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Gratuitous Changing Scene
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Gratuitous Changing Scene is a trope. Scenes of characters changing clothes shown in part or entirely for the purpose of fan service.


Scenes featuring characters getting changed, dressed, or undressed, often with close-up or panning shots to titillate. Seen often in anime and manga but not limited to it, the Gratuitous Changing Scene is seen in all kinds of visual entertainment media aimed at older teens and adults.

Anime & Manga

Anime and manga featuring fan service strive to entice and titillate fans with the sex appeal of the characters. One of the easiest ways to do this is the Gratuitous Changing Scene. Generally set in locker rooms/changing rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms, characters are shown changing clothes after waking up, before gym class at school, before going swimming, before bathing and so on. The Gratuitous Changing Scene is often longer than arguably necessary and usually features close-ups, slow panning shots and shots from various angles.

Specifically, Gratuitous Changing Scenes almost always feature Panty Shots. They're also the perfect opportunity for Gainaxing, Skinship Groping, Breast Envy, Wardrobe Malfunctions and other related shenanigans.

In censored anime broadcasts, Convenient Censorship is often used heavily in these scenes. Additionally, Anime Anatomy is very common as well, either instead of Convenient Censorship or in tandem. A typical mixture of the two forms of censorship sees objects, hair, shadows, light or steam concealing nipples while genitals are simply not drawn.

It should be noted that not all changing scenes are there for the purpose of fan service. In some instances, changing scenes are completely innocent or just generally done more tastefully. In other cases, changing scenes have some kind of plot significance. For example, a character may be shown in a state of undress, disgusted with their own body, or examining recent battle damage. Instances like these usually aren't considered fan service and thus don't fall under this specific trope.

Notable Examples

  • In Highschool of the Dead, when the girls undress in episode 6 the camera doesn't show their faces at all, instead offering panty shots and other close-up shots as a TV report plays over the top.
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, Gratuitous Changing Scenes appear in several episodes, usually because Tomoki is trying to peep on the girls.
  • In Softenni, Gratuitous Changing Scenes appear in several episodes. This is arguably justified as it's about a school tennis club; characters are often shown changing into and out of tennis uniforms.

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