Gray Fullbuster (character) main image (Bridge)
Gray Fullbuster
Kanji グレイ・フルバスター
Rōmaji Gurei Furubasutā
Aliases Year X766
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Blue
Red (X792)
Hair Color Black (Manga)
Dark Blue (Anime)
Affiliations Fairy Tail
Avatar (Defected)
Teams Team Natsu
Allied Forces

Team Tenrou
Team Fairy Tail A
Team Fairy Tail

Relatives Silver Fullbuster (Father)
Mika (Mother)
Ur (Guardian)
Manga Fairy Tail Volume #1: Chapter 2
Anime Fairy Tail Episode #2
Game Fairy Tail Portable Guild
Japanese Yūichi Nakamura
Eri Kitamura (child)
English Newton Pittman
Ryan Reynolds (child)

Gray Fullbuster is a Fairy Tail mage who specializes in Ice Make magic.


As a child Gray's entire village, including his family, was killed by the Demon Deliora. He was retrieved from the wreckage by Ur and her pupil Lyon. Ur was a powerful ice mage and was said to be strong enough to be one of the Ten Wizard Saints. She decided that she would take Gray under her wing and make him her second apprentice. Gray agreed to this so that one day he could become strong enough to challenge and kill Deliora to avenge his parents.

Ur started training Gray in her special ways of using ice magic, and he quickly found out what made it so unique. In order to truly master ice magic Ur said that they had to go into the tundra and strip, so that they could fully overcome the cold weather. He reluctantly agreed to do this, and after doing it long enough he didn't even notice it. In fact, he began to develop the unfortunate habit of stripping without even realizing it, whether during training or in the middle of town. Gray eventually thought he had mastered his training and believed he was now strong enough to face Deliora. He challenged the demon prematurely however and was going to be killed, but Lyon and Ur stepped in. Lyon tried to use the Ice Shell technique to defeat Deliora, even though he knew it would kill him, he still wanted to do it so he could prove that he had surpassed Ur. Ur froze him before he could do it, and sacrificed herself to encase the demon in her own Ice Shell spell. When Lyon was unfrozen he blamed Gray for what happened to their master.

Now without a master Gray found his way to Fairy Tail in search of a place he could stay. Here he quickly made friends with Cana, and rivals with Erza. However, after seeing Erza crying by the river one day, he stopped trying to challenge her and accepted her as another member of the guild. From then on, he feared Erza like the rest of the members of the guild. However, his search for a rival didn't take long as he quickly found one in Natsu, mostly because Gray used ice and Natsu used fire, making them opposites from the start. Fairy Tail Stamp Location: He has a dark blue stamp on his right breast.


Fairy Tail Chapter 29
According to Hiro Mashima, Gray Fullbuster's stripping fetish is a common thing that Hiro Mashima did when he was younger. He calls it a bad habit which Gray picked up from his teacher, Ur.

Gray Fullbuster is similar to another character, Hamrio Musica, from one of Hiro Mashima's earlier works, Rave Master. Musica is compared to Gray Fullbuster because of their similar talents, Silver Claiming and Ice Make, respectively. Musica can manipulate silver metal into weapons, and Gray can manipulate ice into weapons. However, Musica needs a silver accessory to create his weapons, whereas Gray creates ice through the use of his magic. Gray and Musica are also similar in appearance because of their spiky black hair, even though Musica's hairstyle is originally different. Other similarities between the two include: rivalry to main protagonist (Gray to Natsu; Musica to Haru), murdered family members (Deliora killed his family; Lance slaughtered Musica's family), deceased mentors( Ur for Gray; Rize for Musica), and counterparts who possess the same ability as them (Lyon Bastia for Gray; Reina for Musica).



  • Juvia Lockser

Gray Fullbuster and Juvia have a strange, one sided relationship. They first met each other during the Phantom arc, and Juvia instantly falls head over heels for Gray. Though, Juvia has issues communicating with Gray, and she ends up attacking Gray who defeats her. As time goes on, Juvia stalks Gray and has some wild imaginations of her and him together. In Gray's case, he has no feelings for Juvia and sees her as his comrade in the guild. He does not seem to notice Juvia's feelings for him.

Powers & Abilities

Gray uses a very strong type of Ice magic called Ice Make (アイスメイク Aisu Meiku) . He is able to make various constructs out of Ice. His style is considered Static Ice Magic where he shapes different weapons and attacks out of ice such as hammers, lances, fists, and cannons. He is even skilled enough to use the powerful Ice Shell like Ur. On top of being a high class Ice Mage Gray is also able to produce his constructs at an incredibly fast rate, making weapons and attacks in an instant. He is also, like Natsu, a very strong hand to hand combatant. His abilities to use weapons are great but not on par with Erza. On top of his skills Gray has a large amount of magic power giving him immense stamina.


  • Ice Make: Shield - Gray creates a giant shield of ice that protects anyone behind it.
    • Episodes: 8, 11, 64
  • Ice Make: Lance - Gray creates lances that shoot towards the enemy, impaling them.
  • Ice Make: Saucer - Gray creates a spinning ice disk that he launches at his target cutting through like a buzz-saw (Anime only).
    • Episodes: 8
  • Ice Make: Spear - Gray can create a spear that can pierce through an enemy.
    • Episodes: 58
  • Ice Make: Arrow - Gray creates a bow from which he shoots arrows aimed at his enemy at high speed.
    • Episodes: 8
  • Ice Make: Floor - Gray can freeze the ground below him to cause his enemies to slip and fall. He can also use this to cross the sea.
    • Episodes: 11, 75
  • Ice Make: Prison - Gray can create a large square cage to trap his enemies.
    • Episodes: 16, 70
  • Ice Make: Sword - Gray can create a sword for combat.
    • Episodes: 16
  • Ice Make: Hammer - Gray can create a large hammer that floats above the enemy and falls with great force.
  • Ice Make: Dummy - Gray can create a copy of himself made of ice which can be used to avoid attacks or create a distraction for a surprise attack.
  • Ice Make: Cannon - Gray creates a large hand held cannon which he uses to blast a cannonball made of ice to inflict heavy damage on his opponent.
    • Episodes: 67, 70
  • Ice Make: Battle Axe - Gray creates an axe made of ice and swings it around to slice his opponents.
    • Episodes: 25
  • Ice Make: Rampart - Gray creates a massive wall of ice but uses up a lot of magic.
    • Episodes: 55
  • Ice Make: Geyser - Freezing the ground, Gray creates a tower of spikes that impales his opponents.
  • Ice Make: Fist - Gray freezes the ground below him and creates a tower of ice fists that strike his opponent (Anime only).
    • Episodes: 6
  • Ice Make: Fishnet - Gray releases icy winds to freeze his opponents (Anime only).
    • Episodes: 9
  • Ice Make: Ice Block - Gray creates a giant block of ice to attack his opponents (Anime only).
    • Episodes: 70
  • Ice Make: Death Scythe - Gray creates a giant death scythe and swings it at his opponents.
    • Chapters: 182
  • Ice Make: Grappling Hook - Gray creates two, four pointed grappling hooks that allows him to lift himself into the air.
    • Chapters: 182

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