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Kanata Kurusu (Glasses)
Kanata Kurusu
Kanji 来栖 彼方
Rōmaji Kurusu Kanata
Aliases Ganma Yamanashi
Haruka Kasuga
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Ginger
Affiliations Pretty Garden
Anime Oreimo 2 Episode #3
Japanese Rie Kugimiya

Kanata Kurusu is the author of the anime series Maschera, the older sister of Kanako, and a member of Pretty Garden.


Kanata Kurusu is created by Tsukasa Fushimi for the Oreimo franchise.



Despite her young appearance, she is the oldest member of Pretty Garden. She has red orange hair fashioned into two short ponytails that float above her shoulders. Her ponytails are tied with black ribbons. She wears a red plaid shirt. She has light blue eyes and fair skin.

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