Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess
Fairy Tail Movie
Directed By Masaya Fujimori
Written By Hiro Mashima (Concept)
Music Composed By Yasuharu Takanashi
Release Date

Aug. 18, 2012



The first anime film adaptation of Hiro Mashima's manga series.


Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess is an anime film adaptation of Fairy Tail. It was directed by Masaya Fujimori, with screenplay written by anime staff writer Masashi Sogo. Hiro Mashima, creator of the original manga series, was also involved as the film's story planner and designer for guest characters appearing in the film. The film was produced by Fairy Tail Guild Movie Production Committee and A-1 Pictures.


FUNimation licensed the movie for release in North America but has not yet announced a release date.

Plot Summary

Natsu and his gang run into trouble in town. Happy and Carla flee with Wendy into the alley where Wendy uses her Roar of the Dragon on the enemies. Though, Happy gets caught in the attack. Happy lands on the roof when Natsu accidentally burn the enemies along with Happy with his flame breath. Meanwhile, Erza requips her Heaven Wheel Armor and slices through the mob. Jumping from roof to roof, Natsu replenishes his strength and unleashes his flames on the mob. Elsewhere, Gray freeze some men, and when one man gets caught between Natsu and Gray's attacks, Erza stops them from torturing the man. Natsu slips on the ice and falls down. In town, Lucy summons Loki to take care of the men when she called back Taurus. The Fairy Tail gang spot Geese due to his name tattooed on his back. Lucy pursues him only to hit a dead end when Geese flattens himself as paper and slips through the crack of the wall.

Later, Lucy apologizes to her guild when the man of the town told them that he will not pay them since Lucy's gang wreck half of the town. In the desert, Eclair looks at her Phoenix Stone, and Momon arrives to sit on her lap. In the Magic Council meeting, the council talks about a power that may be related to Zeref. Makarov informs Gajeel and Pantherlily to investigate. In Magnolia, Lucy leaves her group to take a shower, but Carla thinks otherwise. Arriving to Fairy Tail guild, Natsu and the gang chat with some old friends. By the river, Lucy finds Eclair who collapses on the ground. In the royal palace of Veronica Kingdom, Prince Kriem requests Dyst and his guild to find the other half of the Phoenix Stone since it's the 400th anniversary that Veronica kingdom has been found. In a cafe, Coordinator and Cannon talk fondly about the money while Chase goes out on Dyst's orders. Meanwhile, Gajeel and Pantherlily eavesdrop on them.

Over at the Fairy Tail guild, Momon introduces Eclair to the guild. Then, Carla gets premonition about the forest being dangerous. Eclair remembers that there is something in the Boundary Forest. Lucy goes after Eclair who remarks how magic will only cause sorrow. She and her guild asks Eclair to let them accompany her to the forest. On the train, Eclair explains that she has partial amnesia. Later that night, Lucy and the gang enjoy themselves in the city. Natsu and Happy are eating, Wendy and Carla are playing games, Gray is standing almost nude in the park, Erza is buying a wedding gown, and Lucy is accompanying Eclair and Momon. In the hotel, Lucy finishes taking a bath and asks Eclair if she wants a separate room since Lucy thinks Eclair doesn't like her. Then, a mysterious man (Chase) from the Carbuncle guild attack Lucy, Eclair, and Momon. Jumping out of the balcony, Lucy runs with Eclair where the two girls fall down. Chase dives upon Lucy only to stop when Natsu and Gray blasts him. Both Natsu and Gray pursue Chase, and Chase leads them to the roof where he disappears into the ground. When Gray and Natsu come back to Lucy, Happy points to Lucy whose towel drop right in front of her friends.

Over at the hotel, Eclair states that she has no memories of her childhood and remember someone named Kalard. Deep in the forest, Eclair and the group find a rundown stone home where Eclair finds a photo of a her when she was young. Eclair accidentally activates a hologram message, and Kalard explains that he had completed the dispelling spell. He apologizes to Eclair and wishes for her to find good friends. That night, Natsu's gang cannot find any trace of Kalard's magic, and as Eclair dance in the moonlight, she remembers the happy days of her family. Lucy sympathizes with Eclair since they both have lost their families. After Eclair and Natsu's group come back home, they ask Macao about half of the Phoenix Stone. Suddenly, Dyst and his Carbuncle guild attack Fairy Tail guild. Dyst and his group overwhelm Fairy Tail guild members, and Chase kidnaps Eclair. Afterwards, Makarov, Pantherlily, and Gajeel arrive to debrief them about the situation. Prince Kreem of Veronica country is going to unite the two Phoenix Stone halves together to achieve immortality by summoning the Phoenix.

In a prison cell, Prince Kriem gives Eclair a petty gift, and when Eclair butts her head against the prince's face, the prince slashes Eclair's shoulder. The prince tells her that she will be sacrificed, and outside of the cell, he orders Dyst to keep an eye out for Eclair's allies. Over at the Magic Council's area, Makarov makes a request and urges them to do it. While the prince makes preparations and Eclair has an epiphany about her destiny, Gray and Natsu storm the gates of the city. Natsu, Happy, and Momon gets attacked by Dyst. Meanwhile on the roofs, Erza engages Coordinator on her own. Lucy, Wendy, Pantherlily, and Carla face the soldiers on the streets. In the sewer, Gajeel gets attacked by Chase from the shadows. Gajeel catches and munches on Chase's kunai. By the river, Gray and Juvia get ambushed by Cannon. Juvia is shocked that Gray has stripped in front of Cannon. Later, Lucy summons Virgo to help her, and at the same time, Natsu's group is getting pummeled by Dyst.

Back to Erza's battle, Erza has difficulty with Coordinator who dispels Erza's armor. At the river, Juvia raises the water for Gray to freeze into a slide. Gray slides down and uses Excalibur to freeze Cannon. In the theatre, Erza wears her bridal gown and defeats Coordinator who remarks how Erza is so desperate. Back in the sewer, Chase crawls on Gajeel and skewers him. Chase circles around Gajeel, and Gajeel runs his iron sword through the walls to defeat Chase. In the ceremony, the prince combines the two halves of the Phoenix Stone, and the soldier lights Eclair on fire. When Natsu, Happy, and Lucy rush to save Eclair, Dyst blows them away. Momon dives into the flames to free Eclair. Then, Dyst knocks out the prince and declares that he will be king. Elsewhere, Makarov informs Erza that he has brought the Arrow of Haja.

After the Phoenix is summoned, the Phoenix wreaks havoc in the city. While the rest of the Fairy Tail guild fight the Phoenix, Natsu engages Dyst in a heated battle where he eventually defeats Dyst. By Eclair's side, Makarov informs Lucy that when they kill the Phoenix with the Arrow of Haja to stop the Phoenix from destroying the world, Eclair and anyone who drank the blood of the Phoenix will die as well. Lucy cries and begs her master to reconsider it. Though, Makarov signals for Erza to fire the arrow. In the sky, Eclair's spirit urges Natsu to finish the Phoenix.

With the battle over, Lucy is in tears over Eclair's death, and when she asks Natsu if magic is good or bad, Natsu replies that Eclair was smiling at the end and that he and the guild are here for her. He hugs Lucy who sobs on his chest.

Points of Interest

  • While the film may not be canon and contain continuity issues, the film is likely to take place during Grand Magic Games arc.
  • Juvia suspects Cannon is trying to gain Gray's affections.
  • Asuka and Laki only appeared during the credits.
  • After the credits, Lucy sees a girl who resembles Eclair.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Character Abilities, Moves, & Items
Natsu Dragneel Abitities Used
  • Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Moves Used

  • Fire Dragon's Roar
  • Fire Dragon's Wing Slash
Wendy Marvel Abilities Used
  • Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Moves Used

  • Sky Dragon's Roar
Erza Scarlet Abilities Used
  • The Knight (Requip Magic)

Items Used

  • Heart Kreuz Armor
  • Heaven's Wheel Armor
  • Flame Empress Armor
  • Purgatory Armor
  • Normal Fight Robes
  • Arrow of Haja
Gray Fullbuster Abilities Used
  • Ice-Make Magic

Moves Used

  • Ice-Make: Lance
  • Ice-Make: Shield
  • Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur
Lucy Heartfilia Abilities Used
  • Celestial Spirit Magic

Moves Used

  • Summon Taurus
  • Summon Loke
  • Summon Virgo
  • Summon Aquarius

Items Used

  • Fleuve d'étoiles
  • Gate of the Golden Bull Key
  • Gate of the Lion Key
  • Gate of the Maiden Key
  • Gate of the Water Bearer Key
Juvia Lockser Abilities Used
  • Water Magic

Moves Used

  • Water Slicer
Mirajane Strauss Abilities Used
  • Satan Soul
Gajeel Redfox Abilities Used
  • Iron Dragon Slayer Magic

Moves Used

  • Iron Dragon's Sword
  • Iron Dragon's Roar
Pantherlily Items Used
  • Musica Sword
Evergreen Moves Used
  • Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun
Freed Justine Abilities Used
  • Rune Magic
Dyst Abilities Used
  • Telekinesis
Chase Abilities Used
  • Shadow Magic
Coordinator Abilities Used
  • Requip Magic
Cannon Abilities Used
  • Artillery Magic

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