Plot Summary

Tsubaki has a dream where he and Urabe are in a tall tower alone, and Urabe invites him to touch her breasts, which he does. Tsubaki wakes up right after that. It's Sunday morning and Tsubaki spends a few moments wondering about the curious sensation. He decides to go out to take his mind off things, but his mind seems to keep wandering back to boobs. Tsubaki happens to walk all the way to where Urabe and him split up when walking home, he decides to go the way Urabe usually walks.

Tsubaki happens to run into Urabe, who seems to have went grocery shopping on her bike. She lives in an apartment complex called Green Village Kazamidai. Urabe invites him inside for drink, she lives on the 10th floor of the building. She is home alone today, and Tsubaki waits in her room while Urabe prepares drinks. Tsubaki still can't get Urabe's boobs off his mind. The clouds are getting dark and it looks like it's going to rain. Urabe asks if there is something on Tsubaki's mind. Tsubaki says no. It starts thundering and raining. Just as Urabe is about to get up and turn on the light, an especially loud thunder strikes, Urabe is surprised and falls backward into Tsubaki's arms. Tsubaki almost tries to touch Urabe's breast, but Urabe jumps up at lightning speed and points her scissors at Tsubaki.

Urabe asks again if anything is on his mind. Tsubaki confesses his dream. Urabe tries to communicate what her boob's feel like through drool, but it doesn't seem to have that much of an affect on Tsubaki. Urabe says fine and lets Tsubaki touch her boob his hands. Tsubaki finally does, but can't help himself and hugs Urabe to the ground. Urabe tries reaching for her scissors, but they are out of reach. Tsubaki starts licking her ear, and Urabe starts crying softly. Tsubaki goes to kiss her, but sees her tears and realizes that he took advantage of her. He apologizes immediately. Urabe says she is not mad, but Tsubaki is ashamed and says sorry one more time before running home in the rain.

The next day, Urabe and Oka have lunch together. Urabe offers her drool for dessert. Oka's heart starts pounding, and she feels hot all over, the hottest she has ever felt after tasting Urabe's drool. Urabe explains that the other day, she experienced a new sensation (referring to her ear being licked). Oka explains that it's pretty normal for your senses to change after falling in love.

Tsubaki is still ashamed of himself. After school Tsubaki tells Urabe to hit him. She does, leaving a bruise on his face. Then she tells Tsubaki to touch her ear. He does, and she starts tearing. Urabe says again that she doesn't mind the sensation and that she even enjoys it a little. Since she was also partly responsible for what happened, she wants to share in the pain. She tastes Tsubaki's drool so she too has a bruise on her face. Tsubaki says he doesn't want to see the face of the girl he loves bruised. Urabe seems bursting with happiness as she hurriedly gives Tsubaki her drool for the day and rushes off home. Tsubaki feels hot all over.

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