The End of the Exodus
Charlotte Ep 7 Title
Season 1, Episode 7
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Series Charlotte
Air Date August 15, 2015
Opening Bravely You
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After Yu wakes up, he attends Ayumi's funeral. Facing the loss of his younger sister, Yu isolates himself from his friends and ditches school and drowning his misery in ramen. When Yumi visits him, she tries to get Yu to go outside, essentially move forward. Yu tries to take advantage of Yumi by asking her to buy ramen. Yumi refuses and her efforts unintentionally enrages Yu to lash out Yumi.

When three men try to get Yu, Yu uses his power to subdue the two men and leave the condo. He spends the rest of his days at an internet cafe and playing games. When he provokes some of the men to get his turn by throwing trash at them, the men take him outside to teach him a lesson. Yu uses his power to beat them up and decides to crush many thugs over the course of few days.

One day, he finds drugs and tries to use it. Nao kicks the drug out of Yu's hand and reveals she was watching him, using her invisibility. Mentioning it was her fault for the death of Ayumi, she asks Yu to come with her to Takajo's house. Later that night, Yu is surprised that Nao had cooked Ayumi's signature dish, omelet with pizza sauce, and overwhelmed by the taste, he cries as he eats the meal. Nao explains Ayumi was trying to remake their mother's dish. Touched by Ayumi and Nao's efforts, Yu asks Nao on what he would do since they promised not to meet each other. Nao states that Yu broke the promise by eating the whole meal instead of one bite. Yu states he will be returning to the student council.

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Points of Interest

Angel Cameo Charlotte Ep 7

Angel's Cameo (Angel Beats!)

  • At 10:53, Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!) makes a cameo on the computer screen at the internet cafe where Yu was spending his days.

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