Hasumin main image
Jasmine Orlo
Kanji ハスミン・ウーロ
Rōmaji Hasumin Wuro
Aliases Hasumin Orlo
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode #9
Japanese Akane Kohinata
English Amanda L. Baird


When Toru and Akari was young, Jasmine and her caravan often visited Acura village to sell weapons and other precious commodities. Toru often asked Jasmine to watch him train. According to Toru, Jasmine had never praise him, but she only look at him with a sad face, implying she doesn't approve of him killing anyone. When Toru wanted to be a saboteur to leave his mark on the world, Jasmine told him that there are peaceful ways to leave his mark. One day, her caravan was entirely massacred by bandits. As Jasmine was dying, she was discovered by young Toru who was shocked. She told Toru that it will be all right before she passed away. It was revealed that Jasmine was with child. Her death had significant impact on Toru's life.


Jasmine is created by Ichirō Sakaki and originally designed by Namaniku ATK. Although she has no current information from his creators regarding any inspirations used in her character design, her name has references. In an unlocalized translation of her name, Jasmine Orlo, the Orlo is a reference to a brass era vehicle produced by Jackson Automobile Company.

Name Changes

Crunchyroll refers to the character as Hasumin. In the light novels, the rough translation would be either Jasmine Orlo or Hasmine Orlo. Sentai Filmworks has used Jasmine, but her surname wasn't given.

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