Flare Corona (character) main image
Flare Corona
Kanji フレア・コロナ
Rōmaji Furea Korona
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Occupations Mage
Affiliations Raven Tail(Former)
Sun Village
Manga Fairy Tail Volume #31 Chapter 263
Anime Fairy Tail Episode 154
Japanese Shizuka Itō
English Alex Moore

Flare Corona is a character in the Fairy Tail franchise.


Flare Joining Raven Tail

Flare joining the Raven Tail Guild.

Flare was raised by the giants of the Sun Village at a very young age, her powers were given by the Eternal Flame, guardian of the village. The giants were kind to her, however because she was the only normal human amongst them, at some point she started to hate being different from everyone, so she left her hometown. When she met humans of her size for the first time, she was scared and didn’t know how to make money, that is when she joined the Raven Tail Guild. The members of Raven Tail hated the Fairy Tail Guild, and because she didn’t know any better, she thought it was natural to do that.[1]



Flare is a tall woman who has a long, red hair that splits into two braids that passes her large breasts and merges together behind her back. She has red eyes and a distinct "X" scar on her left shoulder. She also has the Raven Tail stamp on her right breast where her ample bosom and cleavage is revealed. Her long red dress has two detached sleeves, and at her waist, there is some stitched gray parts sewn together with the dress


She is sadistic when she is seen talking to Lucy about what she can do to her while Lucy is bound and muffled by Flare's hair.

Powers & Abilities

Hair Shower, Wolf Fang

Flare using hair manipulation to attack Lucy.

Flare's long hair can extend, attack, and bind her enemies. In addition to her hair manipulation skills, she has a fire element where she can burn and sear her opponents who get tangled up in her hair.

  • Hair Dog, Wolf Fang - Flare's attack takes form of a wolf without any fire attribute added. Though, her attack fails when Lucy has Cancer cut it up into pieces.[2]
  • Hair Shower, Fireflies - Flare's shredded hairs ignite into multiple explosions.


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