The Bells of Contention
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 08
Season 2, Episode 8
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 闘争の鐘
Rōmaji Tōsō no kane
Air Date November 26, 2014
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Arriving at the bridges, the proctor announces the folks who can advance to the next round must pass the bridge across the lake. Toru knocks enemies and tries to reach for Chaika who is on a collapsing part of the bridge. Akari & Fredrika pass the bridge. While Vivi and Nikolai try to reach the goal, the soldiers stop them and force them to enter another pathway for lying about their identity, exposing them as spies from the Kliemann Organization. Inside the castle, Toru and Chaika reach the entry point. When being led by the guards, they are tricked into another path after being locked out, similar to Vivi & Nikolai's situation.

In the dark hallways, Toru converses with Chaika about Emperor Gaz's true intentions. Chaika asks Toru if he wanted war, too. Toru evades the question by asking Chaika what she wants. He promises to keep Chaika's goal. Elsewhere, Leonardo sneaks into Matheus and Zita's cell, giving them their Gundo. Matheus and Zita break open the cell. Before they leave, a retainer of Hartgen begs them to free him as well. Afterwards, the retainer explains what happened to the young king who was obsessed over Gaz's death. King Hartgen intends to start a war. He believes that Black Chaika had changed their king. Songs and peace didn't satisfy the king, only the roar of the battlefield. Black Chaika proposes that Hartgen holds a martial arts tournament. The retainer leaves and asks Matheus's group to stop Hartgen. Matheus tells Zita and Leonardo to head back to the vehicle while he searches Nikolai and Vivi.

In the throne room. Black Chaika and her fellow Chaikas watch Toru and everyone's moves. Hartgen pats Black Chaika on the shoulder for a job well done. Wandering in the corridors, Fredrika smells the scent of corpse. In a room full of coffins, Chaikas of different colors attack Fredrika and Akari. Akari throws a needle at one Chaika's head but didn't work. She tells Fredrika to shut the room as soon as she throws a smoke bomb. Arriving in the underground stadium, Black Chaika welcomes Toru and White Chaika. Vivi and Nikolai wait and spots Gillette sitting across from them in another cell.

Back in Wiermac, Curren informs Chief Konrad about Prime Minister Berman and Minister Moscatz had dispatched Cima to the Principality of Hartgen. In the stadium, Vivi is shocked that her next opponent is Gillette. Gillette knocks Vivi and gets intercepted by Nikolai who urges Vivi to not hold back. Vivi tries to talk sense into Gillette. Gillette pins Nikolai on the ground. As Gillette hesitates and tries to deliver the final blow, Vivi cuts off Gillette's right hand off. The pain snaps Gillette, returning his memories. Vivi and Nikolai rescues their captain and treat his wound immediately.

Confronting Shin, Fredrika gets hit by dozens of arrows that seals her dragoon powers. Shin asks Akari what would she do now. Akari rushes at Shin and the Chaika puppets. In the next round, White Chaika and Toru are pitted against Red Chaika and David. Red Chaika states that her mission is revenge and to gather the remains. As David charges at Toru, Toru enters his Iron-Blood Transformation and blocks David's attacks. At the same time, White Chaika tries to blast Red Chaika. Red Chaika leaves White Chaika to back up David. As soon as David is injured by Toru, Red Chaika drops her guard for a moment over her concerns for David. White Chaika blasts Red Chaika.

With David injured, Red Chaika forfeits the match because she has someone to protect. As she leaves, she tries not to shed tears over her loss. Hartgen calls out for Shin who drops Akari and Fredrika on the floor. Toru dashes towards Shin. The guards kidnap White Chaika, not allowing her to back up Toru. Shin manages to anger Toru and takes advantage of his clouded mind. Shin demands Toru to give up the remains.

List of Characters

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items Abilities

Toru Acura

  • Iron-Blooded Transformation
White Chaika
  • Tense Air
  • The Burster
  • The Slugger
  • Else
Zita Brusasco
  • The Silencer
  • The Crusher of Air
Red Chaika Snake Blade

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