Kuina main image
Kanji くいな
Rōmaji Kuina
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Blue
Manga One Piece Volume #1: Chapter 5
Anime One Piece Episode #2
Japanese Machiko Toyoshima
English Chio Su-Ping (Odex)
Priscilla Everett (4Kids)
Monica Rial (FUNimation)
Laura Bailey (Unlimited Adventure)

Kuina is Zoro's childhood friend and number one rival. They both promised to be the greatest sword fighters in the world, but tragically she died at a young age.


Zoro Roronoa had come to the dojo as a young boy in order the challenge the strongest fighter. Koshiro offered the challenge of his own daughter. Zoro was younger and much smaller. She defeated him, and he stayed to train in hopes of winning over her.

One night Kuina over heard her father talking about giving the dojo over to Zoro. She burst in the room, upset, demanding to know why he wouldn't believe in her. Her father told her that girls can't be as strong of a sword fighter as a man. This broke her heart. She declared she would be the greatest sword fighter of them all and ran. Despite her declaration she was in tears.

Zoro challenged Kuina to another match in the moonlight and with real swords. She used her personal meitou katana the Wado Ichimonji. He was devastated that no matter how hard he trained he can't catch up to her. She told Zoro he was lucky to be a boy. That as a girl she would become weaker. This enraged the young Zoro. He refused to believe such a thing and made a promise with Kuina. That they would both become the greatest sword fighters in the world and fight again to finally decide who was the best. These honest words lifted her heart and she agreed, but couldn't help teasing him that he will always be weaker then her.

Kuina was training even harder than ever. The anger and dedication she was showing was even starting to impress her father. Though, tragedy of the worse kind fell upon the dojo. In one simple accident, Kuina fell down the stairs and died from her injuries. Zoro was the most devastated by this loss. They would never get the chance to fulfill their promise together to reach the top.

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