Plot Summary

It's another day at the Kazamidai Metropolitan High School. Urabe happens to have bad bed hair that day. Oka notices this and restyles Urabe's hair for her, saying that a girl should take more care of her hair. Urabe's new hairstyle shows her eyes more. Other student's soon take notice of Urabe, calling her cute, which starts to bother Tsubaki.

On the way home, Tsubaki tells Urabe that personally he prefers Urabe to have her hair the way it used to be. Urabe asks why, but Tsubaki doesn't answer. Then Urabe hold's Tsubaki's hands and asks him to mess up her hair. Tsubaki does so, and eventually Urabe's hair is back to normal. Urabe says if Tsubaki likes her hair this way then that's how she will wear it, and also it felt kind of nice when Tsubaki rubbed her hair. As they continue walking home Tsubaki thinks to himself that Urabe is cutest when her hair is all messy and covering her eyes, and that her words were "kind of erotic."

At school the next day, Oka and Urabe have lunch and Oka wants to try out another new hairstyle on Urabe. Urabe refuses and Oka guesses that something must have happened between Urabe and Tsubaki. Urabe says, "Tsubaki made me feel good." Oka asks how, and Urabe proceeds to rub Oka's hair the way Tsubaki did to her the other day. Oka is unsure what to think of this. After school on the way home Oka asks Ueno to rub her hair. He does so, and after he's done Oka's glasses fog up. She thinks, "it does feel kind of good when the person you like rubs your hair. Those two are into some weird stuff."

At school, Tsubaki sees that another male classmate had taken pictures of Urabe the day that she had her hair changed, and is selling them at 300 Yen per picture. The guys are all over the pictures. Tsubaki is fuming, "those damn hyenas, selling pictures of my girlfriend's face which I rarely get to see." Then the guys begin to notice that Urabe looks like Imai Momoka, a 17 year old female idol. Tsubaki is intrigued that there is an idol that looks like his girlfriend. After saying bye to Urabe that day, Tsubaki stops by the bookstore to buy a photo book of Imai Momoka. He is excited to go home and check it out. Ueno happens to see him buying the book. When he gets a chance to check it out in his room Tsubaki is really surprised by how much Momoka looks like Urabe. There are many photos of Momoka smiling and even wearing a swimsuit. Tsubaki really thinks this book was a great find.

Ueno and Oka talk the next day about how photos of Urabe are being sold and how Ueno say Tsuabki at the bookstore the other day buying an Imai Momoka book. At lunch, Oka tells Urabe about this. After school Urabe confronts Tsubaki about the photo book. Urabe asks to see the photo book, Tsubaki shows her. Then Urabe asks him which photo he likes the best. Tsubaki holds up the book, and Urabe pulls out her scissors to cut the book into pieces. After they say goodbye Tsubaki concludes, "I guess I'm not the only one who is incredibly possessive?"

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