Switch (Past)

Switch (Present)

Kazuyoshi Usui
Kanji 笛吹 和義
Rōmaji Usui Kazuyoshi
Aliases Switch
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday 02/28/1993
Height 173 cm.
Weight 55 kg.
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Kaimei High School
1-E (flashback)
2-C (chapters 1-209)
3-C (chapters 210-288)
Teams Sket Dan
ch-ch (Former)
The Sketchbook
Manga Sket Dance Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Sket Dance Episode #1
Game J-Stars Victory VS
Japanese Tomokazu Sugita
Aki Kanada (young)

Kazuyoshi (Switch) is one of the three members of the school support club, the Sket Dan. He is the club's secretary.


Kazuyoshi is a member of the supportive club of Kaimei High School, Sket Dan. He appear as the club's secretary and usually seen carrying his laptop whenever he goes, using it to "speak" for him. He wanted to be called Switch, based on his brother's old nickname. Switch took on his brother's "identity" after an unfortunate incident which resulted in the death of his brother. Switch blamed himself for this incident, thus leading him to attempt to take the place of his brother.


Kazuyoshi was created by Kenta Shinohara as one of the main characters in the Sket Dance franchise. He first appears in Sket Dance volume 1: Paint Mask and episode 1: The Academy SKETs. In the anime adaptation of Sket Dance, he is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita while his younger self (not past self) is voiced by Aki Kanada.

Kenta Shinohara stated that Switch was named for a musician, Kazuyoshi Nakamura (中村 一義) in the one shot manga. He changed it to make a reference to Kazuyoshi Saito (斉藤 和義).

Character Evolution

In the Switch Off story, Switch has a very dramatic change in his appearances and personality. This will be split up in his past and present self.


  • Past: Kazuyoshi Usui had long black hair that did not past his neck. He usually wears a shirt underneath another open dress shirt.
  • Present: Kazuyoshi is usually seen wearing a pair of glasses. He has short dark hair He's wearing a long sleeved white shirt and a green sweater and also a long dark pants. According to his history, he does his best to try and match the appearance of his deceased brother in this respect. His glasses do not have real lens.


  • Past: Unlike his present self, he is outgoing with his words and actions. According to Masafumi, he is always protective of his little brother and his friend, Sawa.
  • Present: In contrast to his past self, Kazuyoshi has taken on Masafumi's persona and dresses like his formerly deceased little brother. He has taken the name, Switch. His reasons is that he wants to keep Masafumi's memories alive in this world and in his heart. He has taken Masafumi and his voice and merge together via Masafumi's speech software. He speaks only with this electronic voice to this day on. Another stark contrast with his past self, Kazuyoshi does hysterical things without any emotions or facial expressions. He loves to watch anime and play love simulation games on his computer.

It's assumed that when Sawa and Masafumi has left a void in his life, Switch has resorted to play SIM games to regain those feelings of love.



  • With Masafumi Usui - They have a strong brotherly love; Kazuyoshi always look out for him and Sawa.
  • With Sawa Yamauchi - At first, they were childhood friends. During the Switch Off story, their friendship is strained when Masafumi was murdered. Kazuyoshi confesses that he loves her which Sawa confesses that she loves him back. However, their relationship dies as Sawa moves away from the memories of Masafumi and Kazuyoshi that puts a burden on her heart.


  • Bossun
  • Himeko
  • Momoka

Story Arcs

Request: Ghost of the Incinerator

Switch Off Arc

Powers & Abilities

Computer Whiz

When someone new comes along for a request, he will explain a lot about the person such as their club affiliation, blood type, and astrology. During the White Gibbon request from Moe, Switch has placed a tracking device on the gibbon, and he relays the location to his club members, Bossun and Hime. During the kidnap of Hime by Kitbitsu, Switch immediately finds the location of the train station that has park nearby when Bossun asks him.

Information Gathering

Switch has an amazing ability to find knowledge in his laptop. During the duel that Reiko and Switch has to find out if ghosts do exist, he interviews the anime otaku, the news reporter, and a friend. He gathers all that data for Bossun who figures out the ghost's identity.

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