Gundo are magical imbued objects used by wizards of the Chaika - The Coffin Princess verse.


Gundos are magical imbued objects used by wizards. They operate by the wizard uttering an incantation. For wizards whose Gundo are powerful, no incantation is needed such is the case for Robert. Chaika and Selma's Gundo are both guns. For Chaika, she supplies magic through a circuit that is attach to a collar (usually at the back of her neck), and she connects the cord from her gun to that circuit. It has been revealed that gun users like Selma and Grad also used a similar device.

Types of Gundo

Gundos can be vehicles or large batteries used in floating fortresses such as Soara and Stratus.


  • Chaika has a gun called Else.
  • Robert Abarth's is his mansion with his powers enhanced with Arthur Gaz's remain.


  • Gandr - an alternative translation of Gundo is a Norse word for magic wand.

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