Kazuto Kirigaya
Kanji 桐ヶ谷 和人
Rōmaji Kirigaya Kazuto
Aliases Kirito
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday October 7, 2008
Occupations High School Student
Part-Time Tester for Rath
Affiliations Moonlit Black Cats (Former) (SAO)
Knights of the Blood (SAO)
Romantic Partners Asuna Yuuki (Girlfriend)
Relatives Yui (In-Game Daughter)
Light Novel Sword Art Online Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Sword Art Online - Aincrad Volume 1: Chapter 1
Anime Sword Art Online Season 1: Episode 1
Game Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment
Japanese Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Bryce Papenbrook

Kirito also known as "The Black swordsman" has finally cleared the death game called "Sword Art Online". But as he returns to the real world his search for Asuna has led him to a New world called "ALfheim Online". Can he save Asuna from her demise?



Kirito is created by Reiki Kawahara as the main character in Sword Art Online that is based on the light novel. He first appears in Sword Art Online episode 1, The World of Swords. He is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.

Character Evolution


Kirito is a lone anti-hero who prefers going alone ever since the loss of his first guild Black Cats of the Full Moon. He blames himself for their deaths especially Sachi whom he promise to protect. Because of his guilt and inability to move on, he does not join a guild or party. He has a kindred soul when he takes the blame for Diabel's death by the others who are harassing the Betas, and he gladly accepts being named a Beater. Even under all those circumstances, he is actually a kind, warm-hearted, and understanding person. He will do anything to save the life of his friends just to avoid the same mistake he made. During the fight with the blue-eyed demon, he uses his dual blade skills that almost drained his entire HP. His relationship with Asuna is very serious and he values it very deeply to the the extent of going insane or beastly mad if anything bad were to happen to her.


Sword Art Online Arc

During the beta-testing phase of Sword Art Online, Kirito's avatar had longer black hair and slimmer face, but his avatar revert to his real face due to a hand mirror. In his current appearance, Kirito has short black hair, round face, and black eyes. His face is quite feminine when compared to other male characters, so he can be mistaken for a girl.

As the series progress, he becomes well known in SAO as the "Black Swordsman" due to his tendency to wear black clothing.

ALfheim Online Arc

As he returns to the real world, his clothes are mostly colored black and wears a winter jacket at certain occasions. As he plays ALfheim Online, he realizes that they can now play with Avatar appearances. He chose the class of the "Spriggan" because of the race's black themed equipment and attire. He looks exactly as he is in the real world except that his hair is more spikier, his ears are pointed, and his weapon is a large broadsword.


  • Klein - He and Klein become close friends ever since they first met in SAO. Before they got separated, Klein asks Kirito if they can be party members. However, Klein rejects his offer to take care of his friends.
  • Asuna - Kirito meets Asuna for the first time during Diabel's meeting on defeating the first boss. During the boss battle, Kirito is astounded when he finds out that she is skilled and beautiful. Plus, they both work together flawlessly. After the battle with the blue-eyed demon and that Kirito is forced into Asuna's guild, Asuna and Kirito got closer to each other. Kirito finally confess to Asuna after Asuna saved Kirito's life from Kuradeel. The two soon got married into the video game, and when Yui arrive into their lives, Kirito and Asuna have a so-called family with her.
  • Sachi - Kirito and Sachi have a close relationship as Kirito helps train Sachi. When Sachi asks Kirito to commit suicide, Kirito reassures her that he will protect her. After Sachi and her guild members were killed, Kirito works on finding an item that will bring Sachi back to life. However, the item only works for a couple of seconds. On that Christmas Eve, Kirito receives a message from Sachi who told him not to blame himself for their deaths. (It is her last message that she wrote before her death.) As she sings Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Kirito cries miserably.
  • Silica - Kirito meets Silica and assists her in reviving her pet. Kirito states that Silica reminds him of his cousin.
  • Lisbeth - Kirito meets Lisbeth in her store after being introduced to the place by Asuna. Lisbeth finds Kirito irritating, but she has respect for him when she sees Kirito is willing to stay by her side to protect her. She even confess to Kirito that she likes him and asks Kirito only to visit her shop for his weapons. When Lisbeth realizes that Asuna likes Kirito, she goes out to cry, but Kirito cheers her up afterwards.
  • Yui - Yui is Kirito's adopted daughter in Sword Art Online.
  • Suguha Kirigaya - She's Kirito's cousin who has a crush on Kirito, yet Kirito does not know his cousin has feelings for him. Kirito looks up to Suguha in kendo skills and asks her to help him hone his skills. In some occasions, Kirito does tease Suguha in a same fashion with Leafa. In one instance, he would pour cold water on the back of her neck.
  • Leafa (Suguha's Avatar) - Kirito does not know Leafa's true identity, but he does treat Leafa in a similar fashion with Suguha such as the way he teases her. When Leafa tells Kirito not to get involved, Kirito tells her that he never hurt or abandon her.

Story Arcs

Sword Art Online

On the day that Sword Art Online video game is released, Kirito hooks on his nerve gear and enters the virtual world. He meets an online player named Klein who asked Kirito to show him the basics because Klein knew that Kirito was one of the beta testers. After a day of tutorial, Kirito and Klein are summoned by the creator of Sword Art Online, Akihiko Kayaba. Akihiko informs the gamers that the only way to escape his world is to beat all 100 floors. With the hand mirror revealing the true players' faces, Kirito asks Klein to go with him to a place, so they can get ahead with training and other resources. Yet, Klein decline Kirito's offer since Klein has to take care of his friends who in this world. Kirito bids Klein farewell.

One month has passed, Diabel conducts a meeting where Kirito listens to their plans on defeating the boss of the first floor. When Kibaou rants about how the beta players had all the information, Egil appears and states that there are free user manuals with hints on the first boss at the store. After Diabel tells everyone to make teams, Kirito spots a player dressed in a cloak, and he forms a team with that player. On the way to the boss, Kirito gets close to his partner and discusses their strategy and teamwork. During the battle with the first boss, Kirito and Asuna fight efficiently, and when the boss is down to his last health bar, Diabel takes on the boss himself only to be killed due to undocumented move by the boss. As Kirito tries to help Diabel, he discovers that Diabel is a beta player like him. Kirito and Asuna manage to defeat the boss, and when everyone is cheering for them, Kibaou who is sadden with Diabel's death asks for the beta players to show themselves. Kibaou believes that beta players are cheaters, and Kirito steps up and takes the blame, so other beta players will not be harassed. Before Kirito leaves, Asuna asks Kirito to stay and his name. Kirito terminates his party with Asuna and embarks the journey alone.

Kirito encounter and saves Silica life from a group of enemies. He apologizes for being unable to save her pet Pina, but he informs Silica that she can revive her pet. At an inn, Silica asks Kirito why is he doing this, and when Kirito replies that Silica reminds him of his cousin, Silica laughs. In their quest, Silica keeps getting attack by monsters, but none of them are threatening as Kirito saves Silica. After Pina is revived, Kirito senses Rosalia and confirms that Rosalia has been committing crimes. Kirito easily defeats Rosalia's group and sends Rosalia to jail.

At Lisbeth's shop, Kirito asks Lisbeth to forge a sword equivalent to his Elucidator. When Kirito accidentally breaks Lisbeth's sword with his sword to test out their strengths, they both embark to find a rare crystal. When they find a crystal, a dragon appears and attacks Kirito. Lisbeth finds herself collapsing into a deep chasm where Kirito falls in order to go after her. During the night, Lisbeth asks Kirito why he save her. Kirito answers that he would rather died together instead of alone. Touched by his words, Lisbeth grabs Kirito's hand while they sleep. The next day they realize that hole is dragons nest and were attack by the dragon the same time. Kirito firmly grabs her while hanging on to the dragon to escape. When they were falling from the sky Lisbeh confess her feelings for him but Kirito unable to hear what she said. Back at the shop, Asuna comes to the shop, and Kirito engages with her. When Kirito notices Lisbeth is gone, Kirito found Lisbeth crying near a small bridge were he promised to make SAO end so until then she happily greeted Kirito to comeback to her store if he needs more help.

Alfheim Online

Kirito returns home and challenges Suguha to a kendo match, and he loses to Suguha. He still has his old habits from fighting in SAO for two years. Kirito visits the hospital to see Asuna, and he meets Asuna's father and Sugou. After Asuna's father exits the room, Sugou enrages Kirito when Sugou starts touching Asuna and telling Kirito that he will marry Asuna. Kirito stops Sugou from touching Asuna. Later, Kirito gets an e-mail from Egil about a photo of a girl who looks like Asuna. At Egil's bar, Egil explains to Kirito about a new game called ALFheim, and Kirito goes into the game to find out if the rumors are true. Upon crashing into a forest, he finds his items all gone and Yui who reappears as a navigation pixie.

Abilities and Level

Kirito is one of the most powerful and feared players in SAO followed by Asuna. He has sharp senses, heightened agility, and an ability to regenerate health. His most unique ability is dual wielding where he can fight with two swords at remarkable speed. The flaw of this ability is that it drains his HP. Prior to Sword Art Online, he is one of the Beta players and the only one to reach the most floors. The anime mentions his level up to 40 at first then became 48 afterwards in episode 3 "Red Nosed Reindeer" them in episode 4 "The Black Swordsman" his level is 78 and when he was taking the damage from the Titan's Hands Guild, they were only able to accumulate around 400 damage in 10 sec but his HP is 14500 and his battle healing skill auto regenerates 600 HP in 10 sec making Kirito win by his overwhelming ability.

As he enters the world of ALfheim Online, Kirito looks at his Current Stats and is shocked that his Level and Stats is the same as his SAO stats. Thinking that it might be a glitch in the game she ask Yui about this problem. Yui states that the codes use to make ALO is the same as making SAO. But as kirito looks at his abilities and equipment much to his surprise they were still there but they are unknown to the game's system forcing him to delete his weapons and abilities from SAO.

He is only in his most deadly state of fighting is when he starts going insane just to find information regarding Asuna or thinks that all of his action of what he did was all for nothing. This is were Kirito goes berserk, His attacks become more aggressive and his skill in battle greatly improve including speed and accuracy. But his only disadvantage to this is he forgets that he has a lifebar and he wants to save asuna's life as soon as possible regardless of how many enemies outnumbered him this was seen in Episode 22 "Grand Quest"

Below is the current level and abilities that Kirito has in the Light Novel and some of his abilities mentioned have been shown in the anime version.

Current Level - 98 (Light Novel)


  • Elucidator - Can be seen in the opening song but the debut of the weapon was in Episode 7 "The warmth of the heart"
  • Dark repulser - Can be seen also in episode 7 and was first use in Episode 9 "The Blue-Eyed Demon" against the boss
  • Coat of midnight - First seen in Episode 2 "Beater". Obtained by beating the first floor boss and last worn in Episode 6 "Phantom Avenger"
  • Blackwyrm Coat - His clothing in Episode 7. Also seen in the opening song


  • One handed Sword - Primary Skill
  • Dual Blades - Shown in Episode 9 to defeat the boss
  • Parry - Seen in Episode 2 when fighting the boss
  • Battle Healing - Episode 4 "The Black Swordsman" when Kirito was ambush by the Titan's Hand guild
  • Searching - Shown in Episode 3 "Red Nosed Reindeer" when finding Sachi. Could possibly use in Episode 6 to find Yoruko
  • Tracking - Shown in Episode 3 to find Sachi.
  • Sprint - Episode 7 when Kirito tried to climb up the Dragons nest
  • Weapon Break - Episode 7 when Kirito tried to test out the sword Lisbeth gave him

Dual Blades

  • Star Burst Stream - A 50 hit dual-blade slash combo. First use in Episode 9

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