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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
Food Wars Poster
General Information
Kanji 食戟のソーマ
Rōmaji Shokugeki no Soma

Studio J.C. Staff
Simulcast Crunchyroll
Start Date April 3, 2015


List of Episodes

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1 Food Wars Episode 1 Eyecatch An Endless Wasteland
Hatenaki Kōya
April 3, 2015
2 Food Wars Episode 2 Eyecatch God Tongue
Kami no shita
April 10, 2015
3 Food Wars Episode 3 Eyecatch That Chef Never Smiles
Kono Ryōrijin wa Warawanai
April 17, 2015
4 Food Wars Episode 4 Eyecatch The Madonna of the Polar Star
極星の聖母 (マリア)
Kyokusei no Maria
April 24, 2015
5 Food Wars Episode 5 Eyecatch The Ice Queen and the Spring Storm
Kōri no joō to haru no arashi
May 1, 2015
6 Food Wars Episode 6 Eyecatch The Meat Invader
Niku no shinryaku-sha
May 8, 2015
7 Food Wars Episode 7 Eyecatch A Quiet Don, An Eloquent Don
Shizukanaru donburi, yūben'na donburi
May 15, 2015
8 Food Wars Episode 8 Eyecatch The Concerto of Inspiration and Imagination
Hassō to sōzō no kyōsōkyoku
May 22, 2015
9 Food Wars Episode 9 Eyecatch The Breading to Adorn the Mountains
Yama wo Irodoru Koromo
May 29, 2015
10 Food Wars Episode 10 Eyecatch The Heavenly Recette
Shijō no rusetto
June 5, 2015
11 Food Wars Episode 11 Eyecatch The Magician from the East
Azuma kara kita majutsushi
June 12, 2015
12 Food Wars Episode 12 Eyecatch The Memory of a Dish
Hito Sara no Kioku
June 19, 2015
13 Food Wars Episode 13 Eyecatch Eggs Before Dawn
Yoake mae no tamago tachi
June 26, 2015
14 Food Wars Episode 14 Eyecatch Metamorphosis
July 3, 2015
15 Food Wars Episode 15 Eyecatch The Man Called Demon
Syūra to Yobareda Otoko
July 17, 2015
16 Food Wars Episode 16 Eyecatch The Chef Who's Crossed a Thousand Leagues
Manri o Kakeru Ryōrinin
July 24, 2015
17 Food Wars Episode 17 Eyecatch The Seductive Karaage
Kannō no Karaage
July 31, 2015
18 Food Wars Episode 18 Eyecatch The Karaage of Youth
Seishun no Karaage
August 7, 2015
19 Food Wars Episode 19 Eyecatch The Chosen One
Erabareshi Mono
August 14, 2015
20 Food Wars Episode 20 Eyecatch The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends the Skies
Ryū wa Fushi, Sora e Noboru
August 21, 2015
21 Food Wars Episode 21 Eyecatch The Unknown Known
Michinaru Kichi
August 28, 2015
22 Food Wars Episode 22 Eyecatch The One Who Surpasses the Ordinary
Nichijō o Koerumono
September 4, 2015
23 Food Wars Episode 23 Eyecatch The Competition of the Blossoming Individuals
Hana Hiraku Kono Kyōen
September 11, 2015
24 Food Wars Episode 24 End Card The Banquet of Warriors
Senshi-tachi no Utage
September 25, 2015

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