Gangsta Title Card 09
Season 1, Episode 9
General Information
Series Gangsta.
Air Date August 30, 2015
Adapted From 20, 21, 22
Opening Renegade
Ending Country of the Night
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After the audience praised Alex for her singing, Loretta shares with Alex about her mother who was a prostitute. Loretta's mother became a diva and had died giving birth.

After Twilights had attack each other due to Ivan's tactics, Ivan orders Erica and Mikhail to kill the Cristiano family outside.

With Galahad and Marco being overwhelmed by Mikhail, Nicolas joins to protect Alex and Loretta from Erica. Meanwhile, Worick fires a signal flare which Ginger and others caught sight of.

When Nicolas is pinned by Erica, Ginger and Doug arrive. Ginger easily overwhelms Erica who retreats with Mikhail. Later, Uranos welcomes Emilio Benedetto to Ergastulum.

List of Characters

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