Kurome main image
Kanji クロメ
Rōmaji Kurome
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Measurements 80-51-81
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Jägers
Group of Terror (formerly)
Relatives Akame (Sister)
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #2: Chapter #6 (Illusion)
Akame ga Kill Volume #3: Chapter #14 (Actual)
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #4 (Illusion)
Episode #8 (Actual)
Japanese Ayaka Ōhashi
English Juliet Simmons


Coming from an incredibly poor family, Kurome, along with her older sister, Akame, was sold to an organization to be raised as an assassin for the Empire. The two sisters survived a hellish gauntlet together to pass the recruitment course, but were separated immediately afterwards as their handlers didn't want siblings together in case they relied upon one another. While Akame was sent to the elite unit, Kurome was grouped with the lesser children who were enhanced through the use of drugs. The hope of being reunited with her sister drove her through the harshest times, and eventually she graduated as a full-fledged assassin. Akame's eventual decision to defect from the Empire didn't sit well her younger sister, and now the siblings seek to kill one another. When the general Esdese put together a special police force to hunt the group of assassins that Akame joined, Kurome was recruited into her team.


Kurome was conceived by Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro for their manga series, Akame ga Kill, and she debuts in the second volume. Her inspiration is in the Akame ga Kill guidebook that has yet to be translated officially.



Kurome is a short, dark-haired girl with black eyes aged somewhere in her teens. She usually wears a black sailor suit with a knee-length skirt and tights. She wears her hair quite short, but with two bunches protruding from the sides of her head. She sports arm-guards and has some light armour attached to her waist.


Kurome is quite similar to her sister in several ways, but at the same time fundamentally different. Both sisters are big-eaters and can be eccentric, but while Akame enjoys meat and has a sort of harmless oddball lack of common sense, Kurome favours sweets and is genuinely warped. She delights in playing with the corpses of enemies and shows pleasure at the prospect of killing opponents in battle. Kurome's sword allows her to receive and keep several of her previous victims as zombified puppets that she usually refers to as her toys, and she has been shown to show pride at her collection. Any moral issues about this desecration of the dead escape her. Indeed, her fondest wish is to kill her sister and add her to her collection so that they can be together again.

Despite her cruelty, Kurome isn't entirely heartless, and values her teammates and friends. Amongst the members of the special police force, the Jägers, which she joined, she is closest to Bors and Wave, and although she often teases the latter, this seems more playful than mean-spirited. She keeps a dead childhood friend as a puppet, partly out of attachment to him, but doesn't see the problem with this.

The assassination group that she was raised by eliminates its agents when they become useless to them, rather than retiring them, so as to keep them from revealing secrets. Kurome fears being seen as useless and getting executed by her handlers, as while she can face dying in battle, being disposed of in this way frightens her.

Powers & Abilities

Kurome is an excellent melee combatant who uses a sword as her weapon. She has wielded her sword with either hand, so she may be ambidextrous. She has demonstrated incredible speed and reflexes, managing to notice and escape a sniper shot after it had been fired, and during a mock battle with General Esdeath (touted as the Empire’s greatest warrior) managed to successfully cleave her mask in two.

Kurome's boosted abilities partly come from drugs that she takes. The exact effect of these items isn't known, however, it has been shown that she has greatly boosted physical endurance, to the extent that only a truly severe injury, like decapitation or the destruction of her heart, will kill her.

Imperial Arm - Yatsufusa ~ March of the Dead

The sword that Kurome carries is actually an Imperial Arms - one of 48 superweapons created by the first Emperor a thousand years ago in order to safeguard his kingdom. Those that she kills with it can be revived as undead puppets that are under her complete control. Kurome can keep up to 8 puppets, and have them active simultaneously, however, the more puppets she has active at once, the slower her reflexes become. The puppets, often referred to as Corpse Dolls, retain most of their skills and weaponry from life, but are also impervious to pain and can survive normally fatal injuries, and must usually be completely destroyed to be vanquished. It is also said that Akame's Murasame can't affect them with its poison.

Kurome's puppets

  • Natala - a tall, fair-haired young man from the same assassins organization as Kurome and Akame. He is a childhood friend of Kurome's and she usually uses him as a bodyguard while keeping all puppets active. He wields a pole-arm that can be extended far beyond normal limits, and may in fact be an Imperial Arm.
  • Doya - a young, gun-slinging woman who wields revolvers. She was an assassin in life.
  • Woll - a former bodyguard armed with an incredibly durable shield. He is a bald-headed man with shades
  • Rokugoh - A former acquaintance of Najenda's, as a general, he has exceptional combat prowess and wields a whip.
  • Apeman - a humanoid ape creature, as unsophisticated, yet durable and strong combatant.
  • Henter - A masked, cloaked figure that seems to dissolve into shadows, a difficult fighter to lay hands on.
  • Kaiser Frog - a huge frog that dissolves its prey with acids in its stomach.
  • Destaghoul - a titanic, dinosaur-like skeletal monster that can fire energy blasts. A renowned and widely-feared beast.