Fayla are creatures in the Chaika - The Coffin Princess series that are able to use magic. They are the Unicorn, Orthros, Cockatrice, Gryphon, Kraken and Dragoon.



Bird-like Fayla. They don't often form flocks.

Matheus controlled some in an ambush to attempt to capture the two Chaikas, Chaika Trabant and Chaika Bohdan, when their respective groups were attempting to do a prisoner exchange for the Chaikas.


Dragon-like Fayla that have strong defense and polymorphic magic that lets them shape shift.

Fredrica was the Dragoon of Dominica Scoda who now follows the main characters who defeated her.


Canine-like Fayla that have two heads. One is a real head while the other is a false head that lets it use magic.

A pack of Orthros attacked the main characters until Fredrika, in the disguise of Dominica Scoda, scared them off.


Horse-like Fayla that have one horn.

One appears being controlled by Matheus Caraway to attack Chaika Trabant and Toru Acura when the latter two first met. It was killed by the combined efforts of Toru and Chaika.

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