Kill the Three: Part 1
Akame ga Kill Title 07
Season 1, Episode 7
General Information
Series Akame ga Kill!
Kanji 三匹を斬る - 後編 -
Rōmaji Sanbiki o Kiru - Kōhen -
Air Date August 17, 2014
Adapted From 10, 11, 12, 13
Opening Skyreach
Ending Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta
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At the royal court, Esdeath receives ten thousand gold from Emperor Makoto for conquering the north. Prime Minister Honest notes that Esdeath doesn't care for politics and cares only for fighting enemies. Esdeath and her group accepts Emperor Makoto's request to destroy Night Raid. When Emperor Makoto asks if there's anything Esdeath wants, Esdeath replies she wants to fall in love, shocking the younger emperor and the Prime Minister. Esdeath rejects Makoto's recommendation of Prime Minister. She states she will hand a list of preferences.

Over at Night Raid's headquarters, Mine struggles to feed herself due to a broken, left arm. Akame tries to feed her. Tatsumi notices Akame is calm after Sheele's murder, and he realizes how painful this line of work is. Over at the castle's open halls, Esdeath converses with Prime Minister. As day breaks, Esdeath gives out an order to her three most loyal servants. In the kitchen, Tatsumi finds Akame with a Dango or dumplings for Sheele as an offering. Akame tries her best to remember Sheele, who was the kindest of them all. Tatsumi states that Sheele always brought flowers to Ieyasu and Sayo's grave. When Tatsumi mentions Akame is composed than him, Akame drops the plate of dumplings and grabs Tatsumi. Akame cries that no one can grow used to the pain. She states that she cannot let her emotions control her because she has to carry out her mission. Tatsumi is angry that he lost control and punches himself. He vows that he won't die nor make Akame sad. That they will look forward to a happy kingdom. Leone hears the two's conversation behind the door, smiling at Tatsumi's resolve.

The next day, Tatsumi spars with Akame in swordplay. Bulat punches Tatsumi and explains that he should mind his surroundings. Tatsumi explains that he made a promise to get stronger. Touched by Tatsumi's words, Bulat trains Tatsumi personally. In the north, a man returns to his nation with his daughter. Then, Daidara and his group confront the man and his daughter. The daughter and her group of men engage Daidara. Daidara bisects the whole group of men and wound the young lady. Nyau converses with the daughter while Liver decapitates the man who is a political opponent.

After 15 soldiers were killed, Daidara and Liver pass out Night Raid papers. When Daidara wonders why they cannot frame these men, Liver states it will not work under General Budou's protection. Nyau arrives after skinning the young lady alive. In a debriefing, Najenda orders Leone to spy on Esdeath upon learning of Esdeath's conquest and her return to the capital. She warns Leone about Esdeath. Najenda also debriefs her team about the murders of 4 political officials who were opponents against the Prime Minister. She mentions that flyers announcing NIght Raid were found. Bulat concludes they are framing them. Najenda says that they cannot lose important people. Tatsumi's group accepts the request to protect the officials.

Their next mission is to protect an official at the Ryuusen. In the north, Lubbock and Akame are on stakeout. Bulat hits Tatsumi for being too lax while being invisible. Tatsumi is at awe with Bulat's armor. Bulat recalls how he couldn't save his general who did not accept the new minister's bribes. He is framed as a criminal during the general's case. In the downtown district, Leone watches Esdeath who is all alone. She tries to resist her urges to attack her, but she knows it's a trap. Leone decides to retreat. Esdeath notices the presence gone. On the Ryuusen, Nyau plays his flute which causes everyone to fall asleep. Tatsumi struggles to wake up and gets outside where he is confronted by Daidara who hands him a sword.

Jumping in the fray, Tatsumi narrowly dodges Daidara's axe. Daidara splits his axe into two and throws one axe at Tatsumi that scratches Tatsumi's abdomen. As Daidara throws another axe, Tatsumi decides to run towards Daidara in hoping the axe will cut down Daidara. Bulat intervenes and knocks Tatsumi out of the way. Daidara notices that Bulat had injured himself in order to avoid falling asleep. Bulat transforms into his armor and deflects both Nyau and Liver's ambush attacks and immediately, cuts Daidara in half. Bulat explains to Tatsumi that he should always pay attention to his surroundings.

Liver confronts Bulat, shocking Bulat that his old general is serving Esdeath.

List of Characters

Points of Interest

  • According to Akame, Sheele's favorite food are dumplings. Her name will never appear in the Revolutionary Army's records due to their assassination job.
  • Bulat has fought in the south under a general. His nickname is Hundred-Man Slayer Bulat.
  • Daidra's Imperial Arms is called Great Double Axe, Belvark.
  • Spear and Chouri are not named in this episode.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Akame: "It's true... I've seen many lives fall before me. However, ... My precious friend just died! This pain... No one can get used to this!" — Akame lets her emotions come out


Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Weapons Abilities Moves
Bulat Incursio Invisibility
Daidara Belvark
Nyau Scream

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material. Click on an icon to show the full image.

  • In the manga, there is another mission with Leone and Tatsumi after the death of Sheele. Leone explains to Tatsumi how she got her Imperial Arms in the Black Market and how she became a member of Night Raid in a full flashback scene.
  • Only in the manga, Esdeath is seen with her Three Beasts instructing some men on how to torture someone effectively.
  • Akame feeding Mine's scene was before Esdeath's scene with Makoto and Honest in the manga.
  • Only in the anime, Leone is eavesdropping on Tatsumi and Akame's scene.
  • In the anime, the Three Beasts are present when the Emperor greets Esdeath for her success in the conquest of the North. In the manga, they do not appear in that scene.


  • Tatsumi and Bulat's training in the mountains is omitted from the anime.
  • Only in the manga, the prime minister and his daughter's names are revealed.
  • Only in the manga, Nyau made a skin mask of the prime minister's daughter.


  • Only in the manga, the Three Beasts are seen boarding the Ryuusen in cloaks.
  • While invisible, Bulat hit Tatsumi twice on the Ryuusen in the manga while he did once in the anime.

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