Story Arcs

Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Haru, who is searching for Plue, goes inside a casino in Hip Hop City. He accidentally peeks at Elie's skirt, and as he bangs his head out of confusion, he makes Elie loses her bet on the roulette wheel. After Elie and Plue are at the dog race, Haru sees Plue on the TV screens, and he heads off to the dog race. When Elie rushes out to protect Plue, Haru appears and defeats the Demon Card henchmen. The man with the shades makes his appearance to Haru and Elie. At first, Haru has difficulty fighting the man due to his smoke ability that allows him to evade Haru's physical blows. When Haru remembers his flashback about Shiba giving him the rave, Haru uses his rave to create an explosion. He takes out his Ten Commandments Sword and uses Explosion to defeat the man and destroy his Dark Bring.

Haru, Elie, and Plue catch a ride in a cart and tries to escape from Hip Hop City. As Haru sees the Demon Card blockade, Plue steers the cart into an alley. Haru and his gang falls into a hole. In the hole, Haru meetsHole whose mission is to help the citizens escape Hip Hop City from Demon Card. When Hole leads Haru and his gang to her hideout, Haru explains his quest to defeat Demon Card and to find the Rave. Also, Haru discovers that Elie is also looking for something. When Demon Card henchmen (Shuda's henchmen) are nearby, Haru follows Hole to escape the Demon Card generals. After Hole leaves to create some tunnels to mislead the soldiers, Haru, Elie, and Plue reach the surface. However, Haru sees Shuda and Hole who is held captive.

Haru challenges Shuda to free Hole. When Haru charges at Shuda, Shuda jumps over him and uses his Valsyar Flame to burn Haru's back. Haru finds out that the flames cannot be extinguished. Elie tries to assist Haru by throwing a Plue at Shuda as a projectile. However, she misses, but Plue manages to get free which causes the signboard to collapse. The collapsing signboard distracts Shuda which Haru takes advantage and deals an explosion on Shuda's Dark Bring. When Shuda asks for Haru's name, he tells Haru that he knows his father. Yet, Haru does not gets answers from Shuda when Shuda leaves Haru. As Haru tries to sheathe his sword, it breaks. Elie tells Haru about a legendary black smith in Punk Street, and Haru agrees to go there to fix the Ten Commandments Sword. Also, Haru tells Elie that he will help her find her memories after learning what Elie is looking for.

Musica Arc

Haru, Elie, and Plue trek across the desert to Punk Street. When Elie uses her Tonfas for target practice, she shoots Ebi's watering can which drenches Haru. Ebi's watering can hits Plue and causes Plue to roll away. After Elie chases Plue, Haru meets Ebi, Musica's friend. When Ebi tries to take Haru's broken sword, Musicaappears to stop Haru and Ebi's fighting. Musica fixes Ebi's watering can and heads off. After Haru is dumbfounded by Musica's ability, Haru, Elie, and Plue arrives to Punk Street. After Elie gets her tonfas upgraded, Haru loses Plue again. Haru finds Plue drinking with Galein Musica at a restaurant. After getting Plue away from the old man, Haru has to escort the man back to his house. Haru discovers that the old man is Musica the legendary blacksmith and wants him to fix his sword. The old man takes Haru's broken sword and promises Haru it will be fix in two days.

Haru meets Hamrio Musica who is with Elie again. Haru tells Elie that Hamrio is not the real Musica, and he has already given the sword to the blacksmith. Suddenly, Lance's henchmen finds Haru and his friends. Haru gets pin with Musica to the wall after Bis uses his strange ability. Plue arrives to save the day by stabbing the punks' feet which gives Musica time to free himself and Haru. Haru tells Musica to look for Elie while he goes to find Galein Musica. At Galein's house, Haru finds out that Galein did not give his sword away, but Galein has not even touch it due to his heavy drinking. Haru tries to prove to Galein that he is the Rave Master by telling Galein how he meets Shiba in Garage Island. When Musica barges in with Plue, Haru learns from Musica that Elie has been kidnapped by Lance, and he has two hours until 5PM to rescue her. Haru decides to take on Lance with a broken sword, but Galein stops him. Galein, who suffers from his flashbacks of Lance killing his family, tells Haru that he fix and improve his Ten Commandments sword.

At Galein's blacksmith shop, Haru tries to rush Galein but only be told to be more patient. Haru's mind drifts off in a memory where he finds the destruction of his hometown in Garage Island. He remembers that Genma tells him about his father who did not abandon him and his family but to search for the Rave. Back to the wounded Shiba, Haru tells Cattleya that he is going to leave to find the Rave and defeat Demon Card organization, but his sister runs away from him.

At Lance's place, Musica is injured from fighting Lance and as Lance prepares to kill Elie who screams, "Haru," Haru shows up in the nick of time. At first Haru has the advantage when he knows Lance's Beast sword works. However, Lance reveals his Dark Bring, and the illusions seem real. During the battle, Haru fights like a child and slashes his sword blindly until Plue stops him. When Lance grabs Plue and throws him, Lance's illusions could not reach Plue. This is when Haru figures out that Lance's illusions are real when they bite. Yet, Haru still has difficulty fighting Lance after Lance's illusions still overwhelm him.

Galein appears and grabs Lance, and he tells Haru to pierce his sword through him to end Lance's life. Haru, who thinks hard about what to do, decides to destroy Lance's Dark Bring instead. Haru decides to let Lance live, and he tells Galein to smack him until he is satisfied. When Elie helps Haru up, Lance tries to stab Haru from behind. Haru defeats Lance; he uses explosion to destroy the Beast sword which fulfills his promise with Galein.

After a night of celebration, Haru finds out Plue is missing. Musica and Hebi rescue Plue after the two got in jail due to getting caught for burglary. At a park, Haru tries to convince Musica that Galein is his grandpa, but Musica does not believe him. Musica tells him if he is Galein's grandson, he would not tell him because it will make Galein worry about his well-being. Haru sees Galein who reveals his tatoo. Galein lets Musica go, but he tells Haru that he already knows. Haru learns that Galein is happy that his grandson is still alive. The following day, Galein tells Haru about rave falling as a shooting star in the land of Falling Stars. Haru, Elie, and Plue head north.

Dancing Thunder Arc

As Haru and the gang reach Ska village, it begins to rain heavily and lightning starts to hit the ground. When the lightning strikes against the ground, Elie starts to go in a frightened state. Haru ask Griffon to stop in the village to wait until the rain stops. Haru takes Elie in the Ska hotel. After the lady take cares of Elie, Haru and Plue starts to explore the village. He discovers a frog that Plue plays with. However, a boy throws a rock at the frog. Haru tries to stop the boy, but the boy runs off to chase the frog. An old man appears behind Haru and explains that the boy using the frog as scapegoat. The boy puts all the blame for the rain on the frog. As Haru heads back to the hotel, he learns from the lady that the rain has never stopped for five years. Suddenly, a group of Demon Card soldiers appear with the lady's son. Haru manage to scare them off with his sword, and the men run away to report to their boss. When the lady tells Haru that the man of thunder may have been causing the rain, Elie who overhears everything runs off to the thunder man's mansion. Haru runs after her, but Elie outruns him.

When Elie is cornered by Go who will not let her go due to mistaken identity of Elie. Specifically, Go thinks Elie is the Rave master and shows off his abs and might by pounding the door. After Go pounds the door, Haru makes his appearance by using Explosion on the door which sends Go flying into the wall. After Haru reunites with Elie, Haru asks Go who is unconscious to stop the rain. However, Rosa, a girlfriend of Go, appears and turns on the music. Her music causes Haru to dance wildly with all the males and Plue (gender is still unknown). As Haru is dancing, he watches Rosa attack Elie (same reasons as Go) and lands the first hit on Elie. Haru watches in awe as the battle progresses. Elie saves Rosa from her chain sword that is out of control. Haru finally rests after Rosa admits defeat and turns off the music. As Rosa goes to wake up Go, Go hits her unconsciously. Haru tries to save her and tells Go that he did it, but Go does not believe Haru. Go attacks Haru for hurting Rosa. At first, Haru's legs cannot move due to the music and the dancing. When Go uses his electricity attack on Haru, Haru gets his energy back and can fight back. After some debate with acting, Haru somewhat has the advantage on Go since Go tends to hurt himself due to the place is falling on Go. During the battle, Elie throws Plue at Go which lands in Go's Dark Bring and shatters the whole hammer. When Rosa wakes up, she beats up Go and makes him turn off the machine. However, Go forgot on how to shut the machine, and Haru and Elie brace for impact. Plue saves the day by pressing the right button. Haru and the others jump or cheer. As Go is standing there, he presents Elie a photo of Sieg Hart. Haru learns who Elie is looking for, and he learns how dangerous Sieg Hart is due to his elemental abilities. After Go tells Haru and his friends to scram, Haru, Elie, and Plue arrive to Ska Village where everyone is celebrating their first sunny day in five years. When a boy asks Haru how he get strong, he and Elie tell the boy to keep training and believing in himself. Before they leave, the old man informs Haru about a shooting star that land near the mountains of falling stars (dub: Tremelo mountains).

Shuda Arc

As the gang ride in their motorcycles, go kart, or purple bunny, they reach the mountains. Haru and his gang discovers that Demon Card is already mining for the Rave. Suddenly, Plue is missing; Haru and Elie split up to search for Plue. Haru finds a bear (who is Gearhound) and Plue. At first, Haru drops dead to avoid the bear's attention, but the bear surprise Haru by talking to him. Gearhound warns Haru about the mines and Demon Card. Haru goes off to find Elie who is wearing Demon Card plays a trick on him. After Haru change into Demon Card clothes, Haru notices Gearhound staring at Elie as if he recognizes her. However, the bear leaves and gives some more warnings. Before entering the mines, Haru and Elie get stop by a Demon Card soldier who ask about their orders. When Elie gets the man to believe that they are on delivery duty, Haru cannot believe his luck. Yet, Haru's luck runs out when a soldier finds out that they are the Rave Master and allies due to Elie's gender and strange things poking out of her backpack. As Haru and Elie get chase by the soldiers, he and she reach a dead end when there is only a giant lake below them. Haru tells Elie to hug him; he jumps off with her and uses Griffon as a parachute. By using Griffon as a boat, Haru and the others reach land. Suddenly, Haru finds out that Plue, Elie, and Griffon (who floats up when sleeping) quickly fall asleep. Haru discovers the cause which is pollen from cave flowers. He uses Explosion on the flowers, but it spreads the pollen rapidly which causes him to fall asleep. As he sleeps, he smells oil and fire when someone is burning the flowers.

As Haru wakes up, he learns that Dr. Schneider save their lives from the sleeping flowers. After the doctor explains that he knows the caves well and his purpose to find an antidote for the sleeping flowers, Haru and the others swallow the doctor's pills. However, the doctor gets Haru and his gang lost. Elie decides to use Plue to guide them, and they chase Plue until they get exhausted. As they stop to rest and sleep, the doctor tries to attack Haru, but Musica stops him. When Haru, Elie, and the other sidekicks wake up, they realize that Schneider is an assassin and that they cannot move due to the doctor's pills that they ate recently. Haru listens to Schneider's rant about perfectionism and how he waits to strike Haru when he has a 100% chance. As Musica beats the assassin easily, Haru quickly finds out it is Musica due to his silver skills. During Musica and Haru's argument on getting the Rave, the assassin escapes. Musica, who tells Haru that he is not helping them since he is a thief, challenges Haru. Haru accepts his challenge; the two prepare to fight. However, Elie shoots Haru and Musica; she claims to be captain while he and Musica becomes servants. Haru and Musica team up to find the Rave. After Plue finds the hidden door and Elie, who reads the Symphonia hieroglyphs, informs Haru that the Rave is inside, Haru rushes to open the door. He finds Gearhound guarding the room; he challenges Haru. Haru easily defeats Gearhound with an Explosion which allows him and his friends to enter the room.

When Gearhound explains that Haru is destined to be the 2nd Rave master, Haru asks why Shiba wasted his whole life for no reason. Gearhound yells at Haru for insulting Shiba because Shiba has live life to the fullest by continuing to live. After his lecture, Haru follows Gearhound into the next room which is a Symphonian grave for soldiers who fought against Dark Bring and the kingdom of Raregroove. Haru can hear the voices of the soldiers and sees Gearhound and his fellow knights fighting along side Shiba and Plue. Unfortunately, Haru discovers that Shiba and Plue are the only survivors of the war. Gearhound gives Haru the Rave of Knowledge to him. Suddenly, Gearhound gets stab by Schneider. Haru fights Schneider and defeat him with a new commandment, Silaphalion. He slashes Schneider in 7 or 8 strokes in a flash. Haru returns to his group; he and Gearhound perform a ritual where they hold up their weapons. He swears an oath to never stop fighting until the world is at peace. Gearhound bids Haru and his gang goodby and he passes on to the afterlife. Yet, the sorrowful moment is ruined when Shuda appears behind Haru and his friends.

Shuda attacks Haru with his sword and finds out there is a grave behind him after blasting Haru with his explosive ability. Haru tries to stop Shuda, but Shuda destroys the grave completely. Shuda raises his airship, Rhapsodia, and Haru and the others find themselves rising with the ship to the skies. Haru faces off with Shuda while Musica and Elie confronts Shuda's henchmen, Busha and Lugas. After Haru tells Musica to protect Elie, he continues his fight with Shuda. Haru tries to use Explosion first on Shuda then Silphalion but both attacks fail. Shuda decides to honor Haru and make the battle more interesting when he raises the platform, Vanish Field, above the ship. Now, the field and its borders are invisible. During the fight, Shuda tells Haru a surprising fact about his father. He tells Haru that he is his father's friend. Haru, who is stunned, gets a kick in the gut from Shuda; Haru almosts fall over. Once Haru is grabbing the ledge, Shuda torments Haru with a demonstration of his Dark Bring, Barrete Blaze, on Elie first and Musica second. Haru gets enraged and attacks Shuda, but he gets another explosion from Shuda. As he lay on the ground, he remembers hispromise with his sister, Cattleya, on Garage island.

Haru gets his second wind after his flashback. When Plue gets hit by Shuda's explosion, Plue jumps at Shuda like a rocket and Shuda throws him overboard. Haru realizes Shuda's weaknesses and gets close to Shuda. He tells Shuda that he cannot use explosion when Haru is near him. Despite Haru's realization, Shuda uses explosion on Haru. Eventually, Haru inflicts damage Shuda by timing his Silphalion when Shuda uses explosion. With thanks to Plue, Haru deals a numerous hits on Shuda. In the end, Haru defeats Shuda by using Explosion to destroy his sword and sends Shuda over the edge. Haru runs to help Shuda, but Shuda tells Haru to believe in himself and cuts his wrist. Haru watches Shuda fall to his doom.

Somehow, Haru just falls down on Musica where he reunites with his friends in the control room. Elie helps Haru and the others escape when she finds a jet. Musica drives the jet off the ship. However, the jet is falling rapidly to the ground. In the nick of time, Hebi and the Silver Rhythm gang use their airship's crane to stop the jet from falling.

Mystery of Elie Arc

Haru and the others relax at the beach. After watching Elie have fun with Plue and Griffon, Haru suggests to Musica that they should visit the Symphonia museum to pick up some clues on the next Rave's location. At the museum, Haru discovers that Shiba look different from his present self and cannot figure it why. When Elie points out to Plue's portrait, Haru gets dumbfounded at their interpretation of Plue. According to the museum, Plue is a wolf-like dog with a horn on its head. The manager appears and gives Haru and the others a tour because he notices how detailed Haru's sword is and how he names his dog after Plue. During the tour, Haru watches Elie head out to clear her head due to a headache. After the tour is over, Haru realizes she is missing. Haru and the others bump into a fortuneteller who predicts Haru has the worst luck because Elie is going to die. Despite her predictions, Haru dismisses it. Later, Haru begs the fortuneteller to show where Elie is and rushes to save her.

When Elie is about get electrocuted, Haru blocks the lightning with his Eisenmeteor. Haru then go to Elie's side. He sees Elie having breathing difficulties from Sieg Hart's poison. When Elie talks about how Haru gave her memories of their adventure together, Haru and Elie start to talk about how they met each other. Haru even knew what color panties that Elie wore on that day, white. Haru tells Elie to live, and he whispers to her ear. As soon as Elie faints and Sieg Hart tells him that his purpose is done, Haru challenges Sieg Hart to avenge Elie.

Haru attacks Sieg Hart first with Explosion and then Silaphalion. Yet, Haru's attacks have fail when Sieg Hart stops with his finger and the wind. Sieg Hart uses poison element to kill Haru since he and Elie are both activating their powers due to the Rave and the Etherion. Haru pulls out Rune Save for the first time and slash the poisonous cloud. He rushes at Sieg Hart and deliver multiple explosions to create smoke. Haru surprises Sieg Hart by slashing him with Eisenmeteor since metal swords are not affected by magic. Sieg flies up and uses flame magic on him. Haru gets burned but seals it with Rune Save. When Sieg asks Haru to choose between saving the world or Elie, Haru replies that he will save both. Haru gets engulf by Sieg Hart's Atairis since Sieg Hart thinks he is getting through Haru's head.

Haru suffers from illusions in the Altairis sphere. He first sees Sakura Glory, his mother, burning. Then he sees his sister dissolving into water. Haru gets save by Elie who walks into Sieg Hart's magic zone. As Elie is crying on the petrified Haru, her tears activate Haru's Rave. As a result, Haru gets ejected from Altairis. However, Elie has activated her Etherion. Sieg asks Haru to choose again. Haru walks up to Elie with his sword in the air. After hesitation, he tells Elie to believe in the Rave; Haru slashes her with Rune Save. He explains to Sieg Hart that he seal Etherion with Rune Save. Even though Elie's problem is solved, Reina poses a threat.

Haru gets blown away due to Reina's White Kiss Dark Bring. Musica helps Haru by creating a Silver Typhoon to cancel Reina's second attack. Suddenly, a black dragon appears. Haru watches Jegan taking Reina with him. Sieg Hart tells Haru that he has been lucky but needs to get stronger. He learns from Sieg Hart that the Rave of Combat/Conflict is on Lyrics Continent (Lucas in the sub). On the beach, Haru celebrates with Elie to fulfill the promise that he whispered in her ears. Even though the battle will get harder, Haru tells himself to never give up.

Journey to Lyrics Continent ArcEdit

In Blue City, while Musica is with Melodia, Haru and Elie spends the day in the casino. Haru and Elie gets on the train with Musica jumping on the train at the last second. On the train, Haru meets the Big Butt Bandits for the first time. When Plue sits on the bomb, Wonderful Gocche tells Haru to play hide and go seek. After Haru finished counting, he finds that Plue has urinated on the bomb. Haru chases Plue and reunites with Elie and Musica. Haru learns that both of them met those shady characters that he bumped into earlier.

Tower of Din ArcEdit

On Lyrics Continent, Haru and the gang are lost until they fall under the desert sands. Haru and the others find themselves in Ray Barrier City. Fura attacks Haru since he thinks Haru is demon until Solasido stops their fighting. When the sky cracks, the demons invade the city. Haru and Musica help Fura and Solasido defeat the demons. Solasido, who notices Haru's rave, tells Haru and the gang to follow him to see Remmy, the leader of the city. In the throne room, Remmy explains the situation with the demons and that she cannot hand over the Rave to Haru. As soon as Remmy mentions Gale is the head of the demons, Haru believes Shuda's words that his father is a member of Demon Card. When Remmy asks Haru for his help, Haru declines her offer without explaining his reasons.

Haru rushes over to the Tower of Din to see an army of 1,000 demons. He fights the army and cuts through them to see his father. Haru faces a cyclops demon with a Dark Bring, Zashu. After defeating Zashu, he heads toward for the tower and throws his sword at the green demon leader, Gnet. Haru defeats Shrinegun, but Gnet uses his Dark Bring, Compass Code, to hold down Haru. As the demons swarm over Haru, he uses Explosion to free himself. This move drains Haru's stamina, and the demons are still trying to kill Haru. After some brutal battles, Haru sees his father coming towards him. Haru gets a rude awakening when his father slashes at him. He counters his father and yells father at him. Haru's father pushes Haru aside and rushes to attack King. Haru learns that King has the same first name like his father, Gale. Haru watches Gale Glory and King fight and learns about Enclaim, a ritual for creating Dark Bring. He also finds out that Gale Glory has spent 15 years looking for the Tower of Din. After King has used Black Zenith and the black clouds surround the tower, the earth rumbles and the tower changes its form. Haru learns about the converging day and how it connects to his father, the Rave, and the Dark Bring. Basically, Rave is created on this day, Overdrive occur on this day, the two Gales are born on this day, Demon Card is created on this day, and reunion that occurs today.

Haru and Gale head inside in the tower after agreeing to stop King. As they run up the stairs, Gale tells Haru that he will keep his 15 year old promise to Cattleya. Suddenly, the ceiling and the floor starts to move which separates Haru from Gale. Haru tells his dad to head up the tower and that he will help him fight King. Haru falls into a room with the Five Palace Guardians. When Racas starts to annoy Haru, he attacks Racas. Yet, Racas knocks Haru with his double shot, and Ron, the big knight, charge at him. Let stops Ron from impaling Haru. Haru and Let have a one on one battle until Ron decides to jump in. After Ron's Hell Spikes attack Haru, Haru gets immobilized by Rionette's Shadow Doll ability. In the nick of time, Elie saves Haru by blasting Rionette and Ron. Haru reunites with his friends plus Solasido, Fura, and Remmy. When Remmy figures out that King is trying to recreate Overdrive, Ltiangle, the leader, tells them that they have little time left before the Dark Bring, End of Earth, gets completed. As Haru and the gang charge at the Five Palace Guardians, Ltiangle activates Soul Palace.

Haru faces off Let in Garage Island. According to Let, Haru's soul wants to rest at Garage Island since Soul Palace recreates the location where one wants to die. Haru asks Let what is he fighting for. When Let replies he is only fighting to get stronger, Haru explains that he is fighting to keep the world peaceful and everyone happy. Haru counter Let's dragon flame attack with Runesave, but he gets off balance when Let uses his earth dragon attack to level the ground. As Let uses his heaven dragon move, Haru attacks with his Silaphalion and Explosion combo. Despite that Haru's sword broke in two, Haru still fights on and grabs the other half. He summons Blue Crimson and slashes at Let. After explanation of the Blue Crimson sword, Haru finds Racas challenging him. Haru uses Explosion on Racas then Silaphalion, yet Racas knew his moves and counter with Triple Revenge. Since Let is an honorable dragon, he informs Haru to clear his mind because Racas is a mind reader. At the same time with Haru's battle with Racas, Musica defeats Ltiangle which breaks down Soul Palace. As the others look at Haru and Racas, Racas fall down in defeat. Haru explains to Racas that he used Runesave to seal his mind. Haru tells his friends to go back to Ray Barrier City. He reassures Elie that he will come back alive and that they will have more adventures. At last, Haru gets to go help his father.

As Haru runs up the stairs, Plue joins him. During the run, Plue stops and cries at Clea's spirit which Haru cannot see. Finally, Haru arrives and seals King's Black Zenith with Runesave to protect his father. In the battle with King, Haru and Gale get blown away with King's Explosion attack, then King's Silaphalion attack, and finally, King's Blue Crimson attack. Haru realizes that King's Decalogue sword has four of the Ten Commandments' power. The Enclaim Ritual gets completed and King points out that the End of Earth Dark Bring is inside Gale Glory's body. When Haru asks King why did he want to kill his father, King explains his origin story.

Upon learning that King and Gale were best friends and created Demon Card, Gale's actions lead to King's family's death, and King's revenge on Gale involved killing Sakura Glory, Haru cannot bear the truth and wants to stop fighting. After hearing the truth, Haru tackles King and tells him with tears in eyes that it was not his fault, King throws Haru at the ground. Haru tells King that he will fight to end all the fighting. Haru and Gale gets hit with King's Melforce and Desperado Bomb. As Haru is flying out of the room, he lands on Elie. Haru receives the Rave of Combat from Elie and drops it to Plue. During King's Melforce attack, Plue helps protect Haru from King's Desperado Bomb attack. Haru takes advantage and deals a series of attacks: two Explosions, Melforce, Silaphalion, Blue Crimson, and finally an Explosion. Haru and the others think they have defeated King, but King rises up to use Monster Prison, a reverse Dark Bring.

King, who become a monster, levels the whole top of the tower. Haru and Gale attacks King, but Haru gets pummeled until he is unconscious. Gale rescues Haru by blasting King with his sword. Haru gets carried away by Elie. After Gale uses his technique, Hidden Sword of Heaven, on King, Haru rushes out to help his father. With the combined attack, Haru and Gale deal the final blow on King. Even though King is still alive, he continues to attack Gale. Gale stops Haru and Elie from attacking King; King gives Gale weak punches. According to Gale, King has only his fighting spirit, and he cannot kill King because he was his best friend. Suddenly, King speak to Gale that he is still the winner since Haru and the gang have to deal with the Oracion Seis. When Gale refuses to kill King, King activates End of Earth and a Overdrive occurs. Haru realizes that they are still alive and wonders if his sister and his friends are still alive. It turns out that King used Warp Road, a Dark Bring, to send the Overdrive at Demon Card Headquarters. Haru cries with Elie as they watch Gale and King share their last goodbyes. With the tower collapsing, Haru and the group try to escape.

As Gale and Haru run, Gale teases Haru is lucky for having Elie as girlfriend who has big breasts. At first, Haru denies that Elie is his girlfriend but admits Elie's breasts are huge. When Haru and Gale start badmouthing each other, Elie laughs at them. Suddenly, a rock falls on top of Elie. Let saves her life by smashing the rock. Haru and the others quickly follow Let, but Haru watch his father falling through the floor when Gale tries to avoid stepping on the Dragon sigil. Haru goes after his father. Haru and Gale start digging through the rubble to reunite while Haru tells his father about Cattleya and Genma. At last, Haru and Gale reunite, but the Oxygen level gets lower which causes Haru to get fatigued. Gale, who finally breaks open the wall which fresh air comes out, falls down with Haru. Haru learns about the Stellar Memories from his father, and Gale tells him that all the answers lie inside that place. Eventually, Gale reaches the top floor of the rumble. However, the tower starts to cave in, and Gale makes the ultimate sacrifice. He uses his body as a shield to protect Haru, and he tells him that he will do what fathers will do. Furthermore, Gale tells him that life is more important than promises.

According to Griffon who speaks to Fura, Haru buries his father in Ray Barrier soil to avoid upsetting his sister, Cattleya. Haru, who is staring at his father's grave, gets company from Elie who has found Gale's clothes. After Elie has given Haru some cookies that Fura baked, a photo comes out of Gale's clothes. Haru grabs and reveals the family photo to Elie. As Haru turns over the back, he gets a shock from his father's letter. Haru cannot hold back his tears and grabs Elie by surprise. He cries on her shoulder which causes Elie to cry as well. Haru cries out that he miss his father many times. The grieving scene ends with Haru who is sleeping. Haru gets a dream and a visit from Gale (figuratively). Gale asks Haru about picking which of the three paths (Rave, Elie's memories, and Garage Island). Haru surprises his father when he says he will pick all three since finding the Rave can unlock Elie's memories and coming home occurs after finding the Rave and Elie's memories.

Symphonia Arc

Haru, Elie, and Plue find a Rainbow Bird flying by their airship. At first, Haru catches the bird, but he have to release it due Hebi's plead. Suddenly, Ruby's flying casino ship lands above of the Silver Rhythm Gang ship. As the airship gets docked, Haru and Elie gamble to raise money while Musica and Griffon look for sponsors. Although Haru loses a lot, and Elie is on her winning streak, Haru and Plue go out to eat. After Elie joins him and Plue, Lilith of the Doryu Ghost Squad use Wind Festival to knock them out. She takes Plue while Franken Billy and Wolf prepares to finish them off. However, Ruby appears which stops them from hurting Haru and Elie. After Ruby and the Doryu Squad meet Musica, Let, and Griffon and many things occur, Haru finds himself in front of the Big Butt Bandits who are preparing to unleashe their triple gas attack.

Back at the airship, Hebi rescues Haru and the gang. Ruby who wakes up blames himself for falling into the Doryu Ghost Squad's tricks. Haru reassures him that he has done no harm to his father's name, and he promises Ruby that he will protect him from Doryu and his squad. Suddeny, Hebi announces that they are followed by two ships. Yet, the two ships are destroyed by the Doryu Raid Squad. The squad destroys the Empire Gate which force Haru and the group to head inside the Death Storm. Haru and Plue brave the storm by holding tight to the front of the ship. When a tidal wave of water approaches the ship, Haru cuts the wave with Rune Save. At last, Haru and the group get through the Death Storm. Before landing on Symphonia lands, Haru and Elie have their awkward moments. Haru place his arm around Elie. As Plue hops on them, he knocks Haru and Elie on the floor. This causes Elie to be on top of Haru, and the two stare at each other. Haru and Elie separate for a moment. As the ship lands on Symphonia, Haru is first one to come, but his enthusiasm ends when he sees Symphonia is nothing but a desolate wasteland.

Elie leads the group to find something that will lead them to the Rave or her memories by using her headaches. Despite Haru's disapproval, Elie collapses, and Plue assists her by taking some magic. Plue runs and slams his nose into the ground which reveals a map. Haru learns that the five white lights are the Rave and that the new Raves are not in Symphonia. Then the white lights disappear with the black lights replacing them. A ship soars over them, and Lucia emerges. He explains that the black lights are the Dark Bring because Dark Bring are the opposite of the Rave. After announcing he is the Dark Bring master, Lucia walks past Haru and takes Elie's first kiss away. Haru who is angry rush to attack Lucia with the help of Musica and Let. However, Lucia blows them away by simply drawing his sword and slamming into the ground. Lucia tells Haru that he will head to the Stellar Memories after obtaining five special Dark Brings, and he bids them farewell. Yet, Haru still faces danger as the Oracion Seis arrive to kill Elie since Lucia invoke Elie's Etherion.

Berial changes the land using his G-Earth Dark Bring to separate Haru's group. Haru attempts to go to Elie's side, but Berial fights him. During Haru's battle, many things have occur such as the defeat of Let and Musica. Berial quickly changes the land to normal. Haru gets forced to the ground by Berial, and he watches Elie fight Julius. Elie holds her own as she manage to inflict personal damage to Julius, and she protects Griffon until Julius cuts Griffon in half. After Elie's Etherion goes wild and blasts Berial and Julius. Haru punches Julius, uses Silaphalion to defeat Jegan, and then he deals a Blue Crimson attack on Reina and Berial. Despite beating them with rage and speed, Haru gets struck from behind by Haja. He stumbles and falls on top of Elie in order to protect her. (similar to how Gale protects Haru) Elie hugs Haru tight and tells him that he has done his best. Suddenly, Sieg Hart appears and attacks the Oracion Seis with magic.

After Haja finds out how Sieg Hart has augmented his magical abilities, Haru stands up to protect Elie with the help of Sieg Hart. Musica and Let also stand up due to their vows to protect Elie as well. Haru charges at Haja and delivers a surprising and fast attack at him. Haru's powers are also augmented by Seig Hart's magic. Haja declares a retreat and his Oracion Seis team flies away.

Sieg Hart informs Haru and Elie that their power can save the world, and he is here to help Elie find her memories by using her name as coordinates "ELIE 3173." Upon arriving at their next destination, Haru and the gang find themselves in a forest barrier and a skeleton appears. After Elie reveals the back of her necklace, Musica flips the skeleton's necklace which reveals the exact engravings. Haru and the others wait while Elie embarks on her solo journey to her past. As Elie reunites with Haru and the gang, Haru learns more about Elie. When Hebi and the others arrive with the Silver Rhythm ship, Haru and Sieg Hart vow to reunite the Rave, defeat Lucia, and to never stop fighting until the world is at peace. Before the airship lifts off, Haru grabs Elie's arms, and they look with optimism at the sunset.

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