Jin Mo Ri main image
Jin Mo-Ri
Kanji 진모리
Aliases Sūn Wùkōng
Monkey King
King of the Heavens
The Stone Monkey
King of Vermin
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Manga Chapter 1


Over one thousand years prior to the start of the series, The Monkey King known as Sun Wukong defied the Gods of the Heavenly realm and declared war on them. Wukong was powerful and succeeded in defeating and killing many of the Gods. Some time later, possibly centuries later, Wukong amassed allies including the 9 Kings, the greatest in the Sage Realm which is directly under the Heavenly Realm in prominence. He met and battled the 9 tailed fox but was captured before their fight could conclude. Wukong was Confined in the 8 Trigrams jail, which was a magical furnace with incredible constitution. Despite being trapped their for 49 days, he broke free when his allies arrived and gave him new found strength. Once free, war was raged against the Gods yet again, but again Wukong and the Sage Realm were defeated by the Heavenly Realm. It was established that Wukong would be the emissary for both Realms but Wukong disappeared for unknown reasons and unknown means. He was converted into an infant form, cased in crystal and was taken and guarded by a clone created from a strand of Wukong's hair.

After what was presumably centuries of time passed, only 20 years before the start of the main events of the story, Jin Tae-Jin, the foremost practitioner of Renewal Taekwondo and his men were sent on a mission to North Korea to uncover and sabotage a secret operation. But soon after arriving, they were met not only b North Korean forces, but the much more dangerous clone of Sun Wukong. Jin Tae Jin, engaged the monster in combat. Despite every single one of Jin's men losing their lives on the mission, Jin Tae-Jin battled the brute continuously and eventually seized a narrow victory. Realizing it's defeat, the clone decided to hand over what it possessed. It was none other than the infant Wukong still asleep inside the crystal. Jin Tae Jin, unaware of who or what Wukong was, decided to keep him secretly. Approximately 3 years later, Jin Tae Jin, now a fugitive was pursued by The 6. During this heated battle where Jin Tae-Jin managed to beat all but the leader who continuously fought on, Wukong released himself from the crystal at last. Just the process of emerging leveled approximately 10% of Nrth Korea and was so devastating that it led to North Korean Dictator Kim Oong-Nyuh's downfall. Afterwards, Jin Tae-Jin took the infant Wukong with him and adopted him as his grandchild. He trained Wukong from an early age in his Renewal Taekwondo style and Wukong became known as Jin Mo-Ri.


Jin Mo-Ri is a character created by Park Yong-Je for the series God of High School. He is the main character in the series. He is inspired by the character Sun Wukong from the famous story Journey to the West and bears a number of similarities to the legendary main protagonist of Dragonball, Goku, who was inspired by the same character.


Jin Mo-Ri's evolution lies not only in his regaining his past strength as Sun Wukong, but deliberately leaving his old beliefs behind. When Mo-Ri rediscovered his origins as a King, he realized how bad of a Ruler he was. He swore to himself and Mihu never to be the same again.


Mo-Ri has the appearance of a teenage boy with a slim and athletic build. He has fair skin and thick spiky dark hair, portrayed as both brown and black at different points. His chronological age is 17 years old but he is in fact over 1000 years of age. Due to his regressing to an infant state, he grew back to his current state. Mo-Ri appears not to age past reaching adulthood. In his past, it was shown that he had the same apparent age as he currently does. As Jin Mo-Ri, he wears common clothes, usually a white t-shirt with skinny pants and sneakers. In his Monkey King form, he wears a black magical jacket and his pants change into even tighter, almost skin tight leggings. He also forms a halo-like ring around his head while in the Monkey King state.


Mo-Ri has a kind yet very straightforward personality. He is almost fearless and not easily threatened.


  • Jin Tae-Jin - Mo-Ri's adoptive Grandfather. He both reared and taught Mo-Ri the Renewal Taekwondo style.
  • Han Dae-Wi - One of Mo-Ri's first two friends. Despite a bit of occurring between the two when Dae-Wi seemingly betrayed Yu Mi-Ra, it is behind them now and they have shown to be willing to put their lives on the line for the other's sake.
  • Yu Mi-Ra - The other of Mo-Ri's first two friends. Yu Mi-Ra is one of the closest if not the closest acquaintance of Mo-Ri's aside from his grandfather. They have a very strong camaraderie and friendship shared between them.
  • Park Il-Pyo - Acquainted with Mo-Ri when they were mere toddlers. Years later they were rivals and later allies.
  • Uma - Mo-Ri's "brother" from his previous life as the Monkey King. They were sworn brothers and fought together for possibly as long as centuries.

Story Arcs

Round with God Arc

Strolling along his school grounds, Jin Mo-Ri is introduced. After having nearly a 300-0 record in fights, Jin Mo-Ri was looking for someone strong to fight next. It was then that he was approached by Judge R. Judge R, informed of Jin's status as a fighter, respectfully invited Jin Mo-Ri to participate in the God Of High School tournament. Presumably not knowing what it was, Jin simply ignored Judge R and began strolling on again. Not wishing to hear no for an answer and clearly agitated at Jin ignoring him, Judge R attacked Jin, punching at Jin's head, who dodged it but nevertheless received a cut on his cheek. This caught Jin's attention and he told Judge R that he wanted to fight him and if he lost the fight he would join the God of High School Tournament. The challenge was accepted and Jin lost, clearly surprised but excited as he had experienced the first loss in his life. Jin got back to his feet and praised Judge R saying that he was powerful enough where he could use his legs against him. He rushed Judge R and kicked. Although it was blocked, he broke Judge R's arm. With no further confrontation, Jin agreed to join the tournament.

Shortly before the preliminary stage of the tournament began, Jin encountered a Robber on a bike. He went after and stopped the robber but also encountered two people, Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra who had also noticed the robber and helped in subduing him. The three all happened to be contestants in The God of Highschool tournament and they all entered into the preliminary round. It was a free for all brawl and the last ones standing passed the preliminaries. Jin casually beat other contestants until the targeted amount of 32 contestants remained which also included Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra as well as the most anticipated contestant of that round, Gang Man-Suk, user of the ITF Taekwondo style.

During the tournament Jin Mo-Ri, Han Dae-Wi, and Yu Mi-Ra became closer and closer as companions and become quite friendly with each other. The first hitch in Jin's progress through the tournament was when Gang Man Suk needlessly was about to smash contestant Go Gam-Do's arms with his kick. Mo-Ri dashed into the arena and prevented the attack. Despite being considered the underdog having a Physical level of 6 and Gang Man-Suk level 12, Mo-Ri brutally defeated him with relative ease and his level had actually spiked to level 13 during the fight. However he is quickly restrained by the judges and taken to the back where he met with Park Mu Bong and other judges. This was not because he had interfered with a match as was the pretense, but rather because his style was the Renewal Taekwondo, which President of the Tournament Park Mu Bong recognized. Mu-Bong had had unpleasant past history with Mo-Ri's grandfather Jin Tae-Jin and threatened Mo-Ri in an attempt to have him reveal his Grandfather's location, only to have the fearless Mo-Ri casually reveal in detail his grandfather's location without the least bit feeling compelled to do so. Although taken off guard, Mu Bong dispatched his men to find Jin Tae-Jin and had Mo-Ri held hostage as collateral.

Eventually Mu-Bong made phone contact with Tae-Jin when his men met and were defeated by the latter. Mu-Bong instructed Tae-Jin to surrender lest his grandson face the consequences, only to be laughed at by Tae-Jin. Jin Tae-Jin told them to go ahead and try doing anything funny with Mo-Ri and they would see the consequences themselves without him needing to do anything. Intimidated by the fearsome man and the perhaps more fearsome threat, Mu-Bong decided to allow Jin to re-enter the tournament, but only if he were able to defeat one of the Judges of the tournament, namely Judge Q. The goal was merely to strike down the opponent to the ground first. Mo -Ri was excited again at the thought o a strong opponent, but Judge Q knocked him out, saying their fight was not to take place just yet.

When Mo-Ri awoke, he went to look for something to eat. While doing so, he found he happened upon a tied up old man. The old man offered to eliminate anyone Mo-Ri wished he he would release him from his restraints. Mo-Ri seemingly took little notice of the old man and continued looking for food. To the old man's horror, Mo-Ri found what was known as the Sage's Pill, and ate it. Frantic at this point, the old man told Mo-Ri to go to the computer in the room and type in the password to release his restraints. But he realized that he had forgotten the pass word. He stated that Mu-Bong would make it impossible for one to guess. Mo-Ri guessed and typed in his Grandfather Jin Tae-Jin's name and the restraints came off, perplexing the old man. Inquiring as to how Mo-Ri would know that name, he discovered that Mo-Ri was Jin Tae-Jin's grandson. Immediately the old man's attitude changed and he lunged at Mo-Ri, intending to pierce him with his bare hand. Mo-Ri barely defended, but subsequently passed out due to eating the Sage's Pill of which he was ignorant of it's effects. The old man took note of Mo-Ri's skill and because he was impressed, decided not to kill him. While Mo-Ri was unconscious, Park Mu-Bong entered the room and spoke with the old man who was revealed to be Na Bong-Chim, a member of the elite 6, the same group as Mu-Bong and that years ago, they had suffered defeat at the hands of Jin Tae-Jin and Bong-Chim had lost his arm to Tae-Jin, hence the reason for their grudge.

Nationals Arc

Sage Realm Arc

After the conclusion of Mo-Ri's battle with, it left Korea in a state of panic and struggle. The Antagonistic Nox organization was quick to take on the role as the saviors of Korea, giving free food and supplies to the masses and recruiting citizens of the public to work for them. They were now the commanding force of Korea. During this time, The God of High School Organization, which now consisted on not only the powerful Judges but most of the Nationalist competitors, had gone into hiding, mostly in the sewers. Park Mu-Bong the leader of the God of High School Organization had been taken into custody by Nox and the leading voice was primarily Kim Oong-Nyuh, leader of the 6. Subsequently, their sewer hideout was located an attacked by Nox. Several members of the Priest class and even 1 of the terribly powerful Bishop class invaded. Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra took on the Priests along with the Judges. But when they were seemingly on the defensive, Jin Mo-Ri emerged and used Kinto-Un, electrocuting every member of Nox within the city's sewers. However the Bishop present, Lee Soo-Jin was not defeated b this and she located and engaged Mo-Ri in combat. But after a short time, she withdrew back to headquarters with all the able members of Nox. Shortly after, Mo-Ri and his companions decide to depart on a risky mission to the Sage Realm, largely so that Mo-Ri could gain his memories and old power back. They relied on their current surrogate leader Kim Oong-Nyuh to open a portal to the Sage Realm. Many of Mo-Ri's allies made it through to the Sage realm but they were all scattered about the world. Mo-Ri was still in the company of Dae-Wi and Mi-Ra and they proceeded with their plan.

They were quick to encounter the Monkeys that resided in the world who were all intelligent beings. But not long afterwards, they witnessed the corruption of the current Monkey King Mihu's extreme policies, and also the fact that he was masquerading as Sun Wukong, the True Monkey King. Mo-Ri and the others confronted the Fake King and his men and were taken into custody after a surprising loss. Once imprisoned however, they were subsequently released by veteran Monkey Warriors who knew how to get in and out of the dungeon unseen. They freed Mo-Ri and his friends and requested their help in overturning the Fake Monkey King and they revealed the true depth of his treachery as he had been in cahoots with Nox and was brainwashing the citizens. Mo-Ri, Dae-Wi and Mi-Ra joined the Elder Warriors and stormed the Fake Monkey King's palace. With some obstruction Mo-Ri made it to the throne room. Although initially challenged, Mo-Ri defeated the Mihu's top guards and then the Fake King himself. Mihu was distressed, not so much for his loss but the fact that the real Monkey King who he both respected and despised was actually still alive and right before his eyes. He did not have much time to reminisce however as suddenly Bishop Byron of Nox appeared. Mo-Ri was sucked into his own original weapon the gourd, which was currently in the possession of the Fake King Mihu. With Mo-Ri unable to fight, Byron had the clear advantage, that was until Ox King Uma, Mo-Ri's sworn "brother" of centuries past arrived. After an incredibly intense battle, Uma emerged victorious, dominating Byron with her immense brawn and swallowing him. Although it seemed like Mo-Ri and his friends could rest easy, the danger had far from passed and they were suddenly ambushed by members of Nox, predominantly the Priest Class but they were led by Bishop Lee Soo-Jin. Uma was the only one present of such caliber to take her on, but Uma, perhaps due to her injuries against Bishop Byron lost the fight. Soo-Jin defeated Uma and brought her back to their camp in the Sage Realm where she subsequently crucified Uma to death.

The rest of Mo-Ri's team were utterly helpless against Lee Soo-Jin's might and they fled. But they launched a counter attack shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Mo-Ri was inside the gourd, not able to emerge, however, inside he discovered his memories he had been searching for were sealed inside and as he stayed in the gourd, he memories were returning. After getting all his memories back, Mo-Ri concluded that he was a horrible King in the past and decided to make up for his past conduct.

Upon being released from the Gourd, Mo-Ri is reunited with his allies both old and new, including the Monkeys of the Sage Realm, but Mo-Ri was quickly confronted by Bishop Lee Soo-Jin. However before their fight could have any resolution, they are confronted by the 3 Princes of the Heavenly Realm. The Crown Prince stated that both Mo-Ri and Soo-Jin were to be dealt with as both were wanted individuals. Accompanying the 3 Princes were and army of roughly 200,000 of the Colossal Nephilim and numerous astronomically titanic Sized Sky Whales. Mo-Ri's forces were approximately 1% of the enemy force. However, Mo-Ri, using Ruyi Jingu in conjunction with the Perfect Clone Technique, wiped out 180,900 of them in one attack, which covered much of the planet. At this, the Crown Prince decided to take on Mi-Ri personally. After a short scuffle, Mo-Ri and the Prince decided to take the battle elsewhere. Mo-Ri planted Ruyi Jingu into the ground and enlarged it to titanic proportions with he and the Crown Prince on top of it. This was to be their battleground. They commenced their fight, both displaying incredible power. Despite agreeing not to use weapons, the Prince eventually pulled out his hammer and attacked Mo-Ri with it, the shock seemingly reverberating through the planet. At this, Mo-Ri decided to retaliate with Ruyi Jingu. The fight went on, but Jin realized his disadvantage,. The Prince was incredibly resilient to damage and Mo-Ri had only manages to inflict a small cut on the Prince's body. Eventually Mo-Ri's Monkey King power began to dwindle. The Prince saw this as an opportunity and was about to finish him but froze mid-motion. Mo-Ri had set him up and exploited the prince's cut by infecting it with his own power. He then used an ordinary sized Ruyi Jingu, and inserted it into the wound, then enlarged it. Mo-Ri cloned himself and repeated the process over and over again. The Crown Prince's durability was so great that he did not rip apart, but it did cause heavy damage to him and made the wound much bigger. Even this would not finish the Crown Prince but eventually he succumbed to his injuries and fell.

Even though Mo-Ri had won the battle, the trouble was not over. Park Il-Pyo and Baek had managed difficult victories over the Second and Third Princes, but before his demise, the First Crown Prince revealed to Mo-Ri that if he did not Call off the Titanic Sky Whales, they would fall to the planet's surface automatically and explode, which would cause the total annihilation of the planet. Mo-Ri had little time to ponder this though as Lee Soo-Jin was back. Knowing that confrontation was unavoidable, Mo-Ri created a perfect clone and had it absorb all of his allies including the Monkeys and Cows of the Sage realm, and via Nimbus Cloud, race to the portal that led back to the Human World which would only be open for a brief moment as Kim Oong-Nyuh in the Human world could only maintain it for a short time. The real Mo-Ri stayed behind to battle with Soo-Jin, to end their grudge that extended to the previous generation.

For the battle, Soo-Jin would not use her Charyeok "Pandora's Box", nor would Mo-Ri use the God power granted by his Monkey King form. It was strictly a battle of raw skill and strength. The two of them fought tooth and nail for some time, neither getting a large enough advantage and both learning from the other. They fought to exhaustion, all the while the planet around them ready to explode at any moment since the Sky Whales had fallen and it was only a matter of time. At last, Soo-Jin went on the offense while Mo-Ri was off guard. Mo-Ri could predict what type of attack it would be and knew it would be his end as he did not know how to counter it. But right before the end, his experiences from all the God of High School battles flashed before his eyes, remembering Han Dae-Wi, Yu Mi-Ra, Park Il-Pyo and the others. Remembering all that he had seen, he acted seemingly subconsciously and countered Soo-Jin, attacking her at the same time. Only afterwards did he realize what he did. He had bifurcated Soo-Jin with his bare hands. Soo-Jin cursed at her loss and was ready to die but Mo-Ri unexpectedly blitzed to her side, squeezing her tightly, trying to prevent the wound from actually taking effect. Soo-Jin tried to understand what he was doing but quickly lost consciousness. She awoke a short time later.

Powers & Abilities

Mo-Ri has demonstrated incredible strength even in human form at the level of destroying arenas, punching craters into the ground and even leveling metro areas akin to cities. As the Monkey King, his strength increases astronomically and he can wield the likes of Ruyi Jingu, a solid meta staff which can elongate itself to the length of the moon and span seemingly hundreds of kilometers wide.

Superhuman Speed

Mo-Ri is possesses great speed, the limits of which are unknown.

Immense Durability

Mo-Ri possesses incredible durability, being able to withstand devastating blows that can crumble buildings or leave craters in the ground. As the Monkey King wearing Yongpyo, this is amplified tremendously. Mo-Ri was able to withstand a slash that nearly split a planet in two with only a gash in his shoulder. The likes of Lava-like temperatures are also meaningless to Mo-Ri.

Immense Stamina

Mo-Ri can fight for hours on end at high capacity. As the Monkey King this is amplified. He withstood being imprisoned within the 8 Trigram Furnace with temperatures at the level of lava for 49 days without suffering any damage or noticeable pain.


Clone Replication

Mo-Ri can create an imperfect clone of himself from a single hair of his body. The most he has created at one time is 1500. A single clone wields immense strength, said to be more dangerous than a nuclear warhead and is nearly as formidable as Jin Tae-Jin.

Perfect Replication

Mo-Ri can create Perfect clones of himself as well, each being only a trifle weaker than the original. He can create up to 100 of these at a time, and each clone is equipped with exact replicas of his weapons and can use all of his powers to nearly the same extent.

Renewal Taekwondo

Jin Mo-Ri's signature fighting style taught to him by his Grandfather.


Ruyi Jingu

Ruyi Jingu is a magical staff made of an unknown metal. It has the ability to elongate and grow at immense speed by Mo-Ri's will. It has grown to lengths as far as the moon and wide enough to cover much of Korea as seen from above, and leave a crater on the moon large enough to be visible from earth.


The gourd has the ability to absorb other beings as well as attacks directed at the user. Mo-Ri used the gourd to absorb over 1000 of his allies and it can even seal Gods with some difficulty. It can even be used to seal away memories as it did with Mo-Ri's original memories. It is seemingly indestructible from both the exterior and interior.


A magical weapon that takes the form of a gargantuan cloud larger than any continent on earth. It grants Mo-Ri mastery of the weather and allows such usages as:

Wind Manipulation

Mo-Ri can manipulate winds at a such a scale that it enveloped areas spanning many countries and he used it to keep all the Sky Whales from landing, each one being a monstrosity in size and even the giant Nephelim are nearly invisible when scaled to them.

Lightning Control

Mo-Ri can at will call down a massive amount of lightning that will continuously strike until commanded to stop.


Magical Garments worn my Mo-Ri. They augment all of his physical attributes, perhaps most notably his durability. Mo-Ri can at will transfer the garment onto another individual, or split it up, allowing many to wear a partial version of Yongpyo.

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