Esdeath Smiling Portrait
Kanji アカメ
Rōmaji Esudesu
Aliases Esdese
Empire's Strongest General
Ice Queen
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 170 cm [1]
Measurements 87-54-85 [1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Occupations General
Affiliations The Empire
Partas Clan (Disbanded)
Teams Jaegers
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #2: Chapter #7
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #5
Japanese Satomi Akesaka
English Christine Auten


Esdeath was born the daughter of a tribal chief of Partas Clan in a remote, arctic region in the northern part of the empire. Her mother died at the hand of an ultra-class Danger Beast and her father, whom she was close to, impressed upon her the philosophy that only the strong survive, a creed he believed and she took it to heart. However, her own father was worried that she might lose something that can't be replaced and he was right as she become a sadist, but her father wanted her to survive in that harsh environment and her becoming a sadist was alright for him. When her clan were annihilated by Northern Tribes her father told her, as he lay dying, that this was simply the outcome of their not having been strong enough and she must live strong. These words strengthened her belief in the survival of the fittest creed. Esdeath continued to hunt Danger Beast on her own and her personal strength grew further and further as she got older.

She joined the Imperial Army, where she worked her way up to the extremely high rank of general, and gained a reputation for her ruthlessness and cruelty. She was rewarded for her frequent successes in service of her country and emperor. When it was time for her to chose a Teigu, non of those which were presented to her had compatibility with her and she herself didn't feel they suited her. However, when she saw a Teigu, Demon's Extract that was created using the life blood of an Ultra-class beast that lived in the Northern parts of the Empire, that was sealed off from all other Teigu due to the danger it posed to its user, she felt as if it was calling for her and instead of drinking a glass or two from it, she drank it all and would have been driven insane if she didn't had her strong will that she used to tame the Teigu, which gave her the command of ice, and its mark on her chest which was a prof of the Teigu. Ever since that day, Esdeath was known as the strongest warrior in the Empire. Before the start of the story, she recruited the imprisoned general Liver into her army, as she believed leaving him to rot in prison would be a waste. After that, Liver become part of her bodyguards, the Three Beasts.

When a savage tribe raised to defy the tyranny of the Empire, Esdeath and Najenda were tasked with stopping the rebellion. Despite succeeding in defeating her opponents, she ordered her army to violate the village while leaving some of the warriors alive to witness this, in order to foster further hatred in them so that there would be further rebellions and thus more battles for her to fight. She was also entrusted with stopping the threat of the Northern Tribes that became strong enough to invade the Empire, a task that gave her the chance to take revenge for her own clan, which is highly doubtful to be revenge for her clan and more for her love to fight. After defeating the Northern Tribes, she buried 400,000 people alive and broke the pride, spirit and seemingly sanity of their hero, Prince Numa Seika, who she killed after having him lick her boot. She was called back to the capital in order to exterminate Night Raid.


Esdeath Raw Profile Guidebook
Esdeath was created by Tashiro Tetsuya & Takahiro for the Akame Ga Kill manga as one of the secondary antagonists. In the anime, she is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura. She first appears in Akame ga Kill Volume 2, chapter seven - "Kill Your Fantasy" and episode 5 - "Kill the Dream."

According to the Akame ga Kill Guidebook, Takahiro wrote that he wanted to make a charming character as he was quite fond of her character. He notes that her story was to remind everyone that evil is evil despite her kindness towards her subordinate. Also, her name is a pun on "S desu", a nod to her sadistic nature.



Esdeath is a tall, attractive woman with very long, blue hair that tends to spread out as it goes further down. She wears a military uniform with a cap, long gloves, and long boots.


Esdeath is well-known for her cold-heartedness, ruthlessness and sadism. She has carried out many atrocities with great relish and apparently no remorse. This doesn't indicate a lack of passion however, as she loves fighting, especially against powerful and driven opponents. This has let her to taking less practical or professional actions in the past, as sometimes rather than wipe enemies out, she will instead defeat them in brutal ways that will encourage them to seek revenge, so that there will be further battles for her later. This would suggest that while she is loyal to the Emperor and the Prime Minister, they aren't her primary concern.

She holds to a creed of survival of the fittest, and feels contempt for those who cannot defend or save themselves. Despite her harsh nature, Esdeath does seem to value her subordinates and truly loved her father, even if his death caused her little consternation. She has stated that she treats her troops well to maintain morale and keep them motivated, but there does appear to be some genuine affection for the Jaegers and her Three Beasts in particular, as she always swears revenge on their killers in contrast to her survival of the fittest mindset.

She is not beyond feeling love for someone else. This was shown when she wanted to find her true love which ended up to be Tatsumi, whom she is seen blushing like any ordinary woman around him. Tatsumi tried to convince her to join the revolutionary army, the first time she slapped him for asking such a thing and it can be assumed that she would have killed anyone else who would ask her something like that. Despite her love for him she stated that the life and well being of her subordinates take first priority.



She and the Prime Minister Honest seem to enjoy each other's company and have a certain professional respect for one another and their respective abilities. However, she isn't sentimental towards him, and doesn't entirely trust him.


Esdeath feels a particular rivalry with Night Raid's leader Najenda, as they used to work together and had a fierce confrontation when the latter defected from the empire. To an extent, Esdeath sees her conflict with Night Raid as a battle of wits with Najenda.


More recently, Esdeath has felt a need to explore the concept of love, and sought an ideal partner for this goal. This turned out to be Tatsumi, who she briefly abducted after finding him in a tournament that she hosted. Esdeath has genuine affection for Tatsumi, but has made it clear she intends to be the dominant partner in the relationship.

Story Arcs

After returning to the capital in the first place, Esdeath visits the torture chamber where she show her disappointment in the skills of the torturers in the "art of torture" and state that if the cauldron heat was too high those who were being boiled in it they would die quickly and create ice and throw it in the cauldron while saying that if the heat were lower the suffering will be prolonged for those who are being boiled in it. After that she leave to report her victory to the young Emperor Makoto and he inform her of her new task of hunting and eliminating Night Raid and Esdeath ask for a six manned group of Teigu users. Also the emperor tell Esdeath that he doesn't believe that mere gold would be enough reward for this task ans says that he want to give her something special such as land or title and ask her if there is something she desire. Esdeath surprise and shock both the emperor and the prime minister by saying that she want to fall in love and hand over a criteria of what she desire in a lover.

After that while taking a walk with the prime minister Esdeath admit that she herself is surprised of her feeling and desire to fall in love. The prime minister tell her it is natural for her as living being to desire the opposite sex, but he think that talking about love doesn't suit her at all. While Esdeath seesit as bestial instinct she state that for the time being she will have fun hunting the rebels. The minister state that asking for six Teigu user is too much and the general reply that he will take care of it in the end. Smiling the minister agree to take care of it, but ask for certain people (those who politically oppose him) to be dealt with and Esdeath agree to his condition. Esdeath is seen giving the order to The Three Beasts to deal with the politicians who oppose the prime minister.

While her subordinates were busy carrying her order she was throwing herself into her work at the government’s torture facilities. After that she took a walk in the street of the capital after coming across a sweet shop the owner tried to bribe her only for her to respond violently by using two coins to push his eyes to the inside of there places saying that she doesn't need his bribe and if he tried to do this again she will make it hurt while he admit that it already hurt. Esdeath order some sweets all while being watch by Leone, who previously naively thought she could take out the empire strongest warrior. Leone felt an extreme and tremendous murderous and evil aura pressuring her that is coming from Esdeath. Leon understood that it was a trap for her and followed her instinct and fled. Esdeath who received her sweet felt that the presence that was following her despair and thought it was a pity as she wanted to try some new torture technique on the one who would take the bait. After trying the sweets she find it delicious and thought of buying some of it to her subordinates when they return. However, Esdeath never had the chance to do this as her subordinates were killed by Night Raid.

Esdeath put some flowers on the graves of her subordinates and despite viewing them as weak as they lost she vowed to avenge them. After receiving the news of her new subordinates have arrived she decided to play a little with them, put on a mask and attack them to see their fighting ability. After that the group name is decide to be Jägers and they have a party after meeting the emperor where Esdeath share her interest of falling in love with her team. In order to find a suitable user for the Teigu that was retrieve from Night Raid Esdeath sponsor a tournament and the winner receive a hug amount of cash. While viewing the matches Esdeath doesn't see any of the fighters to be suitable for the Teigu. Tatsumi, who is a member of Night Raid participate under the cover of being a blacksmith in order to get enough money to send it to his village and to gather information for Night Raid, wins. After seeing his victory smile, Esdeath fall in love with him on first sight not knowing that he is a member of Night Raid. While seemingly desiring to give him his reward, Esdeath place a collar with a chain around Tatsumi's neck while telling him that he will "belong to her from now on". Shocking Tatsumi and everyone in the arena including one of her fans. Esdeath drag Tatsumi as she considered the place was full of distractions, then knock him out when he ask her to wait while saying that she won't wait. Esdeath catches Tatsumi before he reach the ground, put him on her shoulder and says that they will talk in her room when its just the two of them.

While in the palace, Esdeath introduce Tatsumi as an additional member to the Jägers and the one who will become her lover. However, Wave ask why Tatsumi have a collar on his neck and Esdeath reply that its because he become her lover and she want him to stand out like this. Run convince Esdeath to remove the collar in order for him to be her official lover not her pet. While removing it Esdeath ask her team if one of them is married ir have a lover which Bols confirm that he is married and it has been six years much to the surprise of everyone. Tatsumi try to talk his way out by saying that he is not interested in becoming member of the Jägers, but it was pushed aside by Esdeath of said it would seem some training is needed to make him more obedient while she is blushing much to Tatsumi dismay. When an information about the location of a fortress controlled by bandits came Esdeath tell her team that their job will require them to kill dozens of people and ask them if it’s alright with them. Each of the Jägers gave a reason of why would they carry their job. After this Esdeath, the Jägers and the unfortunate Tatsumi, who was brought in to see the team combat ability as Esdeath thought it would be good for him as substitute member, move. While the Jägers move to destroy and kill the bandits Esdeath and Tatsumi were observing the battle. After the battle Tatsumi is amazed by the Jägers combat ability and Esdeath assure him that she will be training him herself so he will be able thing like these with ease. Tatsumi is surprised of how kind Esdeath seem to be and she admit that it is the first time she experience such feeling, being in love with someone and says its not a bad feelings.

Tatsumi decide to attempt to convince her to defect from the empire and join the revolutionary army. On the way back Esdeath asks Bols for advices on how to make Tatsumi fall for her which he tell her not to give up as he himself was rejected twice by his wife and it take time. While the two in the place, in Esdeath room, she take a shower while he wait and wonder how he will convince her. After coming out from the shower Esdeath shock Tatsumi with her sleeping attire that almost reveal all of her figures. Tatsumi try to convince her to defect by saying that he hate the current empire and prefer to join the revolutionary army and as her to join. Esdeath would respond by slapping him and ask what is he thinking of while asking such a thing to a general of the empire. Tatsumi says that they could stop many suffering of the do, but Esdeath tell him that he doesn't need to worry about this, all he need to do is stay with her and she understand the painful hardship he had to endure, but from now on she will not let anything hurt ever again. Esdeath add that as her lover and not her possession he is the only one she sees as man so she will never let him feel lonely. However, Tatsumi decline and Esdeath think he is worried about his family so she offer to place them under her protection, but Tatsumi note on how the empire is corrupt by telling her a story about two with different social status who feel in love and can't be together because the corruption of the empire thinking that she would understand. However, Esdeath delince understanding the feeling of the weak, state that its natural and the law of nature for the weak to die which mean that those who died because of the corruption of the empire were weak and Tatsumi may have been poor, but he was able to become stronger, thus gaining strength and that what attract her gaze to him.

Tatsumi is shocked by Esdeath words and state that he can't bring himself to love someone like this and if she truly have feeling for him he beg her to change her way of thinking. Esdeah seeing this think of how his face look nice, but she tell him that will not happen and he must not confuse the situation as she will not be changed by him, he is the one who will be changed by her. Tatsumi tell her that she can talk all she like about changing him, but he will not be changed even if he was tortured. Esdeath comment how stubborn he is and think that is why he could have a pure and innocent smile and that she want to see his smile again, experience the previous feeling she felt and possess all of him. Esdeath calm down and says that many thing happened and she is tire so they will talk about this the next day and they sleep for that time. Tatsumi says that he will sleep on the sofa, but Esdeath says at she is not angry about what he said so she want him to sleep with her on the bed. An embarrassed Tatsumi says that he will need to shower first and Esdeath tell him that he must not try to escape as it will mean his death as the guards of the palace sees defending the palace is their life and saying something like its okay for me to be here will not work with them. After Tatsumi enter the shower Esdeath think if it would have been better if they showered together, but think it okay as she doesn't need to rush it as Bols said it would take time and says that she will make him fall for her using a new plan which is to show him what she can do in the next day while they hunt Danger Beasts. The next day she inform Tatsumi that they will be hunting and he will be paring with Wave first and at dusk he will be paring with her. The reason for this is that more dangerous and stronger beasts comes out at night which is the perfect time to show her ability to him.

However, Esdeath wasn't able to carry her plan as Tatsumi managed to escape due having a Teigu. While giving a "light torture" to Wave for letting Tatsumi escape and failing to capture one of Night Raid whom was actually, unknowingly to her, Tatsumi. When Run ask her what to do if Tatsumi really join the revolutionary army she tell her team that she loves Tatsumi and her desire for him is burning hotter than before now that he is not in her grasp, but the life and well being of her subordinate take first priority and when that time come to choose between him and them there should be no question. Despite saying that, Esdeath believes that Tatsumi is not that weak to be killed and his will to fight and survive is an amazing thing and she will force all her feeling into him the next time they meet.

Powers & Abilities

Growing up in a harsh environment has given Esdeath incredible physical prowess and considerable willpower. She has demonstrated incredible strength, speed and skill in battle and is hailed as the greatest warrior in the Empire. She favors a thin sword in combat.

She is also a skilled leader who excels in motivating her troops, and has demonstrated solid tactical thinking.

Imperial Arm - Demon's Extract

To add to her already deadly combat ability, she commands the incredibly powerful Demon's Extract Imperial Arms, a blood-type substance which she once ingested and is now a part of her body. She can use this Imperial Arms to freeze anything around her, including the air for the sake of making ice constructs. She can freeze living beings, too, either to the extent of shattering or simply incapacitating them.

As an example of her immense power, she was able to create a trump card for her Imperial Arms which allowed her to freeze time for a short while, requiring her to rest after using this ability.

Secondary Skill/Trump Card - "Mahapadma "

This ability was not originally part of Demon Extract's repertoire. However, Esdeath managed the unprecedented feat of creating a trump card for an Arm that did not originally have one. This self-developed skill allows Esdeath to can freeze time and space itself and leave her as the only one who can move. This ability was developed in order not to allow Tatsumi to escape after his escape from Mt. Fake. However, Mahapadma can only be used once a day due to the massive energy it requires to use.

Other Media

She makes an appearance in Akame ga Kill! Theater.