Layla Blue Chaika Profile
Kanji レイラ
Rōmaji Reira
Aliases Leila
Blue Chaika
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color White
Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode #10
Japanese Yui Makino
English Katelyn Barr

Layla is a mysterious girl who is working with Grad and Ricardo Garvani.



Compared to White Chaika (Chaika Travant) and Red Chaika (Chaika Bohdan), her clothing is very revealing. Her blue dress has high thigh slits go up past her waist, exposing her thighs and legs. She has a long front skirt, black, knee high stockings, and black, high heels. She uses mascara more than other Chaikas. Her dress exposes her cleavage and bare shoulders. She wears a blue bonnet and veil.

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