Future Trunks (Character) Main Image
Future Trunks
Kanji 未来のトランクス
Rōmaji Mirai no Torankusu
Race Half Saiyan/Human
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Light purple
Affiliations Z-Fighters
Teams Time Patrol
Relatives Vegeta (Father)
Bulma Briefs (Mother)
Manga Dragon Ball Z: #12
Anime Dragon Ball Z: #119
Film Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!

Future Trunks is a character in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Trunks is the half-Saiyan son of Vegeta, who, in his time line, was killed by the deadly Android 17 and Android 18. He was trained how to fight by his best friend Gohan, who had also lost his father, Goku, to a viral heart disease. He was the best fighter the world had to offer when all of the other Z-Fighters were killed. It was a sad time for Earth in his time line. Everything they did was extremely covert as people had to live in fear every day of someone killing them from nowhere. Trunks and Gohan spent everyday training, as they needed to be able to move out to take care of the Androids (or hold them off, to an extent) so that people could live another day.[1]

Trunks often times found himself wondering, was it really worth it to fight and save people who would only live on in fear of torment and pain every day, or let them die in a quick, painless second? These thoughts made Trunks wonder all of the time. Luckily, he had a high drive to fight, as Gohan had lost his father, the Z-Fighters were blatantly useless. Even with Trunks' father, Vegeta, they held no chance. All of them, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien, were dead. Trunks hadn't seen them since he was a baby, and so had no memory of them, but even so he heard that they were all extremely great men from his master Gohan, who understood him above all else. His mother, Bulma Briefs, was the only other person he had grown up knowing.[1]

Gohan trained Trunks in hope that one day they could fight together against the Androids, Trunks trained intensely with Gohan however in a unfortunate day Gohan was killed by Androids and Trunks had passed his natural limit and upon seeing Gohan's dead body he flew into a rage and involuntarily transformed into a Super Saiyan and continued training by himself until such time he was able to fight against the Androids however they were stronger than him he was able to hand himself against them but knowing that her son was not powerful enough to defend their city against the Androids, Bulma built a time machine to send Trunks into the past to warn the Z Fighters about the threat of the Androids and to save Goku from the heart disease. However at first Trunks thought his mother was insane but later agreed to it and used her machine and went back in time and when he arrived in the past he was face to face with Frieza and King Cold.[1]

Trunks made short work of Frieza and killed him and King Cold believing it was Trunks's sword that allowed him to kill Frieza asked to see it, when King Cold asked Trunks whether or not the sword is what helped him kill Frieza, Trunks just told him to believe what he wanted and so King Cold believed that without his sword Trunks is nothing and attempted to attack him with the sword however Trunks held the sword and knocked King Cold away, knowing he would die King Cold offered Trunks to be his new son taking Frieza's place as ruler of the galaxy however Trunks refused the offer and killed King Cold.[2]


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