Kakashi hatake
Kakashi Hatake
Kanji はたけカカシ
Rōmaji Hatake Kakashi
Aliases Copy Cat Ninja
Kakashi of the Sharingan
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday September 15
Height 181 cm
Weight 67.5 kg
Occupations Sensei(Former)
Sixth Hokage (Former)
Affiliations Hidden Leaf Village
Allied Shinobi Forces
Teams Team Minato
Team Ro (Anime only)
Team Kakashi
Team Asuma (Temporarily)
Team One (Anime only)
Team Kurenai (Temporarily)
Eight Man Squad
Third Division
Relatives Sakumo Hatake (Father)
Manga Naruto Volume #1: Chapter 3
Anime Naruto Episode #3
Film Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Game Naruto: Clash of Ninja
Japanese Kazuhiko Inoue
English Dave Wittenberg

Kakashi Hatake is a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and the Jonin leader of Team 7. With the Sharingan Eye, he can copy any jutsu he sees. This earned him the name the "Copy Ninja".


The only son of Sakumo Hatake otherwise and better known as the White Fang of Konoha. Through unknown means, however, Kakashi's mother died when he was quite young. From an early age, Kakashi had been known to be an extremely gifted prodigy, a genius seen only once in each generation. He was therefore regarded as the best of his generation.

Kakshi graduating

Kakashi at his entrance ceremony.

Kakashi constantly received top marks and had showed a latent ability for the ninja arts, whilst still in the academy. Kakashi's skills were so outstanding that he graduated from the academy at the top of his class at the tender age of 5. He then became a Chunin a year later, likely at the age of 6. Despite his personal success, his father fell into disgrace.

His father chose to save the lives of his comrades, rather than complete a very important mission. This decision caused The Leaf Village's efforts to suffer in the war. Due to the dishonour and suffering from depression, and dramatic drops in his skills, Sakumo took his own life. Kakashi was left to live alone and fend for himself. This turn of events led Kakashi to be highly self-disciplined and following the ninja code strictly. This also instilled his firm belief that completing the missions is more important than saving the lives of any comrade.

Team Minato v2

Team Minato.

After his graduation he teamed up with his future best friend Obito Uchiha and Rin who later developed a crush on him. This new team, Team Minato, was led by the future 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze. Interestingly, it is worthwhile to note that the relationships Kakashi had with Rin and Obito were extremely similar to that of those between Sasuke and Sakura and Naruto, respectively. As he, like Sasuke, was known as the indifferent genius in the team, who shared complicated relationships with his teammates, with whom he would later develop close friendships.


At the time Kakashi had turned thirteen he became a Jonin and was tasked with leading Rin and Obito on a mission that would highly benefit Konohagakure in the Third Great Shinobi World War. The team now led by Kakashi was tasked with destroying a bridge being used by Iwagakure forces so they may move into Kusagakure. Their act would also allow Konoha's first big offensive war move, on their way to the bridge an unfortunate incident occurred when two Iwagakure ninja named Taiseki and Kakko kidnapped Rin causing Obito to ultimately suggest that they rescue however Kakashi disagreed telling him that they needed to complete the mission stating its importance and he also didn't want to commit the same mistake his father did.

Due to Obito's philosophy that that those who break the rules are scum but those who abandon their teammates are worse than scum he left to save Rin after mentioning that Sakumo Hatake the father of Kakashi was a true hero indeed and the two parted ways. Shortly after this, Obito's words sunk in Kakashi as he reflected on them and the kindness Rin has shown towards him and with this epiphany Kakashi immediately realized that his father was never wrong as he left to join Obito in their effort to save Rin.

Minato saving Kakashi v2

Minato saving Kakashi.

Arriving just in the nick of time to save Obito from Taiseki, Kakashi used his father's sword to engage him in combat. Despite being in a handicap match being fighting against two other opponents, Taiseki managed to use an attack and severely damage Kakashi's left eye who had taken the intended blow for Obito. In a moment of sheer terror and the desire to protect his best friend Kakashi, Obito's Sharingan had finally awaken allowing to see through Taiseki's camoflash jutsu and kill Taiseki and continue on his rescue effort. Once Rin and Kakko were located, Obito and Kakashi worked together to defeat Kakko and free Rin however just as they were about leave, Kakko tried to trap them with a "Crushing Jutsu" which caused a cave-in.

As they tried to escape, Obito pushed Kakashi out of the direction of a large falling boulder causing him in turn to be crushed beneath the boulder. Aware that he was on the verge of death, Obito instructed Rin to surgically implant his left Sharingan eye into Kakashi's damaged left eye. Rin did so and as soon as the surgery was done, Kakashi used the Sharingan and his "Chidori" technique to kill Kakko and he then returned to Obito in order to see if there was anything he could do for him however they placed had began turning into shambles causing Kakashi and Rin to sadly leave him behind and with the help of Minato they were able to complete their difficult mission and mourn Obito's unfortunate and sorrowful death.

Kakashi as a ANBU

Kakashi as an ANBU Black Ops agent.

Because of the success he achieved on his very first mission as a Jonin he became very well known among all the five great countries of the world because of extensive use of his Sharingan giving him the reputation as the man who has copied over a thousand jutsu hence his nickname "The Copy Cat Ninja" . A few years later Kakashi joined the Konoha ANBU and later left for unknown and possibly personal reasons however to this day he maintains a strong connection with the ANBU and its ninja as most of them if not all of them know of him.


Kakashi concept art

The Kakashi original introduction concept.

Kakashi Hatake is a lead character of the Naruto series that was created by Masashi Kishimoto. It first began serialization Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1999. He was first introduced in the very first story arc. Kishimoto had intended for Kakashi to appear in the second chapter, before Sasuke and Sakura. He was convinced by his editors to push back the introduction so that he could develop the Team 7 characters more. Kishimoto felt that making Kakashi an easy-going person who always looked as if he was half-asleep would make his character a compelling leader to readers. He served as a link for Naruto and the others to much of the following characters.

"My original plan for Kakashi's first appearance was to have him show up in the second chapter of 'Naruto'. He was meant to be a cool, affected, high-level ninja who ended sentences with the very polite 'de gozaru' verb form. This was going to be before Sakura and Sasuke were introduced. Kakashi would suddenly appear on the scene as Naruto's teacher. This idea was discarded after a discussion with my editors at 'Weekly Shonen Jump'. As an original outgrowth of things we discussed together, I was able to flesh out Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura into the characters they are today. "
Masashi Kishimoto - "Naruto" Volume 1 The Making of Naruto!!!

Volume 3 jp

Naruto Vol. 3 JPN (2000)

He first appeared in Naruto Volume 1, CH. 3 "Enter Sasuke!", and his first anime appearance was in Naruto - Episode 3 "Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?". His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue, and the U.S. dub produced by VIZ Media is done by Dave Wittenberg. In the series, Kakashi is voiced by a single male actor, even in the back story where he is 13 years-old. Though, he is voiced by a female actress for the fourth non-canon Naruto Shippuden film.

The family name Hatake 畑 means "farmland" or "field". In the real world, ninja's often posed as farmers. Various names were considered for Kakashi's given name. These alternate names included Kuwa (クワ, Hoe), Kama (カマ, Scythe), Botan (ボタン, Peony), Enoki (エノキ, Nettle tree). Kakashi (カカシ), that means "scarecrow", was the final choice, and Kishimoto has said he was happy with this choice. In the run of Naruto, Kakashi has been represented as a scarecrow. Naruto used a scarecrow of Kakashi to practice on. Scarecrows are also can be seen in scenery images that Kakshi is in. On the cover image of Volume 3, a scarecrow can bee seen in the background, behind Kakashi and Naruto. Kakashi is rarely every the focus in much of the promotional artwork for the manga. In splash pages, he's more often in the distant background. In all the Naruto popularity polls, Kakashi has consistently held a place in the top three.

The comedy-erotic novels that Kakashi is always reading Make-Out Paradise (イチャイチャパラダイス, Icha Icha Paradaisu), Make-Out Violence (イチャイチャバイオレンス, Icha Icha Baiorensu), and Make-Out Tactics (イチャイチャタクティクス, Icha Icha Takutikusu) were all authored by the ninja who was the ninja master of his own master, Jiraiya. The contents are never shown, but those of the younger cast who sneak a peek at the book are often shocked at what they read.

Character Evolution

" In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum. "
Kakashi Hatake "Naruto" Volume 2 Ch. 8
Kakashi began as a strict and by the rules young boy who followed his mission to the letter. This was due to Kakashi wanting to avoid the same fate that befell his father, who abandoned an important mission to save his comrades. His incredible skill allowed him to reach the level of Jonin at only 13 years-old. He was always annoyed by his chronically late squad member Obito. His life took a drastic change after Rin, another squad member, was abducted in the process of an important mission. Kakashi was ready to abandon Rin until Obito made him realize how heartless he was being. Kakashi abandoned the mission the same way his father did in the past. Though Rin was rescued, Obito was mortally wounded. He gave Kakashi his Sharingan Eye so at least his eyes could see the future. After that day, Kakashi began to live his life as Obito did, being chronically late for nearly any meeting and making up poor excuses as to why he is late. In the end, he did turn out like his father. Missions are important, but abandoning ones friends makes a person worse than scum. He quickly rose in fame around the ninja world using the Sharingan Eye and become known as the "Copy Ninja".

Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village

Rank: Jonin

Registered Ninja #: 009720

Date Of Birth: September 15th

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: O

Completed Assignments:

  • D-Rank 197 / C-Rank 190 / B-Rank 467 / A-Rank 414 / S-Rank 42

Kakashi's appearance changes very little throughout the series, even after the two year time skip. As a Jonin master, Kakshi was one of the strictest teachers to test the quality of Genin. He used the same "catch the bell" test his master the Fourth Hokage gave him. During this time, Kakashi failed nearly everyone until Naruto's group. Unknown to Naruto, Kakashi was more than his ninja master, but also his guardian, due to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him. After the invasion of the Leaf Village, he was needed on more solo missions. He was temporarily dead during Pain's invasion of the village and was able to talk with his father's spirit. He was revived and was under consideration to be the Sixth Hokage while Tsunade was in a coma. Though Danzo manipulated his way into the role of Hokage. After he was exposed and killed by Sasuke, Kakashi took temporary leadership of the village until Tsunade woke from her coma to lead during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Major Story Arcs

Introduction Arc

Later on during his late twenties Kakashi earned himself status as a Jonin-sensei and also developed a reputation throughout the academy for having extremely high standards for those he trained and for failing every potential Genin team that took his Survival Training Exam. The next potential Team 7 he was tasked with training consisted of Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. He gave the team a bell test and required that three of them obtain one of the two bells kept on his waist. The team decided to work individually to try and take a bell realizing that if they work together only two of them will have the bells leaving one team member without a bell.

The young ninjas took turns in trying their own attempts at getting the bells only for Kakashi to easily defeat them. Naruto being extremely boisterous claimed that he would crush Kakashi as Kakashi continuously humiliated and manhandled Naruto even embarrassing Naruto by using his "One Thousand Years of Death" technique however it is merely an exaggerated name and it only involves Kakashi poling his victim's rear end prompting Sasuke to quietly call them both idiots. He easily caught Naruto in a trap by placing the bells near a tree seemingly unguarded as Naruto foolishly rushed over and attempted to grab the bells only to be immediately caught in a trap and left hanging upside down from a tree branch. Kakashi then appeared telling Naruto that if the bait is obvious he shouldn't take it. During Kakashi's brief battle with Naruto it should be noted that Naruto created Shadow Clones much to everyone's surprise.

Team 7

The newly formed Team 7.

Apparently spotting an opening the opportunistic Sasuke threw several shuriken that apparently blasted Kakashi as both Naruto and Sakura noted that he had gone to far however soon enough the Kakashi that was blasted with shuriken turned into a wooden log revealing Kakashi had used a "Replacement Jutsu" and is now aware of Sasuke's location forcing the latter to desperately search for a new one with Sakura following him due to her ridiculous crush on him even to the extent of calling him "My Sasuke". Sakura while following Sasuke lost his trail and hid in the cover of several leaves and bushes as she had whisper "Sakura over here" and to her shock she turned around to find Kakashi who then used a gejutsu (Illusion) on her that frightened her to the extent of screaming in sheer shock and then fainted as Kakashi noted that he may have overdone the genjutsu and proceeded to say that Sakura learned about genjutsu in the academy but was unable to use her knowledge to see through Kakashi's genjutsu.

Disposing of every single member of the future Team 7 he was only left with Sasuke who used a trap and his taijutsu training and even managed to touch one of the bells prompting Kakashi to leap away from Sasuke noting his ferocity and skill and told him that he is different from the others but being different isn't always good. Kakashi then easily dispatched Sasuke by using an "Earth Release" technique on him. After the future Team 7 failed their bell test, Kakashi was quick to express his displease with their performance and belittle each of their individual performance and then revealed the true goal behind the test which is teamwork.

Kakashi explained the importance of teamwork and noting how ashamed they were with their previous performance Kakashi gave them one final chance to act as a team and become Genin. Kakashi then allowed them to have a break for lunch but after recalling Naruto trying to steal their lunches earlier he was forbidden to eat and tied to a wooden pole. Realizing that they would need Naruto in peak condition and full power Sasuke offered Naruto some of his food prompting Sakura to do the same, after witnessing this act Kakashi quickly confronted them feigned in anger that they disobeyed his orders but immediately revealed that he was pleased with their act and passed them. The newly formed Team 7 explained to Kakashi that they required to work as a team above all. Kakashi then congratulated them on being the very first team to pass under him and then revealed the true objective of the test which was being loyal to each other.

Later on it was revealed that Kakashi was specifically chosen to be Team 7's leader because of Sasuke and Naruto. His duty aside from training them was also to keep Sasuke from walking down a path of darkness and because they had similar traits this would allow Kakashi to better relate and understand Sasuke and he was also chosen to keep the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox in Naruto contained.

Land Of The Waves

Team had been completing several easy D-rank missions however Team 7 at Naruto's constant insistence was assigned a more difficult mission (a C-rank task). They were ordered to escort the bridge builder Tazuna to the Land of Waves. On the way there they were unfortunately attacked by the Demon Brothers however Kakashi easily defeated the team and realized that there was much more to the mission he and Team 7 were on than a mere escort and he managed convince Tazuna to tell he and his team the truth. It was then revealed that the Land of Waves was under the tyrannical rule of Gato. Tazuna was hoping to build a bridge that would free the country and had garnered Gato's assassination attempts. Though Team 7 discovered that the mission was much more dangerous than what they had initially thought they had been assigned but nevertheless Team 7 agreed to be Tazuna's bodyguards until the bridge was completely finished being built.

Kakashi vs. Zabuza

Zabuza Vs. Kakashi.

As they arrived in the Land of Waves, Zabuza Momochi attacked Team 7. Zabuza was one of the hired assassins of Gato. Because of Kakashi's focus on protecting his teammates and Zabuza's greater experience with water-based jutsu he was able to catch Kakashi off-guard which resulted in him being trapped by Zabuza in a water prison. Kakashi pleaded with his students to flee with Tazuna fearing that they would die at the hands of Zabuza however they instead of following Kakashi's pleas decided to work together and they managed to free him. Kakashi engaged in another battle with Zabuza this time gaining the upper hand by using his Sharingan. Unfortunately before Kakashi landed the final blow a boy named Haku suddenly appeared and killed Zabuza first. The boy proceeded to take Zabuza's body away claiming that he was a Kirigakure Hunter-nin and that he would dispose of the body. Due to overuse of his Sharingan eye Kakashi collapsed from great exhaustion.

Eventually fearing that Haku might have deceived them on Zabuza's death in order to save him, Kakashi proceeded to train Team 7 to have better chakra control whilst recuperating. After roughly a week they managed to master their training and resumed their positions as Tazuma's bodyguards. At the bridge they were confronted by Haku and Zabuza and they confirmed Kakashi's suspicions about Haku saving Zabuza. Kakashi fought Zabuza while Naruto and Sasuke engaged Haku.

Having learned from his earlier defeat, Zabuza began to rely on stealthy and sneak attacks during his battle as he used his"Hidden Mist Technique" to keep him from falling victim to Kakashi's Sharingan eye. Realizing the situation Kakashi summoned his Ninken ninja hounds underground to locate and pin down Zabuza in order to make him an easier target for his"Lightning Cutter". Once again before Kakashi could kill Zabuza he was again interrupted by Haku who had apparently used himself as a human shield and took the intended hit for Zabuza. Zabuza was however still determined to win the battle and he relentlessly attacked Kakashi.

The battle however turned completely in the favour of Kakashi as he effortlessly outmanoeuvred Zabuza, Gato and the rest of his henchmen which showed up later in order to dispose of Zabuza because of resulting failure but this was a mistake as Zabuza then killed Gato. Kakashi witnessed the event as Gato's henchmen in turn kille Zabuza and in response to this Kakashi used his "Multiple Shadow CloneTechnique" in order to scare the henchmen away. Zabuza died and Haku asked Kakashi to bring Zabuza's body beside his before he died as well. When the two died, Kakashi buried them alongside each other. He and Team 7 then returned to Konoha.

The Chunin Exams

Kakashi and Sasuke

Kakashi arrives with Sasuke in the Chunin Exams.

Despite some degree of refusal from other elite ninja, Kakashi believed that his students were allowed Team 7 to enter the Chunin Exams. During this arc Sasuke was branded with a cursed seal by Orochimaru and this cursed seal was the Cursed Seal of Heaven this occured during the exam's second phase. Kakashi took it upon himself to deal with Sasuke's cursed seal. Finding the cursed seal irremovable he tried use the "Evil Sealing Method" in an attempt to prevent its usage. Following the preliminary fights, Kakashi decided to take it upon himself to train Sasuke for a month after witnessing how much Orochimaru desired Sasuke from his subordinate Kabuto Yakushi who tried to kidnap him.

Kakashi attempted to reinforce Sasuke's self-worth and value for his friends more than power and revenge by teaching him the "Chidori" technique as a form of deterrent against the cursed seal. The training also involved intense and extensive taijutsu copied from that of Rock Lee to grant Sasuke a better condition so that his body may be able to handle the Chidori. During Sasuke's final round match against Gaara he was late and nearly disqualified until Kakashi returns with him just in the nick of time. During Sasuke's match an invasion in Konoha began, forcing Sasuke and Gaara's match to be halted. Kakashi and the other ninjas of the village manage to repel the invaders and when he discovers that Sasuke had gone after Gaara, he sends Naruto, Shikamaru, Sakura and Pakkun to stop him and bring him back.

Search for Tsunade Arc

Moments after the invasion was prevented, Itachi Uchiha the older brother of Sasuke and Kisame Hoshigaki of the Akatsuki criminal organization had infiltrated the village. Kurenai Yuuhi and Asuma Sarutobi attempted to apprehend the two Akatsuki members, but they were nearly killed, causing Kakashi to intervene. For some period of time Kakashi was able to hold his own against Itachi for a short while but unfortunately he fell victim Itachi's Tsukuyomi. Severely weakened and injured by Itachi's technique, Kakashi confirmed that Itachi and Kisame were actually after Naruto for the Nine Tailed Demon Fox before collapsing and flying into a coma. Upon discovering that Kakashi has knowledge of the Akatsuki, Itachi ordered Kisame to kidnap him however luckily Might Guy arrived just in time to drive the Akatsuki members away as they did not wish to start a war.

Due to the battle with Itachi, Kakashi was left in a coma and was not revived until Tsunade returned to the village as she was apparently disappointed that he was defeated by Akatsuki members. Shortly after recovering he was ordered to go on a new mission.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Kakashi lecturing Sasuke

Kakashi lecturing Sasuke.

Before going out on his mission, Kakashi stops a battle between Sasuke and Naruto. He learned that in his absence Sasuke's obsession for power and revenge had began rising within him. Kakashi lectures Sasuke about the misuse of the Chidori stating that it was designed to protect friends not the complete opposite which is attacking them. He also states that the size of the Chidori he used was not the kind to use on a comrade and asked Sasuke with a serious tone if he truly desired to kill Naruto. Kakashi encourages Sasuke to view his friendships as a more important part of his life than revenge and then leaves in order to allow his words to take effect on Sasuke but he was unaware that Sasuke was given little time to think about Kakashi's words, courtesy of Orochimaru's Sound Four. When Kakashi had returned from his mission he discovered that Sasuke had defected to Orochimaru in search of power and that a team of Genin led by Shikamaru was all that had been sent to find and retrieve him.

Kakashi quickly ignored the fact that he was given a new mission and rushed out to find Sasuke and the team sent to retrieve him. Using his pack of dogs better known as the Ninken he was able to locate a defeated Naruto but was too late in finding Sasuke who had already left. Kakashi was left unable to pursue Sasuke because of Naruto's condition and the fresh rainfall. Kakashi took Naruto back to the village for recovery and was saddened over the fact that he had failed to protect his students especially Sasuke whom he was tasked with since the beginning of his training with them to stop him from taking the path of darkness.

Kazekage Rescue Arc

During the period in which Team 7 had disbanded Kakashi spent the two and a half years training to further increase his abilities and master his Sharingan in order to become strong enough to eventually fight the Akatsuki criminal organization. During this period Kakashi had become remarkably stronger prior to Naruto's departure with Jiraiya. When Naruto and Jiraiya returned to the village, Naruto content in seeing his sensei once more gave him the newest novel of the Icha Icha series. Tsunade the current Hokage at the time tasked Sakura to fight Kakashi and she was partnered up with Naruto who was tasked by Jiraiya to fight Kakashi so that he and Tsunade may be able to see how both Naruto and Sakura had improved throughout those years. When the time for their battle against Kakashi was to begin he had them take another bell test with the objective being for them to actually take the bells from him. As both Naruto and Sakura displayed a remarkable increase in skill much to Kakashi's surprise who jokingly stated that it was much easier years ago. Despite the impressive increase in power they had gained they still found themselves unable to take the bells from Kakashi.

Surprisingly it was Naruto who conducted the brilliant plan to exploit Kakashi's greatest weakness. Naruto threatened to reveal the plot of the recent novel forcing Kakashi to let his guard down allowing both of them to take the bells and succeed in their test.

Itachi vs Kakashi

Kakashi faces off against Itachi.

When it was revealed that the Akatsuki had kidnapped Gaara of The Sand to extract the One Tailed Shukaku from him, Team 7 was given a mission to find and rescue Gaara. When Team 7 had arrived in Sunagakure they were teamed with Chiyo prior to following the Akatsuki's trail. During an unfortunate turn of events Team 7 encountered Itachi Uchiha who they were forced to fight. As the battle between Team 7 and Itachi Uchiha ensued it was quite apparent that Kakashi was capable of fighting equally with Itachi but to everyone's disappointment Kakashi noted that Itachi was not even using half of his true power. Using a properly created strategy and tactic, Kakashi managed to briefly deceive and restrain Itachi granting Naruto the gateway required to put an end to the battle by using the "The Great Ball Rasengan". After the battle a shocking and unfortunate discovery was that the Itachi they were fighting was merely a lookalike.

Deidara being injured

The Kamui technique being used on Deidara.

Team 7 proceeded to meet up with Team Guy who was sent to back-up Team 7 outside an Akatsuki lair. Finding a barrier over the entrance to the lair Team Guy was tasked with taking down the barrier. When Team Guy destroyed the barrier the act allowed Team 7 to infiltrate the Akatsuki lair however they were met by Deidara, Sasori and a captured Gaara. Upon seeing the arrival of Team 7, Deidara resorted to fleeing with Gaara's body which only caused Naruto and Kakashi to pursue him. Sasori was then left in the mercy of Chiyo and Sakura. During their pursuit of Deidara, Kakashi attempted to use his new Mangekyo Sharingan and Kamui power in a try to remove his head however due to his poor aim he only managed to sever an arm. Despite this failure Naruto managed to retrieve Gaara. Because of the success that Naruto had achieved, Deidara attempted to use a "Suicide Bombing Clone" as a form of escapement. This time Kakashi managed to perform his Kamui ability properly and rid themselves of Deidara's explosion saving Team Guy who was in close proximity to the explosion. Chiyo sacrifices her own life to revive a deceased Gaara and they return to The Leaf Village successful in their mission. Due to the issue of overusing his new Kamui ability, Might Guy (Kakash's self proclaimed rival) was tasked with carrying him and Kakashi is ultimately left bed-ridden for roughly an entire week.

Kakuzu and Hidan Arc

During Kakashi's recuperation from his overuse of Kamui this resulted in Team 7 being temporarily led by Yamato/Tenzo. Team 7 was being led on a mission to try and find Sasuke. Team 7 return from a failed mission and Kakashi offers to teach Naruto to create a new jutsu in order for better preparation for his next encounter with Sasuke. Whilst using the "Multiple Shadow Clone" Technique, Naruto would be able to reduce the amount of time needed to train and master a new jutsu which can likely cause Naruto to apparently surpass Kakashi.

It was revealed that Kakashi's training was inteded to teach Naruto to master his natural element that was discovered to be wind and combine it with the "Rasengan" to create a unique and ultimate jutsu that not even Kakashi himself could complete, even the Fouth Hokage Minato Namikaze failed to do so. After hearing of Asuma Sarutobi's death in an intense battle with Akatsuki, Kakashi decided to lead Team 10 instead of Team 7 so that they my avenge Asuma and also because Naruto had advanced quite impressively in his training beyond requiring the assistance of Kakashi. Yamato/Tenzo was left by Kakashi in charge of supervising Naruto's training and had Shikamaru Nara work with him on conducting a plan to attack Akatsuki.

They eventually located two Akatsuki members Kakuzu and Hidan. Shikamaru proceeded to distract the two criminals, granting Kakashi an opportunity to hit Kakuzu with a technique of his called the "Lightning Cutter". Though Kakashi was successful in doing so as he had destroyed Kakuzu's heart only to discover that Kakuzu had in total five hearts and the one Kakashi had already destroyed was the Earth heart. Apparently even Kakashi realized that the Akatsuki duo were seemingly unstoppable when together prompting Kakashi and Team 10 to separate them. Kakashi handed a capsule filled with the blood of Kakuzu to Shikamaru and the latter leaded Hidan away. Later on Kakashi barely escaped Kakuzu's counterattack, when Hidan destroyed his Kakuzu's Lightning heart with his curse jutsu. Shikamaru dealt with Hidan as Hidan's partner Kakuzu intended to to take the hearts of Kakashi and the remaining members of Team 10 to replace the ones he had lost with only three hearts remaining in his body still intact.

In a lucky turn of events Naruto and the rest of Team 7 came to the aid of Team 10 and Kakashi. By using his new "Wind Release: Rasenshuriken", Naruto was able to destroy Kakuzu's Wind and Fire hearts ultimately defeating Kakuzu. This act opened an opportunity for Kakashi to finally kill the sadistic Akatsuki member by using another "Lightning Cutter". Though Kakashi and the teams were able to defeat Kakuzu and Hidan, Team 7 led by Yamato was unsuccessful in finding Sasuke Uchiha.

Three Tailed Beast (Filler)

When Konohagakure learns of Orochimaru's location, Kakashi is tasked with leading Team 8 to track down Orochimaru and possibly Sasuke (Who was Orochimaru's subordinate at the time). They were successful in finding one of Orochimaru's bases however upon their arrival it was immediately destroyed to prevent the revelation of any evidence. Apparently deciding to search for survivors the team found several prisoners trapped in crystals. Kakashi quickly discovered that the team was being spied on leaving him unable to investigate properly.

The Team and Kakashi were later attacked by minions of Orochimaru and were unfortunately trapped by Guren's "Crystal Labyrinth". Initially the team had a disadvantage, the reincarnation of Team 7 now called Team Yamato arrives in time to free Kakashi and the others from the labyrinth. The two teams band together and pursue Guren and her men to a lake where it was discovered that the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle was located somewhere in its center. Kakashi later learns from Naruto that Guren was accompanied by a young boy named Yukimaru, Kakashi quickly deduced that the child must play an important role in Orochimaru's plans for the Three-Tailed beast.

Konoha sent backup and after receiving the backup Kakashi concentrates their efforts into sealing the beast and retrieving Yukimaru. Guren and her men interrupt the sealing which causes The Three-Tailed Giant Turtle to go on a rampage eating Naruto and Guren in the rampage. With aid from Yukimaru, Kakashi and the team were able to free Guren and Naruto from the Three-Tailed beast. Kakashi quickly has the team redo the sealing process but once again they are unfortunately stopped by Guren's forces who are now enhanced with curse seals making them worthy and dangerous opponents. The Konoha ninjas are able to defeat them, Yukimaru witnesses Guren's apparent death causing his power to erupt in full potential which in turn causes the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle to break free from the seal and flee back to its underwater home.

Kakashi's team was later ordered to return to the village to conduct a new plan for dealing with the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle. During the night prior to the team's return, after Shizune treated Yukimaru he left. Apparently aware of Yukimaru's departure, Kakashi had chosen not to stop his departure nor to pursue deciding that Yukimaru was no longer a danger to them and was in no form of danger.

Itachi Pursuit Arc

Team 7 & 8

Team 7 and 8 set out to pursue Itachi.

When word that Sasuke had defeated Orochimaru reached Konoha, Kakashi tried to make another attempt at bringing back Sasuke to Konoha. He assembled the members of Team 7 and Team 8 (except Kurenai who was unable to fight) into an 8 Man Team and they then set out to locate Sasuke or hoping to find his older brother Itachi Uchiha. It was Naruto who eventually found Sasuke's location and the team gave chase however they were stopped by Tobi (secretly the legendary Madara Uchiha one of the founding fathers of Konoha).

The teams attempted to engage Tobi in combat as Naruto used the"Rasengan" however he phased right through Tobi who had an apparent jokester persona, their efforts in attacking Tobi were useless due to Tobi's one of a kind teleportation jutsu and it was not until that Tobi was told by Zetsu that Sasuke had apparently killed his brother Itachi that the teams were able to continue their pursuit of Sasuke. Prior to Tobi's disappearance, Kakashi noticed a shocking thing about Tobi, a Sharingan eye on Tobi leaving Kakashi in great shock and confusion. Regardless of the team's determination, Tobi was able to locate and find Sasuke first and having lost Sasuke's trail the team was forced to return to Konoha in yet another failed attempt in bringing back Sasuke.

Invasion of Pain Arc

The Akatsuki's leader Pain had attacked Konoha in search of Naruto for the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox however he was confronted by Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi fought Pain's Deva Path after discovering that the initial attack was merely a diversion. Kakashi managed to save Iruka Umino from death but he was easily overpowered by Pain's Deva Path's gravitational manipulating powers effortlessly repelling all of Kakashi's attacks. Though Kakashi was being manhandled Pain felt it was an honor to meet the famous Kakashi better known as "The Copy Cat Ninja" and even stated that if Kakashi was not disposed of he would be a thorn in his plans. As Kakashi fought the Deva Path, it was helped by the arriving Asura Path forcing Kakashi to take a defensive stance until the reinforcements from Choji and Choza Akimichi arrived. After learning about the Deva Path's powers Kakashi conducted a a plan and used the help of Choji and Choza to defeat the Deva Path. The three were almost successful but sadly the Asura Path uses itself to shield the Deva Path that proceeds to defeat them all. Believing all of his opponents to be dead, the Deva Path left.

Kakashi vs. Pain

Kakashi vs. Pain.

Choji approached Kakashi who sent Choji to tell Tsunade about the abilities of the Deva Path. Another sad turn of events left Choji unable to leave as the apparently still working Asura Path discharged a missile at him and despite knowing that he his chakra was nearly depleted and would surely die if he used the Mangekyo Sharingan again, Kakashi used his"Kamui" Technique to dispose of the missile and save Choji in the process.

After using the last bit of his chakra, Kakashi died as his soul left his body. Moments later he was seen at a campfire with his deceased father Sakumo Hatake as he tells him about everything that had happened in his life. During the destruction of Konoha at the hands of Pain, Kakashi's body was heavily protected by one of the Katsuyu's divisions.

Kakashi falls

Kakashi falls against Pain.

When Kakashi finished telling his father about his life he stated that he had finally understood why his father had chosen his friends instead of completing the mission and that he was now proud of him. Their conversation was stopped when a beam of light descended upon Kakashi (due to Pain's (Nagato) "Ressurection Jutsu") and before his son's departure, Sakumo thanked Kakashi and that he would now be able to happily join his wife. Kakashi then awoke in the scarred battlefield in Konoha with Choji and Choza shocked and surprised leaving Kakashi to wonder what had happened but everything was clear when a Katsuyu division explained the several events that had happened. After Pain was defeated by Naruto and the invasion had ended, Kakashi went to fetch Naruto and brought him back to a ridiculously massive welcoming party at Konoha. Whilst there he complimented Naruto for finally achieving his goal of finally being accepted and recognized by the Leaf Village.

Five Kage Summit Arc

With the Leaf Village trying to rebuild from the destruction and Tsunade in a coma. The village elders pushed for the immediate appointment for the Sixth Hokage. It looked as if Kakashi was going to be given that title, but the elders suddenly selected Danzo. When Kakashi found Naruto, he had met with two of the Hidden Cloud Ninja that arrived to petition the protection of Sasuke be lifted after he killed their master Killer Bee. When Naruto failed to change their minds against revenge, Kakashi joined Naruto and Yamato to aid Naruto in tailing the Cloud Ninja as they met up with the Raikage, Ei Yotsuki, while on the way to the Kage Summit in the Land of Iron. Ei refused Naruto's request to forgive Sasuke.

Kakashi saves Sakura

Kakashi saves Sakura from Sasuke's attack.

While staying at a local inn before returning, Madara Uchiha approached Naruto. Rather than fight, he was there to tell them the true story behind the massacre of the Uchiha Clan. Madara left without incident, but Kakashi advised they keep this story to themselves until they can learn if it's true. Sakura made a surprise visit with Sai, Lee, and Kiba Inuzuka. She tried to confess her love for Naruto so he would give up on finding Sasuke, but stormed away when Naruto thought she wasn't honest. Sai had left an ink clone behind to tell them Sakura's real motivation was to kill Sasuke herself for his crimes. Gaara arrived soon after to report that Sasuke attacked the Five Kage Summit with Madara and declared war. With Danzo's betrayal revealed, Kakashi made an agreement to join the alliance forces as the acting Hokage. After Naruto passed out from the emotional stress, Kakashi followed Sai's ink clone to try and stop Sakura while Yamato watched over Naruto back at the inn.

Kakahsi arrived just in time to save Sakura from a lethal strike from Sasuke. He fought his former student, but again Sasuke tried to strike Sasuke. This time she was saved from him by the arrival of Naruto. After a short fight, Sasuke left with Madara, but left behind one of his allies, Karin. Kakashi carried her back to the village for interrogation.

Powers and Abilities


Kakashi's Sharigan

Kakashi's Sharingan Eye

Perhaps Kakashi’s most dangerous feature is his left eye, which was surgically implanted at the wish of a dying friend (Obito Uchiha) The Sharingan allows him to copy any Jutsu he see’s, but also allows him to see the movements of his enemies before they make them. Obito was a member of the Uchiha clan and therefore this eye belongs to their clan and only they should be able to use it. As it was surgically taken and placed in Kakashi he does not have the right blood so his body cannot fully adjust to the eye. It is this reason that Kakashi can never deactivate the eye and keeps it covered with his headband. But he will only use it if it is truly needed as it uses up much of his Chakra.

It is unknown how Kakashi has made his Sharigan stronger due to him not being of Unhiha blood he should only be able to do the bare minimum with the eye but Kakashi. Later in series two Kakashi pushes the Sharigan even further and the Mangekyo Sharigan is born. Also in the series it comes to light that Kakashi has been training with the Sharingan as he can now use it for a full day while fighting Naruto and Sakura.

Mangekyo Sharingan
Kakashi's Mangekyo

Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan Eye

As his students are training with others Kakashi takes this time to improve his own skills. During this time he learns a Mangekyo Jutsu “Kamui”. It allows him to create small black holes near his enemy, which has the power to pull them into another world or rip of body parts. He uses this while fighting Deidara. Deidara is impressed saying he rivals Itachi control but Kakashi admits that he is nowhere near finished and only achieves in taking off Deidara arm as he needs more practice telling Naruto he was aiming for Deidara’s head. After this Kakashi is able to use it once again in the same battle against a speeding attack, Blocking it with the Jutsu.

But the technique almost kills him after he uses too much Chakra and is taking to hospital where he remained in a coma for a week; this was the result of only using the new Jutsu three times in one day. Since that day Kakashi has not used the Jutsu again to this day.

Kakashi Hatake's Jutsu

  • Chidori: This technique was created by Kakashi. However, he now uses an even more advanced technique called lightning blade. This technique channels a lot of lightning chakra to the user's hand and the sound is like many birds chirping. The user then runs and thrusts his hand into the target. The chidori can pierce through most substances. However, this technique has drawbacks as the user must run in a straight line and he must have the sharingan or his foes will be able to counter the attack easily.
  • Rasengan: Kakashi was either taught or copied the rasengan by or from his teacher, Minato. The rasengan does not have a fixed amount for it and the user can use it as much times as he wants as long as he has the chakra for it. The rasengan damages internally in a horrific spinning motion, literally tearing the opponent apart inside. This attack cannot be used in places where it drains chakra like jirobou earth release barrier.
  • Summoning Jutsu: Kakashi has signed the summoning contract with the dogs and he can summon eight dogs to help him track his opponents or hold them in place like what he did to Zabuza before charging the restricted foe with chidori or lightning blade.
  • Evil Sealing Jutsu: This jutsu takes up a lot of chakra and can be used to seal off Orochimaru's curse mark. However, it depends on the wearer of the curse mark's will to see if he wants to use them as well.

Jutsu Stats

Ninja's are ranked by their proficiency with the various types of jutsu and other statistics. The score rates as a best out of five and are added up in a total score. (Source: First, Second, and Third Third Naruto Databook)

Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
5 4 4 4.5 3.5 4 3 5 33
5 4.5 4 5 3.5 4.5 3 5 34.5
5 4.5 4 5 3.5 4.5 3 5 34.5

Other Media


In the first Naruto Databook, Kishimoto drew a three page gag-omake manga of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura conspiring to find out what is hidden under Kakashi's mask. At the end, Kakashi revealed that what is under his mask is another mask. According to Pakkun in an omake chapter published in the Third Databook, Kakashi greatly dislikes being photographed without his mask.

On top of being a character in the main Masashi Kishimoto Naruto manga, Kakashi also appears in a gag-spinoff manga that stars Rock Lee in chibi design. The series is titled Rock Lee Seishun Fullpower Ninden (ロック・リー青春フルパワー忍伝, Rokku Rī Seishun Furupowaa Ninden) and it written and illustrated by Kenji Taira. It began publication in Shueisha's Super Strong Jump magazine on December 2010. In the story, Rock Lee gets Kakashi's book to try and learn his secrets. This manga explains that Kakashi wears the mask over his face to hide his nosebleed from reading his erotic novels.


Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (2004)

In this movie Team 7 was ordered to go on an A-Rank mission that involved them escorting a famous actress named Yukie Fujikaze to the Land of Snow. As they arrived in the Land of Snow, Team 7 and the actress were attacked by three ninja from the Snow Village that Kakashi had fought years ago during his time when he was still an ANBU. At the finale of the movie, Kakashi learns that Koyuki would be playing a lead role in a new "Icha-Icha" movie, based on the series of books he is always reading.

Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006)

Kakashi was sent on a mission to escort Prince Michiru of the Land of the Moon as well as his son Hikaru back to their village. Kakashi was accompanied by his Naruto, Sakura, and Rock Lee. As they arrived it was discovered that the Land of the Moon had been taken over by one of the king's advisers Shabadaba with the help of Three Wandering Ninja. After gaining assistance from the royal guards, Kakashi used an "Earth jutsu" to aid in their escape. Shortly afterwards, Kakashi engaged Ishidate, the leader of the rogue ninja, but fails and is infected by gas that petrified his arm. His left arm is restored by Sakura. During the end of the movie, Kakashi had overused his Sharingan, forcing him to go to the nearest hospital and remain there for several days. This allowed his team to have a brief vacation in the Land of the Moon while Kakashi was stuck in recovery.

Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds (2008)

The Hidden Leaf is attacked by the infamous ninja from the Hidden Sky Village. Kakashi was one of the several ninja who fought hard to protect the citizens of the village, and also managed to fend of the attacks of the Sky Ninja. Later on, Kakashi was added as part of a team that consisted of Sai, Shikamaru and Shino Abarume to destroy the enemy's fleet of ships. After using the plan that Shikamaru had conducted, the team is able to complete the mission. After Naruto stopped Shinno (not to be confused with Shino Aburame), Kakashi is seen watching the mother ship plummeted, and says that Naruto was in the most hyperactive state he had ever seen.

Naruto Shippuden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire (2009)

Kakashi only had a few cameo appearances. When it is revealed that the legendary demon Moryo had been released and began a conquest to control the world, Kakashi was sent out as one the lead ninja to conduct a counterattack on Moryo's assault of stone fighters. Kakashi did not intend to defeat these warriors and was merely stalling to give Naruto, Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga and Sakura enough time to escort Priestess Shion who was the only one that possessed the power to reseal Moryo. As the movie was near its end, Kakashi appeared with Might Guy and Shikamaru Nara as well as Temari to support Priestess Shion and Naruto in defeating Moryo. There Kakashi used his "lightning jutsu" to defeat several stone warriors and at the end of the movie Kakashi can be seen shocked by Priestess Shion's proposal for Naruto to father her child and oblivious to what she meant Naruto agreed to do so which shocked Kakashi and the rest even more than before.

Naruto Shippuden 4: The Lost Tower (2010)

Naruto is shot back into time when the Fourth Hokage, his father, is still a alive and a very young Kakashi is his pupil. Kakashi, among other notable adult ninja from the series are shown as young children. This child version of Kakashi is voiced by Mutsumi Tamura. This is the only time Kakashi is voiced by a female actress.


Kakashi has a frequent appearance in all the Naruto franchise of games based upon the original manga. They have ranged in the genre of fighters, minigames and even some games with exploration and RPG elements. His first video game appearance was in the PS2 fighter Naruto: Clash of Ninja (2003). In this game, Kakashi can copy Sakura's "Inner Sakura" jutsu using the Sharingan. Allowing him to unleash his "Inner Kakashi". This has not been seen in any other media. In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 (2005), Kakashi favorite "Make-Out" novel series has a book that appears only in this game. It was titled "Make-Out Strap".

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