Leone main image
Kanji レオーネ
Rōmaji Reōne
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 170 cm[1]
Measurements 90-57-86 [1]
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Blonde
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Yū Asakawa
English Allison Keith


Born into the slums of the Empire's capital, Leone once witnessed a group of Aristocrats on horseback trampling impoverished children for sport. Killing the nobles out of anger, Leone developed a taste for disposing of those that she considers vile. This eventually led to her being recruited into Night Raid, a group of assassins who target corrupt officials and nobles. By a stroke of luck, she acquired the Imperial Arm Lionelle on the black market, though neither she nor the seller knew what it was at the time.


Tetsuya Tashiro & TAKAHIRO created Leone for the Akame Ga Kill! manga. She first appears in chapter 1. In her original designs (according to Akame ga Kill Guidebook), she had short, brown hair.



Leone is a tall, full-figured young woman with yellow eyes & blonde, roughly/shortly-length hair that she usually wears up. When she activates her Imperial Arm, she gains several animal traits such as cat-like ears, large claws, a tail, her eyes turn yellow and her hair grows far longer. She tends to favor skimpy outfits.


Generally uninhibited, and tending to live in the moment, despite her line of work, Leone has a care-free personality and aims to enjoy herself, lacking some lady-like manners. She is also sociable and fairly unscrupulous, which has made her alternatively well-liked and widely loathed in the slums that she hails from. Although she has few qualms about killing or stealing, Leone cares more for people than she likes to let on, and has made a point of looking out for others, and actively seeks to punish those who abuse the vulnerable.

Leone is quite scrap-happy, and revels in fighting and her abilities. This sometimes causes her to get careless while undertaking missions. She also usually acts as a liaison for clients who wish to hire Night Raid.

Powers & Abilities

In battle, Leone uses the Imperial Arms "King of Beasts: Lionelle", which greatly boosts her senses, strength, reflexes, speed and rate of healing. While she cannot regenerate lost limbs, she can restore them to full-working order, provided that they are reattached properly, though she usually needs the help of her teammate Lubbock and his Imperial Arms to do so. Activating Lionelle also gives her cat-like features, specifically a tail, claws, ears, and altered eyes. The physical form of her Imperial Arm is a belt.


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