Kirino Kousaka
Kirino Kousaka
Kanji 高坂 桐乃
Rōmaji Kōsaka Kirino
Aliases Kiririn
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 45 kg
Measurements 82/54/81
Hair Color Light Brown
Occupations Student
Part-time fashion model
Track and Field Athlete
Relatives Kyosuke Kousaka (Older Brother)
Daisuke Kousaka (Father)
Yoshino Kousaka (Mother)
Light Novel Oreimo Volume #1: Chapter #1
Manga Oreimo Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Oreimo Episode #1
Japanese Ayana Taketatsu

Kirino is a popular girl with a secret obsession with "little sister" eroge games and anime.


Kirino gives the impression of a true wonder child. She gets top marks in class, is a track and field competitor, and a model for a fashion magazine. She acts pleasantly around everyone except her brother, Kyosuke, who has been living in her shadow for several years.



  • Kyosuke Kousaka

When she was young, she adored her older brother to the point of obsession. After Manami befriended Kyosuke, Kirino saw how her brother became lazier and thought Manami was taking her brother away from her. She eventually distant herself from Kyosuke (add details here) and only to rekindle their relationship after Kyosuke discovers Kirino's hobbies of playing erotic games.

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