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Race Human
Gender Male

Komatsu is Toriko's chef partner.


Komatsu is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the main characters. Inspirations used by the author for his character design and names are currently unknown.



Komatsu is a short, young man with short, cowlick hair. He wears different attire, usually a simple collared shirt with various colors. Due to having a weak body, he wears equipment such as those black suits for Ice Hell or desert attire for venturing through the desert towards Gourmet Pyramid.


Despite his wimpy appearance, Komatsu is a kind, young man who does not judge a book by its cover as demonstrated in his relationship with Coco. He is willing to treat Coco as a friend despite Coco's toxicity. Komatsu does treat others and food with respect as he is compassionate to make people feel happy with his cooking. He didn't like when Otake bribed news reporters and his customers to increase his ratings on his food.


  • Toriko - Komatsu and Toriko are close friends who have complete faith in each other. While Toriko has trust Komatsu with cooking and preparing food, Komatsu trusts Toriko with his life. In Mellow Cola arc, Zebra asks Komatsu to be his partner. Komatsu declines since Toriko was the first person to believe in his cooking. ___fill in later____ They are essentially partners in crime.

Story Arcs

Puffer Whale Arc

Toriko and Komatsu board a train to head over to the Puffer Whale Cave because every decade, the Puffer Whale migrate to lay their eggs. On the train, Komatsu and Toriko share beer with an old man. In town, they meet up with Coco who will assist them in their hunt for the Puffer Whale. During their expedition, Komatsu learn more about Coco and his abilities. Despite Coco's cold self, Komatsu warms up to him. When the group counters a Serpent of Devil, Komatsu gets kidnapped by a Gourmet Hunter. Though, the Gourmet Hunter gets eaten by another Serpent of Devil. Desperate to get away, Komatsu uses Toriko's fire crackers to intimidate the beast. In the process, Komatsu loses his hearing while his heart stops beating. The same old man, Jirou, from the train strolls by and knocks out the serpent. Jirou saves Komatsu's life because how Toriko and he treated the old man kindly back on the train. Once Komatsu and his group reunite, they arrive at the lagoon. After Coco and Toriko catches the Puffer Whales, Komatsu attempts to remove the poison sac from the fishes under Coco's supervision. He only succeeded in getting one fish. With a good meal, Komatsu's group confronts a GT Robo who ignored them. Outside of the cave, Komatsu's group find dead thieves that had confronted the GT Robo.

Regal Mammoth Arc

He tags along with Toriko to one of IGO's biotope where Mansam holds a tournament for Capture Level data. Komatsu witness a fight to protect the Battle Wolf mother's cub as Toriko defeats one of the GT Robo. Later, Komatsu accompanies Toriko, Rin, and Sunny on their quest to find the adult Regal Mammoth for the rare Jewel Meat. When they got separated, Komatsu finds himself with Sunny. When Sunny climbs the Regal cliffside, the Regal Mammoth almost crushes the two. Sunny grabs Komatsu and dive into Toriko's hole in the nick of time. When the Heavycliffs attack Komatsu's group, Coco arrives to paralyze them. Coco fends off a GT Robo while Komatsu's group ends up getting sucked in the Regal Mammoth's body. As Sunny engages the GT Robo, Komatsu cannot help but notice Toriko is fatigued and hungry. He tries to cook sometimes, but the same GT Robo from the Puffer Whale Cave attacks them. When Rin and Toriko are down, Komatsu refuses to run away. Starjun's GT Robo tries to take Komatsu's knife and use Intimidation on him. Komatsu stands strong until Toriko arrives and defeats Starjun's GT Robo with the power of the Jewel Meat.

Century Soup Arc

Toriko invites Komatsu for a tour of the amusement park where the attractions of Gourmet Food are wonderful. Toriko takes Komatsu to meet Setsuno whose Century Soup is incomplete. Setsuno asks Komatsu and Toriko to help obtain the ingredients from the Gourmet Show Window that is hidden in Ice Hell. Setsuno is at awed when Komatsu is able to decipher and pinpoint key ingredients after only tasting the Century Soup once. After Mokkoi has issued a request on obtaining the Century Soup arc, Komatsu accompanies Toriko on a trip to Ice Hell where he meets Match and Takimaru on the ship. The four of them are the first group to trek in the harsh environment. Along the way, everyone except the four and Match's men have continue their trek. Komatsu learns more about Match and Takimaru's ambitions when they had time to rest in front of the campfire.

Then, Komatsu finds a Wall Penguin who he named Yun. Toriko informs Komatsu that this penguin is on the endangered list and its parents are very dangerous. The gang eventually arrive in the cavern that leads the Gourmet Show Window located below ground. Toriko, Match, and Takimaru take on Tommyrod, Barrygamon, and Bogie Woods while Komatsu heads down to gather the ingredients for the Century Soup. There, he runs into Zonge and Tina. Teppei encounters the group and blurts out that Gourmet Show Window is about to run out. After Toriko's group battles are over, Teppei squeezes the last drop that Komatsu drinks. He memorizes the taste, so he can cook the Century Soup.

Ozone Grass Arc

Toriko takes Komatsu with him to find the Ozone Grass, a request by Ichiryuu for Toriko's training. After climbing the giant stalk and overcoming low Oxygen environment, Komatsu and Toriko arrive to the sky garden where they eat the delicious fruits and vegetables. Komatsu hears the voice of the Ozone Grass and finds it. After repeated attempts to obtain the ingredient, Komatsu realizes they have pull two leaves at the same time. They have to be the right leaf. The two successively unwrap the Ozone Grass. Then, a mysterious creature appear and takes 2 lightning bites, but its spits it out of of disgust.

Melk Stardust Arc

On the next quest to obtain the next ingredient part of Toriko's training, Komatsu has broken his prized knife. The two head over to Melk's home that is on Melk Mountain, north of Heavy Hole. They discover Melk the First is at Heavy Hole while his adopted daughter, Melk the Second, is waiting for her father and honing her craftsmanship in making knives. Komatsu tells Toriko that he will be staying here to observe Melk's techniques on sharpening knives. Toriko takes Komatsu's knife with him as he head out to Heavy Hole to find the Melk Stardust. Later that night, Komatsu finds out Melk the Second is a woman after seeing her naked in an outside bath. At first, Komatsu wants to whip up a late night snack for Melk the Second. Afterwards, Melk the Second shares her story of her father and how she grew up and follow her father's footsteps.

When Toriko arrives back, Melk the Second uses the Melk Stardust and the Dero's Fang as the body in the final creation of Komatsu's knife. As a token of his appreciation, Komatsu cooks pizza for Melk the Second and Toriko.

Mellow Cola Arc

Toriko and Komatsu take the Gourmet Carriage that stops by the entrance to Honeycomb Prison. Along the way, Toriko talks to Zebra via Zebra's Sound Bullet and informs Komatsu to whip some food for Zebra. Upon arriving, Komatsu is shocked at how the prison is layout and how the prisoners are punished. He is at awed at Zebra's brute strength and destructive power. During that night of Zebra's release, Komatsu works hard on making a nutritious meal for Zebra. Unbeknownst to Komatsu, Zebra overhears Komatsu's self-conversations. Rather than being touched by Komatsu, Zebra finds Komatsu cocky. Komatsu is scared of Zebra, and he apologizes to Zebra.

On the journey to the Gourmet Pyramid, Komatsu warms up to Zebra a bit after seeing him save the villagers. Komatsu learns that Zebra's crime was for pushing certain species to extinction, and these species were harmful to the environment. Zebra asks Komatsu to be his partner. However, Komatsu agrees to cook for him since Zebra will be aiding them in obtaining the Mellow Cola, but he doesn't accept Zebra as his partner because he has to look at Zebra's Full Course Menu.

After Komatsu gets thrown off the camel, he sinks beneath the desert and winds inside the Gourmet Pyramid. With Zebra's Sound Armor, Komatsu uses a scanner to find his way towards a book. Suddenly, a mysterious creature that is similar to the creature from the sky garden. When the one eyed Gourmet Beast attacks, Komatsu gets away as the mysterious creature eats the Gourmet Beast. While Zebra and Toriko fight the Salamander Sphinx, he realizes cooking book that holds the answers for them to extract the Mellow Cola from the Salamander Sphinx. After Zebra and Toriko are successful, the mysterious creature knocks Komatsu out. Toriko and Zebra barely defeats the creature and are glad that Komatsu had survived.

Shining Gourami Arc

After Toriko has asked Sunny for help by catching his interest with the rare ingredient, Shining Gourami, Komatsu and the group ride Quinn, a Mother Snake who is Sunny's animal partner. Reaching Death Falls, Toriko and Sunny use all their energy to through the dangerous and deadly torrent of water that crashes above them. Witnessing their struggle, Komatsu tells Toriko and Sunny to wait in the cave while he fetches the Shining Gourami. In the dark, Komatsu uses Melk Stardust to light his way until he reaches the golden, shimmering pool. Using a fishing rod, Komatsu catches the fish, but after one touch, Komatsu discovers the fish dies instantly. He realizes that these fish are special preparation ingredients like the Puffer Whale Fish. Komatsu thinks and gets an idea after seeing how the pool is not made of water. It's a pool of oil. Komatsu walks into the pool of oil and catches the fish due to being covered into the oil.

Arriving back, Komatsu and the gang ride on Quinn out of Death Falls. High in the sky while perching on Quinn's head, Sunny tries to create a beautiful setting, so they can dine in style. Komatsu cooks the fish by frying them. The gang enjoy their meal and even more once Komatsu adds a bit of Melk Stardust.

Powers & Abilities

While Komatsu is not a fighter, he has abilities that help him out as a Gourmet Chef during Toriko's missions to gather ingredients.


  • Voice of the Ingredients - It's a strange ability of Komatsu that was first seen during the Ozone Grass arc. Because of his devotion to his work and respect for life, he can hear the ingredients' "voice" allowing him to track the ingredients or how to capture special preparation ingredients like the Shining Gourami fish.
  • Intimidation - It's first seen during Mellow Cola arc where he manages to scare one creature by accident.
  • Memorization - Komatsu has a sharp sense of taste along with memorization of the taste. This is first demonstrated during the Century Soup arc where Setsuno is amazed that Komatsu was able to pick out certain ingredients from the Century Soup she cooks. After the end of the Century Soup arc, he is able to cook the soup just on the memory of tasting one drop from the Gourmet Window.

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