Black Agenda
Chaika Season 2 Title Card 07
Season 2, Episode 7
General Information
Series Chaika - The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle
Kanji 黒い思惑
Rōmaji Kuroi omowaku
Air Date November 19, 2014
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Deep underwater, Acura and Akari find a hidden chamber, and the two manage to get through the axe trap above water. The two meet with Shin much to their surprise. Without answering their questions, Shin attacks both Akari and Toru. Taking down Akari, he grabs Toru from behind with his tonfas close to Toru's neck. Shin tells Acura that he is not cut out to be a saboteur. Toru steps Shin's foot and bashes in his face. The two quickly escape. Arriving back at their room, Chaka informs them that Niva had left with Guy as she hands the Acura siblings, towels. Toru asks Chaika not to talk to Guy anymore since Hartgen has the last remains. Akari shares that their mentor is their enemy and that it's natural for saboteurs to fight each other.

Toru asks Chaika not use her memories as fuel. He plans to enter the tournament with Chaika and tells Akari and Fredrica to sneak in to steal the remains. When Fredrica suggests busting in, Toru explains they don't know the inside layout of the castle or how many enemies they have. In the throne room, Guy informs Hartgen about Niva Lada's potential when the right conditions come in. Hartgen looks forward to war. Guy mentions how ironic Hartgen's fate is since he ended the war after beheading Emperor Gaz. Hartgen states that war gives them purpose and longs to see Niva's true form.

The next day, Hartgen gives a speech and shares how he will transform this tedious world where warriors can live as warriors. During Hartgen's speech, Black Chaika smiles at how everyone is father's playthings. Irina and Alina joins their sister, and they correct Black Chaika on how many Chaikas are there, two and a half. Black Chaika requests her sisters to alert the guards to bring her the Chaikas. As the tournament starts, White Chaika and Toru collect the scarves. Vivi and Nikolai question Toru and Chaika about their purpose in the tournament. Vivi finds out that Guy had taken Niva with him. Nikolai informs them about Black Chaikas who are scheming with Hartgen. When enemies stroll by, Toru and White Chaika work fast to take them down. Vivi and Nikolai quickly leave the scene after giving Toru a warning.

Elsewhere, Fredrika and Akari converse about Hartgen. In a meeting, Curren debriefs everyone with a report from the Kliemann Organization, the Gaz facility off the port town of Waronti. When Curren informs everyone about Hartgen and Black Chaikas, everyone gets riled up for massing their armies. One side wants to wait for more information before striking. Fyodor states that they will wait for a full report from the Kliemann Organization before making a move.

After the meeting, two men discuss about sending the fortress, Cima, instead of waiting for Fyodor's permission. In a meeting with Fyodor, Curren shares information about the "overnight castles." Then, a messenger brings alarming news about Red, White, and Black Chaikas at the tournament as well as denying to return Gaz's remains.

At the castle's tournament grounds, a soldier tricks David and Red Chaika into a cell. He orders them to move towards their next match. Fredrika is bored as she finds her enemies too easy. In the forest, White Chaika assists Toru with her spells from nearby.

List of Characters


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Hartgen (Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle 07) Hartgen: "I know that all of the warriors gathered here today have not forgotten their pride as warriors. What do you feel in this world that has been immersed in peace for five years since the war? Do you not feel aggrieved to live in a world in which you cannot use the strength and techniques you learned in battle? I will transform this tedious world!"

— Hartgen's Desires


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Moves Items Abilities

Toru Acura

Akari Acura

  • Iron-Blooded Transformation
  • The Locator
  • The Shield
  • The Slugger
  • The Tornado
  • The Burster
  • Else
Red Chaika Snake Blade

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