Race Human
Gender Male
Manga Shaman King Volume #9
Anime Shaman King Episode #25
Japanese Minami Takayama
English Sebastian Arcelus

He is a powerful shaman who mastered the pentagram and has control over his soul during reincarnation.


1000 years ago he served as a powerful shaman with no equal at an early age he acquired the power to read people's heart's. This eventually drove him insane as everyone he approached considered him a demon, and on top of that he heard as people abused and poisoned nature itself with no regret towards doing. He eventually confronted his clan of shamans and asked them if they would help him eradicate humans claiming that humans were less then bugs and that he had received a vision in where the humans could destroy the planet if they continued to rule. Few challenged because of his immense power. Those that did were almost immediately irradiated until supposedly one warrior proved to be his equal in the shaman king fight. He died 1000 years ago during the fight and was reincarnated as a member of the Patch tribe; he killed a whole tribe of patch. Hao revives every 500 years to try to become the Shaman King so he can create a shaman only kingdom by cleansing the world of humans, pollution, and weak shamans. and looks almost exactly like Yoh.


Hao Asakura is created by Hiroyuki Takei, and he has no information on what inspires the manga artist to create him. He first appears in Shaman King episode 25 and volume 9. (He has a earlier cameo appearance in episode 5. His Japanese actress is Minami Takayama, and his English actor is Sebastian Arcelus.


Story Arcs

Note: This is manga only info since the anime has diverted from the manga's story line. See anime under anime and manga differences section.

Shaman King Preliminary Matches

He did only appears in a scene by a river with his Spirit of Fire. This scene occurs during Yoh and Ren's third preliminary match. His name is referenced by the BoZ monks when Yoh and Tamao are attacked by the monks. He makes his official appearance to Yoh Asakura and his gang at the airport where all the shaman participants (who passed the preliminaries) climb aboard the Patch jumbo jet. He attacks Horohoro for his insult and Ren for assisting Horohoro. Hao tells Yoh to get stronger with a smile. Also, Hao reveals his followers (Hao's followers) to Yoh's group. After boarding the plane, Yoh stares at Hao who smiles and waves at him. Yoh wave back despite Ren's disapproval.

Journey to America (Patch Tribe's Test)

When the Patch announced their test, everyone gets drop to the vast lands of America. Before the big drop, the Patch's test is that every shaman must reach the Patch Village in three months or be disqualified. Hao and his followers ride on the Spirit of Fire to make their landing. Hao tells Yoh that he has to think in order to survive. In Yonte Fe, Hao reappears after Lilirara has explained to Yoh and his gang about the Patch Tribe's whereabouts. He tells Lilirara to "rest" after completing her duty, and Hao has his Spirit of Fire impale Lilirara. When a trio of shamans (Savage Pan, Mr. Little Lake, and Green Garam) appear in front of Hao, Hao measures their mana using the Oracle Pager. As Hao reads their mana levels and acts in a condescending manner due to their low mana levels, he kills them by burning their souls and bodies into ashes. (Lilirara dies off screen in the manga version only).

Hao is referenced again in Mesa Verdede when his followers, Mohamed, Peyote, Big Guy Bill, and Hang Zang, appear in front of cave entrance to block Yoh and his group. According to Mohamed, Hao instructs them to kill Yoh's friends to take away his distractions and sense of security in order for Yoh to get stronger.

Back at Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

Powers & Abilities

Hao Asakura has control over his soul during reincarnation. He has mastered the pentagram and the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. Anime and Manga Differences

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