Everyday Life with MON and an Arachne
Monster Musume Episode 7 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 7
General Information
Series Monster Musume
Kanji MONとアラクネのいる日常
Rōmaji Tsuki to Arakune no Iru Nichijō
Air Date August 18, 2015
Adapted From 11, 15
Opening Hey! Smith!!
Ending Highest Speed Fall in Love (最高速 Fall in Love Saikōsoku Fall in Love)
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Ms. Smith and her M.O.N. Squad subdue a bunch of Orcs who were taking hostages in a doujin store.

In the second story, Rachnera kidnaps Kurusu in order to expose him, but in the process, she falls in love with him due to Kurusu's kindness.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

In this episode, the opening and ending theme songs are switched due to M.O.N. Squad's story.

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