The Value of Memories
Chaika Title Card 09
Season 1, Episode 9
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 記憶の値うち
Rōmaji Kioku no Neuchi
Air Date June 4, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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Toru and the gang are at a shop, looking for magic fuel. The man doesn't have any magic fuel, so he writes them a list of shop owners. Chaika wants to enjoy the festival. However, Akari warns her due to crowds of people who might recognize her from the wanted posters. In Chaika's vehicle, Chaika explains that they have a half day's worth of fuel, and that they can use memories as an alternative. Toru wonders if Chaika used her memories after realizing she had lost her memories after the war. He tells Chaika not to use her memories ever after seeing she hasn't use them. Toru and the group leave the vehicle in search of shops for magic fuel before dark. Meanwhile in another town, Vivi is glad to shop with Albéric for the festival. Then, Albéric and Vivi stop and restrain a thief who is a former soldier who resorts to stealing from nobles due to not finding a job. Albéric tries to reason with the man and suggest filing a guild request. The man talks angrily to Albéric until Vivi headbutts him for making excuses and backtalking Albéric. Albéric has Vivi release the man since they're here to celebrate the end of war festivities.

At the base, Nicolai, Leonardo, and Zita are cleaning the vehicle and the garage while conversing about the captain. Leonardo states that the captain's straightforward nature has saved his life. Many views Leonardo as expendable soldiers. As a demi-human soldier created for war, Leonardo is sent to the front lines and take dangerous jobs. Leonardo says that captain has treated him as an equal. Nicolai shares that he spent every day fighting, being a mercenary, regardless of justice. Zita comments that the captain has shut himself in the office to research Chaika and Emperor Gaz. Matheus says that the captain's sense of justice has waver a bit. Zita wants to have Vivi some alone time with the captain. However, Leonardo doesn't think Vivi has a chance. Then, Curren arrives with an urgent orders from Chief Konrad. Back in town, Vivi shops for sweets and finds fortune cookies. Then, the two receives orders from Chief Konrad.

Meanwhile, Toru's group find a caravan that has no magic fuel. When Chaika asks Toru about his past, Toru starts explaining about his home village, Acura. When Toru tries to scale a rock and falls, Shin saves him with a rope. As Toru complains, Shin tells Toru that being inexperienced will get him killed. Little Akari jumps Toru and hugs him out of fear and concern. In the present, Toru states that Shin called Akari stubborn. When Akari realizes Toru was losing on purpose, she challenges Toru to a real fight. Toru splashes Akari by accident which causes Akari to splash Toru. Before Akari heads to join Fredrika, she hands a dog whistle to Chaika for protection against Toru. Toru and Chaika finds a shop owner who has magic fuel. Upon asking the shop owner about his thoughts on the festival, the man shares he lost his wife and family during the war, and he cannot let go of the past. Toru continues sharing his past, and he states that he worked hard to please Hasumin because he wanted to hear her praise him.

However, Hasumin appear to be sad. Chaika teases Toru a bit with speculations on Hasumin being his first love. One day, Hasumin's caravan is attacked and massacred by the bandits. Little Toru rushes to find Hasumin despite warnings from the villagers. He finds Hasumin who tells him it's all right before passing away in front of young Toru. The elders in the village had slaughtered all of the bandits because they attacked the caravan whom they regarded as family. Shin comments that Toru wasn't cut out as a saboteur. Toru states that he didn't want to face that awful of feeling of not saving someone again. Chaika reassures Toru that he saved her life.

When Toru asks the shop owner for places that has magic fuel, the shop owner recommends they visit Duke Gavarni's domain which has mines. He thinks the duke has bought the remains of Emperor Gaz due to netting profits from the mines. Elsewhere, Albéric and his crew debrief themselves on the mission. The Soara flies around in Duke Gavarni's domain.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Eyecatches: This episode uses the black eyecatch first and then, the white one.
  • Toru and Akari's back story is revealed in this episode.
  • Memories can be used magic fuel. One cannot select a particular memory for magic fuel consumption.

Fortune Cookie Messages

  • Albéric: "A sword drawn at night can never again be sheathed."
  • Vivi: "It is your unchanging love that will save your loved one."

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