Kill the Three: Part 2
Akame ga Kill Title 08
Season 1, Episode 8
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 三匹を斬る - 後編 -
Rōmaji Sanbiki o Kiru - Kōhen -
Air Date August 24, 2014
Adapted From 13, 14
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
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With Daidara dead, Liver confronts Bulat and explains that Esdeath had saved his life while that made me a servant indebted to Esdeath. Despite his general being his enemy, Bulat vows to complete his mission. Liver reveals his Imperial Arms which controls and causes the water to gush out of their barrels. He is grateful to be battling Bulat in the middle of the sea which gives him a great advantage. Then, Liver attacks first with his Water Spirit Cannon. Bulat blocks it with his spear. Nyau wakes up and attempts to back up Liver with his flute. Tatsumi jumps from above with a downward slash to interrupt Nyau. Nyau unleashes a barrage of attacks with his flute. When Tatsumi tries to counter, Nyau jumps behind Tatsumi and kicks him. Tatsumi calls out that Akame is faster than Nyau, insulting Nyau. Feeling Bulat's punch to his stomach earlier, Nyau is losing his breath. Nyau and Tatsumi argue over who will win. Liver shapes the water into a giant serpent to attack Bulat. Bulat slices the serpent instead of dodging it. Now that Bulat is in the air, Liver attacks immediately with Dark Stream Spear, multiple geysers from the ocean converging on Bulat. Bulat's mask breaks a bit upon on impact.

In Liver's past, he notes that he understood Bulat's determination. Liver controls the water to make multiple dragons for his Water Dragon's Divine Conquest which all blasted Bulat. However, Bulat is still alive and attacks Liver who has drop his guard. Nyau intervenes by charging at Bulat. When Bulat knocks down Nyau, Nyau smiles that Bulat has missed his chance to take down Liver. On the ground, Tatsumi apologizes to Bulat for not holding down Nyau long enough. Because of the damage inflicted by Liver, Bulat's Incursio Armor has been released. Confident, Liver mentions that this fight is over. Bulat points out that Liver's ears are bleeding which indicates Liver's body is worn out. With Bulat and Liver unable to use their Imperial Arms, Liver asks Bulat to serve Esdeath and not the Imperial Capital.

After Bulat turns down Liver's offer to join Esdeath's army, Liver uses drugs to enhance his strength after noting that they have to rely on swords. Bulat equips his sword, and he clashes with Liver in one-on-one duel. Bulat breaks Liver's sword through sheer will. With Liver bleeding lots of blood, Liver smiles and resorts to his hidden technique, transforming his blood into blades. Bulat swings his sword to deflect Liver's attacks. However, some blades hit Bulat. Liver dies after using his final technique that uses up his life force. On his dying breath, Liver explains why he joined Esdeath's army. He states that Esdeath has offer him a place in her army. He idolized Esdeath. Bulat coughs up blood, and he realizes he has been poisoned by Liver's final attack.

Knowing it's a draw, Bulat reminds Tatsumi that the battle isn't over. Nyau plays his flute and activates his flute's hidden ability. He enhances his strength and body. Bulat entrusts Tatsumi with Incursio's Key. Nyau laughs at Bulat's desperate move. Bulat punches Tatsumi to snap him out of it. He assures Tatsumi is the one who can wield it. Being sadistic, Nyau who wants to slice them up to pieces allows Bulat and Tatsumi to assume their business. Tatsumi prepares to use Incursio. When Nyau attacks, Tatsumi wields the mighty Incursio. Its raw form awakens and evolves to adapt to Tatsumi's body and style of combat.

Tatsumi and Nyau exchange one punch before Tatsumi deals a consecutive, fatal punch that sends Nyau crashing to the wall. Knowing Tatsumi is the one, Bulat dies peacefully with a smile on his face. As it rains, Tatsumi vows to Bulat to become stronger, and he cries loudly in anguish over Bulat's death.

Elsewhere, Kurome sits on a pile of dead bodies. A messenger appears and informs Kurome that she has been chosen as one of the six. Kurome looks eagerly to meet Akame.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • Daidara only appears in a recap.
  • Black Marlin is created from an organ of an aquatic Danger Beast that controls water.
  • According to Liver, Esdeath's Imperial Arm can create ice out of nothing.
  • Incursio is made from purifying raw materials from Tyrant, a dragon type Danger Beast that can adapt to any environment.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Bulat: "I refuse. You may be comfortable with your current position, considering how you feel about political officials. But I am a defender of the people. If I were to join the Esdeath army that's working with the minister... I wouldn't be able to say that anymore."

— Bulat denies Liver's offer


Tatsumi: "Even till the end, I did dumb things that you hit me for. I'll become stronger... And I'll learn to use Incursio properly."

— Tatsumi vow's to Bulat


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Abilities Moves
Bulat Incursio
Liver Black Marlin

Water Spirit Cannon

Ravine Serpent

Dark Stream Spear

Water Dragon's Divine Conquest

Hidden Technique: Blade of Blood

Nyau Scream Secret Technique: Demon Summon
Tatsumi Incursio

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • Akame and Lubbock's scene occurs during the same time of Leone and Bulat/Tatsumi's mission in the anime. In the manga, it occurs during Bulat's fight with Liver.
  • In the manga, Liver injects his drug into his right arm. Compared to the anime, he injects into his neck.

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