrival of reinforcement.

After defeating the Northern Tribes 400,000 people were buried alive and Liver with his comrades of the Three Beasts were the most gleeful to carry on the act. After that he along with his comrades accompany their general back to the capital.


Liver is originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a minor character in Akame ga Kill franchise. In the anime, he is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura. He currently has no information regarding any inspiration, early art work, or name changes used in her character design.

For Crunchyroll and Akame ga Kill's Guidebook, his name is Liver. His Romanized name, River, and his Imperial Arm, Black Marine, which has an alternative translation, Black Marlin, contributes to his water theme of his character.

Character Evolution


Liver wears the same black uniform that all of the Three Beasts wear, as well as the symbol of Esdeath's army due to being part of it. Liver possess long gray hair tied in a ponytail. Before his imprisonment Liver had a mustache and while in prison he grew a beard. After his release he shaved the beard, but kept the mustache. Liver had blue eyes. His Imperial Arm took the form of a ring which he wore under his glove.


Liver used to be a good man who work for the good of his country. He had honor and refused the bribe of the prime minister. He valued his friendship with Bulat and apologized to him during his arrest due to him being his superior which would lead him to trouble.

After being saved and joining Esdeath Liver personality changed. He became a sadist who had no problem with seeing a whole town being violated with some being spared in order to make them see it and he smiled sadistically at their suffering. He also one of those who were most gleeful to carry the act of burinng 400,000 people alive. He also become extremely loyal to Esdeath for saving his life and according to him the true reason he joined her army was because he adored her. His loyalty to her is so strong that he had no problem sacrificing his life in order to carry on her order and kill one of her enemies who was his own friend Bluat.

Story Arc

Liver along with Daidara and Nyau receive an order from Esdeath to kill some of the political opponents of the prime minister Honest. In the north, Liver and his men confront Chouri and his daughter Spear. After Daidara dispatches most of the men while Nyau kills Spear, Liver executes Chouri personally by decapitation.

In Liver's next mission, he and the Three Beasts board the Ryuusen to execute their next target. Liver is present when Nyau plays his flute which causes everyone to fall asleep. Outside, Daidara engages Tatsumi until Bulat assists Tatsumi, prompting Liver and Nyau to back up Daidara in their group attack against Bulat. Bulat manages to strike both Nyau and Liver while killing Daidara. Liver manages to block Bulat's attack and reveals himself to Bulat who is shocked at Liver serving Esdeath. Bulat explains that Esdeath had saved his life while that made me a servant indebted to Esdeath. He reveals his Imperial Arms which controls and causes the water to gush out of their barrels. He is grateful to be battling Bulat in the middle of the sea which gives him a great advantage.

In Liver's battle against Bulat, he attacks first with his Water Spirit Cannon. Bulat blocks it with his spear. Following through with his first attack, he shapes the water into a giant serpent to attack Bulat. Bulat slices the serpent instead of dodging it. Now that Bulat is in the air, Liver attacks immediately with Dark Stream Spear, multiple geysers from the ocean converging on Bulat. For a short moment, Liver assumes Bulat is dead and drops his guard. As Bulat charges at Liver, Nyau jumps in to distract Bulat. Knowing he and Bulat cannot use their Imperial Arms, Liver decides to offer Bulat a chance to join Esdeath's army. After Bulat turns down Liver's offer to join Esdeath's army, Liver uses drugs to enhance his strength. He engages Bulat in sword duel until Bulat breaks Liver's sword through sheer will. With Liver bleeding lots of blood, Liver smiles and resorts to his hidden technique, transforming his blood into blades. Bulat swings his sword to deflect Liver's attacks. However, some blades hit Bulat. Liver dies after using his final technique which uses up his life force. On his dying breath, Liver explains why he joins Esdeath's army. He states that Esdeath has offer him a place in her army. He idolized Esdeath. Knowing he had poisoned Bulat, he bids Bulat farewell and will be seeing him in the afterlife soon.

Powers & Abilities

He wields an Imperial Arm called Black Marlin (also known as Black Marine) which allows him to manipulate water.

  • Water Spirit Cannon: Liver has jets of water all converging on a target.
  • Ravine Serpent:Liver manipulates and shapes the water into a giant serpent that will bite his enemy with enormous pressure.
  • Dark Stream Spear:Liver uses geysers of water as spears to impale and blast his opponent.
  • Water Dragon's Divine Conquest: Liver manipulates and shapes the water into multiple, large dragons that will all attack his enemy, crushing them with sheer pressure.
  • Hidden Technique: Blade of Blood:After injecting himself with a drug, he increases his strength and to turn his blood into poison. He can use his blood to attack/poison his enemies. It's his last resort attack due to technique consuming his life force.

Other Media

Liver makes a debut in the Akame ga Kill (ONA) series - Episode 6 "Esdeath's Fun Torture Classroom" which was released on August 10, 2014.

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