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Fist of the North Star
Kanji 北斗の拳
Rōmaji Hokuto No Ken
Light Novel
Manga Staff
Anime Staff


Iconic action manga and anime series of the 80s with a strong influence on the medium. The original manga series was created by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson and began serialisation in 1983, and the anime adaptation began in 1984. While both ended in 80s, several spin-off series and original video animations have been created in succeeding decades.


In the wake of a nuclear war, the world is left a barren wasteland with most societies as we know them destroyed. Survivors must not only contend with a barely hospitable world, but also with gangs of roving bandits, psychopaths and would-be warlords who have sprung up in a world where might often makes right. Into this brutal world comes Kenshiro, master of the marial art Hokuto Shin Ken which allows the user to tap into the human body's superhuman potential and destroy an opponent's body from within. Kenshiro wanders the barren wastes, righting wrongs and attempting to protect the weak where he goes, and dealing with other rival martial artists of similar superhuman prowess.

  • manga = 27 volumes (original series)
  • anime = 152 episodes (original series)

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