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Akame ga Kill Title 09
Season 1, Episode 9
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 戦闘狂を斬る
Rōmaji Sentōkyō o Kiru
Air Date August 31, 2014
Adapted From 15, 16
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
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In the hot springs, Mine tests her injured arms and believes she finally recovered. At the dojo, Mine calls for someone to spar with her. Though, she finds Leone sitting on Lubbock and Akame sits on Tatsumi while the two young men do push ups. Tatsumi notes that wearing Incursio requires a lot of stamina, so he will train his body as he glances at Bulat's message. Tatsumi mentions he can only turn invisible for only a second. His determination makes Mine blush for a moment. Mine looks over to Lubbock who hasn't break a sweat yet. Lubbock states that with Bulat gone, there are only 2 guys left in this group. He feels he should start putting in more effort. When Leone mentions Lubbock had only done half of the push-ups, Akame remarks that she and Leone have a major weight disparity which provokes Leone to smack Akame's head.

Then, Najenda reports she is visiting the Revolutionary Army to deliver the three Imperial Arms that they had acquired from the Three Beasts. She assigns Akame to be in charge of the group in the meantime. She also mentions she is there to recruit new members since Sheele and Bulat are now dead. She doubts they will spare a few talented individuals. Tatsumi regrets being weak and not able to protect Bulat at the very end. Najenda assures Tatsumi that taking down the Three Beasts weaken Esdeath's army. Leone mentions that Bulat had high hopes in Tatsumi's growth. Najenda is concern over Esdeath arranging a special group of individuals.

At the graveyard, Esdeath places flowers on her Three Beasts' grave and states she will avenge their death. In the Imperial Capital, Wave arrives with a bright outlook on his promotion as he brings a large bag of fish. When the crowd looks at him strangely and makes comments on him being a hick, Wave proudly states that he is a man who fought both pirates and aquatic Danger Beasts. Arriving over at his destination, Wave enters the conference room only to be intimidated by Bols, thinking it's a torturer's room. Wave returns to the room after realizing he is one of his teammates. When another young girl, Kurome, enters the room, Wave is relieved to see a normal person. Wave introduces himself to Kurome who refuses to give her candy to him. Then, Seryu and Coro introduces themselves before welcoming Mr. Stylish with rose petals. Mr. Stylish notices Wave and finds him attractive much to Wave's dismay. Finally, Run arrives. Wave finally meets someone normal as he shakes Run's hands. Bols gives every tea and demonstrates being shy despite his intimidating look.

When Esdeath arrives with a mask, she kicks Wave for talking. She tells Wave not to drop his guard. As Run attacks Esdeath, Esdeath notes Run has good reflexes. But when Seryu tries to engage Esdeath, Esdeath grabs Seryu and slams into the ground. Esdeath explains that Seryu gives too much presence. Kurome manages to break Esdeath's mask. As the day ends, Dr. Stylish asks Esdeath about their group's name. Esdeath proudly calls them, Jaegers. Wave and Bols work on cooking for the dinner celebration. Wave notes that Bols is a good chef and a kind person. Bols remarks that he is not a kind person. In the dining room, Esdeath asks Seryu about Sheele's Imperial Arms. She wishes to put on a show to claim the weapon to avoid having the prime minister take it.

At the bookstore, Leone and Lubbock welcome Tatsumi to their secret base in Imperial Capital. Lubbock informs now that Mine has been seen and has a wanted poster, he, Leone, and Tatsumi are the only three who can walk freely in the capital. Lubbock also informs Tatsumi about Esdeath's new police force. When Tatsumi asks how dangerous Esdeath is, Lubbock explains a tribe in the southwest region rebelled against the capital a few years ago. The Imperial Capital's army were facing high casualty due to the treacherous terrain and nightly attacks by the tribe. Only Najenda and Esdeath's groups were successful in bringing down the rebellion. Esdeath freezes an entire raging river which allows their forces to reach the tribe's villages. Esdeath's forces annihilated the tribes while ravaging the land, killing the innocent, and raping the women and children. Najenda didn't approve of Esdeath's methods.

Esdeath enjoys war and allows some of the enemies live to start more rebellions. Lubbock mentions a martial arts tournament with a crash prize. Meanwhile, Emperor Makoto asks Honest about Esdeath's preferred mate and her conditions. He is overwhelmed by Esdeath's preferences which most men won't fit. In the tournament, Tatsumi enters under an alias, blacksmith, and his opponent is Kalbi the butcher. Tatsumi easily dodges Kalbi's attacks and delivers a powerful blow to Kalbi's abs. Then, he sweeps Kalbi and then kicks him down. His victory impresses Esdeath and Run. When Tatsumi smiles after being cheered by everyone, Esdeath is smitten by Tatsumi's genuine smile. She meets Tatsumi in person and in the ring.

As Esdeath prepares her reward, Lubbock, Leone, and Tatsumi watch carefully. Out of nowhere, Esdeath places a collar on Tatsumi's neck and claims him as her property. She drags Tatsumi and knocks him out for herself. Lubbock and Leone debriefs the situation to Akame. Akame tells them to move their base higher in the mountains for now, but she will not abandon her teammates.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • At this point, Tatsumi can barely use invisibility for a second.
  • Bulat only appears in a flashback with spoken lines.
  • Dr. Stylish is into Wave but not into Bols.
  • Najenda originally had a braided ponytail in her past as she and Esdeath were in the same army. Her rifle is the Imperial Arm Pumpkin.
  • Kalbi the butcher is an anthropomorphic bull who is a ninth-level master at Koukenji.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Esdeath: "Liver, Nyau, Daidara... You three lost. Which means you were weak. It's only natural that the weak are eliminated. My poor subordinates. There's nothing else that can be done other than avenge your deaths."

— Esdeath's philosophy as she visits Three Beasts' Grave


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • The bookstore's hidden entrance is found under the floorboards for the manga. In the anime, it's hidden behind the bookshelves.
  • In the manga, there is a graphic rape scene shown when a young mother is pulled away from her child. Three men rape the mother right in front of her child. Compared to the anime, it's only one scene without the child as it was rushed with other clips of carnage in wartime. Also, the anime has the woman in a dress during the rape.

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