Empire of Consolation
Chaika Title Card 08
Season 1, Episode 8
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Kanji 慰めの帝国
Rōmaji Nagusame no Teikoku
Air Date May 28, 2014
Ending Kairaku Genri
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A mysterious man kills an emissary. the next day, Alberic reports to Konrad about the Chaika case. Konrad states that they know little about the late emperor. Alberic notes that the Chaika who collects the remains for a funeral seem far from threatening. Elsewhere, Chaika tries to drive the vehicle over bumpy roads. She explains to Acura on how driving a vehicle works and that her father had created the vehicle and Gundo. Then, the group runs into a roadblock by a group who are raising funds to restore Neo-Gaz Empire. The surprising part is that they claim to have Princess Chaika on their side. The real Chaika pays them with a silver coin. Frol orders his men to check the vehicle. Akari makes up a story that they are traveling performers when one of the men spot a coffin in the vehicle. The Neo Gaz men demand proof by having Chaika's group put up a performance. After a few tricks, the crowd is won over by Fredrika's performance. Akari drops the cat into the coffin while Toru utters incantation. Out pops Fredrika's dragoon head from the coffin.

Meanwhile, Vivi checks up on Alberic who is hard at work, researching about the late Emperor Gaz. She decides not to bother her superior and exits the building where she meets with Zita by the river. Zita and Vivi greet Alberic who informs them that there were no information on the emperor and he could not verify if there are organizations that are bent on restoring the empire. Vivi and Zita invite Alberic to the dinner. Later that night, Akari and the gang eat dinner with Mart's group. Chaika finds out that they are citizens of the Gaz Empire. When Mart's men return with goods, Toru realizes they are a bunch of bandits. Nearby, the fake Princess Chaika (Julia) asks Chaika if she and Toru are boyfriend and girlfriend. Julia explains that she wants to rebuild the empire, so the people have a place to live. She asks Chaika to help rebuild the empire. Julia recites a love poem from a poet of the Gaz Empire. Lavr calls Julia over. Julia changes into her bandit clothes and accompanies Lavr on a mission to raid a building.

In Chaika's vehicle, Toru reminds Chaika about their goal and suggest to leave without getting involved. Chaika requests for them to stay until the morning. Elsewhere, Julia and Lavr arrive at the house. When Julia barges in, the lights turn on, indicating a trap. Julia quickly tells Lavr to escape. Meanwhile, Mart's group tries to rob Toru's group, but Mart's group is easily defeated and all tied up by Akari and Toru. Mart confesses that they didn't do this in the first place, but they are short of their goal to restore the empire. Lavr returns and informs everyone that Julia is caught and retained at a military prison. Chaika urges Toru to rescue Julia due to a promise. Toru and Akari give into Chaika's request. The two siblings are able to rescue Julia easily with Chaika's help.

With things resolved, the Neo Gaz Empire men thank Chaika for her help. Julia recites her love poem for Chaika. She then asks Chaika about her goal. The next day, Toru asks Mart's men about what Emperor Gaz was like. Mart and his group states that they didn't know anything about him due to living in the countryside. The rumors about human and magical experiments pop up after the war.

At the Alliance of the Six Nations meeting, one of the members express concerns about the murdered emissary by fortress Soara. One of the members demand military sanctions.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • During the beginning of the episode, Toru asks Chaika about how operating a vehicle works. It works the same way as using a Gundo. The wires that attached to the machine and then to the person. Memories and raw minerals make up magic fuel.
  • A new eyecatch part 2 is used.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items
  • The Silencer - Mutes the sound of impact

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