The Throne That Invites War
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 09
Season 2, Episode 9
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 戦まねく玉座
Rōmaji Ikusa maneku gyokuza
Air Date December 3, 2014
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Toru and his group are tossed outside by Hartgen's men. Fredrika asks Toru and Akari to let her bite them in order to recover from the poison arrows' effect. Elsewhere, Red Chaika and David are regrouping. When David asks Red Chaika about the remains, Red Chaika tells him to give their rest of their remains to White Chaika. Entering their room, the two finds Selma injured among the debris. Selma struggles to tell them she had failed to protect the remains. Red Chaika rushes outside where she finds Toru and Akari trying to help Fredrica walk. Toru advises Red Chaika to be careful after informing Red Chaika about White Chaika's kidnapping by Black Chaika.

Meanwhile, Vivi and Nicolai sneak their injured captain by disguising themselves as civilians throwing away a corpse. In a storage, Zita and Leonardo rendezvous with them. The two are shocked that their captain is still alive. Nicolai asks Zita to start treatment with her magic, sealing the would and healing any infections. In the woods, Fredrika uses her magic to undo the invisibility spell on the vehicle. She tells Toru and Akari that she needs rest after molting her body. Nearby, Gillette's team subdues the guards near their vehicle in order to transmit their message back to headquarters. Gillette mentions about Guy and Niva Lada to Konrad. He doesn't know if Niva Lada can transform in a weapon. Konrad isn't sure why Hartgen wants war.

In the throne room, Shin presents White Chaika to Hartgen. From the shadows, Guy and Niva watch nearby. Hartgen approaches White Chaika and mentions how White Chaika is so different from the Chaikas and that she resembles the emperor's daughter the most. Meanwhile, Fyodor explains about the strange fortresses in the report and that pending war will erode the alliance and the peace they sought to maintain.

Later, Toru and Akari arrive with the remains while the guards escort them to Hartgen's throne room. At the same time, Gillette enters the castle grounds without attracting any suspicions. Toru demands them to return White Chaika. White Chaika begs Toru not to do this. Guy reveals himself and his purpose, gathering all the remains. Black Chaika arrives and congratulates White Chaika for a job well done in retrieving all the remains. Much to the shock of others, Black Chaika sprouts tentacles underneath her skirt, devouring the remains ravenously while making crude, sexual noise. She explains that her purpose is to revive their dead father as she undergoes labor. Many different Guys arrive and approach the magical spell surrounding Black Chaika. Black Chaika gives birth to a newly reborn Gaz. Guy explains that he is Arthur Gaz and that he had died to be reborn in order to reign over the world.

Hartgen apologizes to Emperor Gaz and asks him to join Gaz's side. Arthur Gaz kills Hartgen without any hesitation. The Purple Chaikas laugh at their dead, fake father. When White Chaika asks Arthur Gaz if she is just a tool, Arthur Gaz explains that he had no daughter. He explains that Chaika is a generic term of a resurrection spell to retrieve his remains. Black Chaika adds that she was the only one who can place Fayla organs in herself while she remarks that the rest of the Chaikas were worker bees to gather the remains. Upon hearing Arthur Gaz and Black Chaika's words, White Chaika has a mental breakdown. Gillette asks Arthur Gaz why he allow themselves to get killed. Arthur Gaz explains to plant fear and anger into the heroes and nation after he had a feeling planted into himself, the fear of death. Furthermore, he states that rich emotions are the source of magic. His plans are to send the whole continent in war in order to absorb all of their feelings into magic, using the overnight castles.

Blasting a hole to the right side of himself, Gaz asks Niva Lada to transform into his Gundo. He aims at a floating fortress in a distance and wipes it easily. Then, he summons his floating fortress high above the skies by firing at the satellite receiver.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • White Chaika is number 357 in Gaz's creations.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.



  • Unknown Invisibility Magic
Black Chaika
  • Unknown Spell - Come, to rise and hang adrift
Arthur Gaz
  • Pierce
  • Ren
  • ? (with Niva Lada)


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Black Chaika Quote (Chaika Season 2 Ep 09) Black Chaika: "Only I was able to place Fayla organs in myself and bring Father back. The rest of you only gathered the remains, like worker bees. All for me, the queen bee!"

— Black Chaika's words rubbing into White Chaika's emotional wounds


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