Lisa Lisa main image
Elizabeth Joestar
Kanji エリザベス・ジョースター
Rōmaji Erizabesu Jōsutā
Aliases Lisa Lisa (リサリサ Risa Risa)
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday December 1888
Height 175 cm
Relatives George Joestar II (Husband)
Joseph Joestar (Son)
Holy Kujo (Granddaughter)
Josuke Higashikata (Grandson)
Jotaro Kujo (Great Grandson)
Jolyne Cujoh (Great Great Granddaughter)
Manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Volume #5 Chapter #43
Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 9 (baby)
Episode #16
Game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle
Japanese Atsuko Tanaka (Anime, All-Star Battle)

Lisa Lisa is a character from the Battle Tendency Arc in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Ripple master Lisa Lisa resides in Italy with her servants Loggins and Messina, and her attendant Suzie Q. Caesar Zeppeli is one of her students. Tasked with protecting the Red Stone of Aja, she becomes Joseph Joestar's teacher after the awakening of The Pillar Men. Unknown to Joseph, she is Elizabeth Joestar, the baby that Erina Pendleton rescued on the boat at the end of Phantom Blood. She was adopted by Ripple master Straizo, and her mastery of the Ripple has allowed her to keep her youthful appearance. She married Jonathan and Erina's son George II, and gave birth to Joseph. George was later murdered by one of Dio's vampires who he discovered was masquerading as a higher-up in the British military, and Elizabeth became a fugitive after avenging her husband.


Lisa Lisa was created by Hirohiko Araki, the author and illustrator of series, as a major character of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's second arc, Battle Tendency. The original manga series was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987, until it was transferred to monthly Ultra Jump. Its first volume was released in August 10, 1987, published by Shueisha and still running for more than 100 volumes. It is one of the longest manga series running.

Her name is a reference to 1980's pop band Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam.



Despite her youthful appearance, Lisa Lisa is in fact a 50 year old woman even fooling Joseph who peeked on his mother without knowing her true identity. She's tall and a bit thicker than most women in the franchise due to her Hamon training. She's a beautiful woman with blue eyes, fair skin, and long black hair that reaches past her nape and shoulders. She usually wears dark red lipstick and two jade colored, hoop earrings. When going out, she usually wears sunglasses. She typically wears her scarf as a fashion statement as a weapon, see her power section below.


She has already experienced many hardships in her life. The death of her husband and having to throw her previous life away to become a fugitive has made her strong-willed. She faces any threats with a cool head and without faltering. As a teacher she is harsh and without mercy, but the results of her training earn her the respect of her students.


  • Joseph - Even though she treats her son with a strict attitude during their Hamon training, she sacrifices a lot to make sure her son wouldn't get involved in the Joestar troubles, dealing with vampires. She wants to ensure her son had a normal life. However, fate has brought them together. It is demonstrated that she love her son during the funeral with all of Joseph's friends grieving for his death until Joseph proves them wrong.

Major Story Arc

Battle Tendency

After Joseph Joestar's defeat by Wamuu, Caesar and Joseph went to Italy to train under Caesar's master. Disguising herself as a gondolier, she attacks Joseph in Venice, showing him how little he knows about the Ripple. She forcibly puts a mask on him, which suffocates him unless he uses the specific Ripple breathing technique.

Taking Joseph as a disciple, she forcibly tasks him and Caesar with defeating the Hell Climb Pillar, a massive pillar covered in oil that can only be climbed using the Ripple.

After Esidisi's attack during Caesar's and Joseph's final Ripple exam and because of the Pillar Man's theft of the Red Stone, she travels to Switzerland with her students, where they discover Stroheim and his Nazi soldiers have possession of the Stone.

After recovering the Stone following Kars' attack on the Nazi's camp, Lisa Lisa and Joseph are abandoned by Caesar, who was desperate to attack the Pillar Men's stronghold. Her and Joseph, after deciding to follow after Caesar, unfortunately arrive too late, as Caesar had already encountered Wamuu and lost his life in battle. Lisa Lisa loses her composure, collapsing in tears upon finding Caesar's body.

After venturing deeper into Pillar Men's stronghold, the two Ripple users encounter Wired Beck, a vampire. Lisa Lisa casually defeats him, gaining access to Kars and Wamuu. Finding out that the Pillar Men had 100 minions ready to ambush them, she bluffs her way out by telling Kars that the Stone is hidden, and only she can disable the bomb that is attached to it, which will destroy the Stone should she be killed. Kars and Wamuu agree to a fair fight with Lisa Lisa and Joseph, at night at the nearby Colosseum.

After Wamuu's defeat at the hands of Joseph, Lisa Lisa prepares to take on Kars. Unfortunately, Kars tricks her by using a body double, and proceeds to stab her from behind. Lisa Lisa is left severely wounded and unconscious, held hostage by Kars. Rescued by Joseph and given to Speedwagon for emergency treatment, she misses Joseph's victory over the last Pillar Man and subsequent death.

She is next seen at Joseph's funeral, grieving over the apparent death of her only son, only to be surprised by the arrival of Joseph, who had actually survived, and his new wife Suzie Q.

After the events of Battle Tendency, she married a Hollywood screenwriter. Prior to the events of Stardust Crusaders, Joseph discusses the Joestar's star-shaped birthmark with her, but she does not formally appear.

Powers And Abilities

As a master of the Ripple, Lisa Lisa's breathing creates energy that she can use for various combat and non-combat techniques. As with all Ripple users, she is highly effective against vampires and zombies. She appears much younger than she truly is, due to the life energy of the Ripple. In combat, she uses a scarf woven from the bodies of the Satiporoja beetle, giving it excellent Ripple conducting abilities. She can use the scarf to send energy into her opponents, harden it, or use it as a sort of detection device, preventing sneak attacks.

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