Coro Akame ga Kill Ep 05
Aliases Koro
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Jaegers
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #2: Chapter #5
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #5
English Tiffany Grant


Hekatonkheires is a living weapon, one of 48 artifacts created 1000 years ago by the first Emperor to ensure the future of his kingdom. In the present, the creature spent some time being dormant while the Imperial military forces tried to find a compatible host. Having failed to find one amongst the higher ranks, they turned to the lower ranks in their search, and were successful when Hekatonkheires responded to a young guard woman called Seryu who gave him the nickname "Koro".


Koro is originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a minor character in Akame ga Kill franchise. In the anime, it is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura. It currently has no information regarding any inspiration, early art work, or name changes used in its character design.



Koro is a monster capable of changing between several different forms for different purposes.

  • Default - the non-combat form resembles an innocuous cartoon-like dog with brown ears and nose with a white coat. It wears a brown collar.
  • Combat - A far larger, elongated version of its default form. Its features tend to grow more distorted as it fights, with crazed, spiral-like eyes and a mouth filled with rings of sharp teeth. It can sprout fuller, longer arms for combat
  • Berserker - The combat body's somewhat flabby features are replaced with harder edged features, a muscular physique and an even more monstrous face.


Outside of combat, Koro tends to be quite timid and docile, and can be quite anxious around others. He seems to be genuinely attached and affectionate towards Seryu who treats him with considerable affection. Alike his master his usually cute appearance belies a far crueler side, as he has a considerable appetite for human flesh and is quite savage and bood-thirsty in battle.

Seryu has claimed that he doesn't like bad people, but given her sense of judgement, this wouldn't be reassuring to many.

Powers and Abilities

Koro is a living weapon of incredible endurance and offensive abilities. His arms can be used to crush or rend human bodies easily, to throw a barrage of near-unavoidable quick punches, while his teeth can easily tear a human being or other monster apart. He is likewise very difficult to seriously injure, his body is tough enough to absorb gunfire and he can regenerate destroyed body parts at an incredible speed. His body does possess a core however, which if destroyed will result in his death.

Koro alsp has the ability to store a volume of objects beyond his actual size in his body. His master Seryu usually stores her auxiliary prosthetic weapons inside him, and has him change weapons for her by biting her currently equipped limb and swapping it for another stored in his body.

Secondary Skill/Trump Card - Berserker

A more powerful version of Koro's combat form can be assumed, however use of this ability leaves him unusable for months. The Berserker form further augments his offensive capabilities, and grants the additional ability to emit loud piercing shrieks that debilitate enemies.

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