Frieza (character) main image
Kanji フリーザ
Rōmaji Furīza
Aliases Lord Frieza
Freeza (manga)
Race Frieza's Race
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Affiliations Planet Trade Organization (leader)
Relatives Chilled (ancestor)
King Cold (father)
Cooler (brother)
Cell (modified clone)
Japanese Ryūsei Nakao
English Pauline Newstone (Ocean dub)
Linda Young (FUNimation Z dub)
Chris Ayres (FUNimation Kai dub)
Frieza is a character in the Dragon Ball franchise. He is a powerful, universal tyrant responsible for almost completely wiping out the Saiyan race.


Along with his father, King Cold, Frieza oversaw the Planet Trade Organization, which conquered planets to trade for profit, whether the inhabitants liked it or not. One of the planets he conquered was Planet Vegeta, the home of the Saiyans, where he used most of them as his personal army. However, over time, he grew increasingly paranoid that the Saiyans could someday mount a rebellion to overthrow him, or worse, the Super Saiyan legend could come to pass and produce a single Saiyan with power greater far than his own, so Frieza destroyed the planet and wiped out nearly the entire race. It's also revealed that in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods that Beerus the Destroyer also asked Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta for him at some point.


Frieza was an original villain character created by Akira Toriyama, as he appeared in both manga and anime adaptations of Dragon Ball franchise. According to him, Frieza's design is an amalgamation of what he thought monsters looked like in his childhood.



Frieza (true form)

Frieza's true/final form

In his true form, Frieza is a humanoid with a long tail. He has white skin with glossy purple sections, black lips and black lines around his eyes. There are thinner black lines that go straight down from under his eyes and meet under his chin. He also has round ears which protrude outwards in a cylindrical fashion. While quite muscular, he is slim and relatively short, giving him a deceptively less threatening appearance that his foes might expect. Frieza has very angular eyes with red pupils and no irises.


Frieza is very calm and collected, unless angered.

Powers and Abilities

Frieza is one of the strongest fighters within the known Dragon Ball universe, being capable of easily destroying planets with his energy attacks and withstanding blows from fighters as strong as Goku's Super Saiyan form during their battle on Namek. His speed is also impressive as such where he could easily outpace anyone outside of Super Saiyans Future Trunks and Goku in combat in his appearances throughout Dragon Ball Z.

Outside of energy attacks and his extremely high superhuman attributes, Frieza also demonstrated the ability to use telekinesis as he attempted to launch a large formation of land against Goku early in their battle and he can use such power on weaker fighters and cause their bodies to explode, as he had done with Krillin. He is also capable of surviving indefinitely within the vacuum of space, even dismemberment, with no need for sustenance.

Frieza's Transformations

To control the large amount of power he had, Frieza took on several transformations to keep it under control. For each transformation he triggered, Frieza's power and superhuman attributes would increase significantly.

First Form

142004-img 003372 super

Frieza appeared in this form when he reached Namek to search for the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality. When his forces failed to do the job for him due to interference from Krillin, Goku, Gohan and Vegeta, Frieza winded up personally confronting them. When sparring against Vegeta, Frieza came to realize that the Saiyan prince's power was equal to his own and was forced into entering his second form. This was also the form Frieza was in when he destroyed planet Vegeta.

Second Form

356463-14 super

Entering this form, Frieza would make short work of Vegeta and would impale Krillin using the horns on his head. Enraged, Gohan attacked Frieza to no avail and got incapacitated. A rejuvenated Krillin winded up distracting Frieza while Gohan was healed up by Dende. Afterward, Gohan, Vegeta and Krillin would team up to combat Frieza to little avail until Piccolo had shown up. Having fused with the Namekian Nail, Piccolo had grown significantly stronger and proved to be an equal match for Frieza. These events would force Frieza into his third form.

Third Form

48622-freeza3 super

This form is somewhat similar to the aliens present from the American sci-fi horror film series, Alien. Assuming this form, Frieza is able to easily overwhelm Piccolo in combat before Gohan launches a ki attack on the evil being that nearly succeeds in killing him. Realizing he would have to take his foes more seriously, Frieza would go into his final form.

Final Form

In his final form, Frieza easily defeats Vegeta in combat until Goku's arrival to the battle where he witnesses Vegeta being killed with a Death Beam to the chest by Frieza. Goku and Frieza start off their fight and are on equal footing until the villain decided to tap into 50% of his power reserves. With this power increase, Goku is overwhelmed by Frieza and even resorting to his strongest Kaio-ken attacks fail to do any critical damage to Frieza. A desperate Goku attempts a Spirit Bomb attack on Frieza with Piccolo's help and manages to land the attack on the tyrant.

Frieza managed to survive the attack albeit with some damage. He would proceed to critically wound Piccolo and kill Krillin with a telekinetic attack. Enraged, Goku would trigger his transformation into a Super Saiyan. With his significant power gain, Goku is able to easily overpower Frieza in combat until he launches a Death Ball that wipes out Namek's core. With the planet blowing up in 5 minutes and needing to bide time until its destruction to ensure Goku's demise, Frieza would trigger his full power.

100% Final Form

142465-721491 1968520 frieza1 small super

In this state, Frieza's final form undergoes an increase in muscle mass and is tapping into the full output of his power. With it, Frieza is able to fight on equal footing with Goku's Super Saiyan form for a time. However, tapping into his full power takes a great toll on his stamina reserves and he can't maintain his peak battle performance for long. Eventually, he is no longer able to keep up with Goku and is eventually defeated in combat by him.

Mecha Frieza

178318-436 super

When his body was sliced apart by his own energy disc attack during his battle with Goku and maimed further by the explosion of Namek, Frieza winded up having much of his body replaced with cybernetic parts and swore to take revenge on the Saiyan. Traveling to Earth with his father, King Cold, and a number of his soldiers, Frieza sought to kill Goku's allies and destroy the planet before Goku's return. However, the group would be surprised by the presence of Future Trunks. The boy is able to make quick work of his soldiers and easily kills Frieza after turning into a Super Saiyan.

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