Plot Summary

Summer break is coming to an end. Oka spots Tsubaki as he is out shopping for clothes, so she invites him to have ice cream with her. Oka buys two vanilla ice cream cones, one for each of them. Tsubaki notices how large Oka's breasts are. While talking together, Tsubaki notices that Oka calls Ueno by his first name; Kouhei. Tsubaki begins to wonder whether her and Urabe will ever call each other by their first names.

It's the first day back at school and Ueno notices that Tsubaki has a slight tan. When Ueno teases that Tsubaki has found himself a girlfriend and went to the beach with her, Tsubaki denies this and says he went with his older sister. During break, Oka tells Urabe about meeting Tsubaki yesterday and explains that they talked about first names. Oka hints that Tsubaki probably wants Urabe to call him by his first name. Oka takes this opportunity to taste Urabe's drool, and her face gets flushed, so it seems like Urabe was fantasizing about being called by her first name. Urabe denies this and walks away, Oka wonders about how cute Urabe can be.

On their way home Tsubaki and Urabe stop by the park and have juice together. Urabe falls asleep on the bench as Tsubaki gets juice from the vending machine. Tsubaki, after attempting to gently wake her up, decides to call Urabe by her first name "Mikoto". Urabe wakes up and smiles, "what is it?" They proceed to enjoy their cold drinks. Unfortunately Tsubaki doesn't feel completely comfortable calling Urabe by her first name again just yet. Tsubaki is enamoured by Urabe's smile and that night Tsubaki dreams about taking a picture of Urabe smiling.

So the next day, Tsubaki takes his camera and asks to take a picture of Urabe. Urabe agrees, but when Tsubaki asks for a big smile, Urabe says her face will remain the same and that it's stupid to smile just for the sake of a picture. Tsubaki is down about not getting a smiling picture of his girlfriend. The next day while waiting for Urabe, Tsubaki runs into his old crush from middle school, Aika Hayakawa. Hayakawa seems happy about seeing Tsubaki again and invites him to go to a cafe together and do some reminiscing. Tsubaki apologizes and says he is supposed to meet someone right now. Hayakawa leaves and says maybe some other time.

Urabe happened to be nearby to overhear their conversation. Tsubaki reassures Urabe that he no longer has a crush on Hayakawa, which is why he turned down Hayakawa's invitation (not at all because he was afraid of what Urabe would say). Tsubaki asks hypothetically if Urabe would be mad if he went to a cafe with Hayakawa. After a few moments of silence, Urabe lets Tsubaki taste her drool. After doing so, Tsubaki starts crying. Urabe says she wouldn't be mad, she would just be very sad. Tsubaki confesses that he did feel a twinge of regret when he turned down Hayakawa's offer, but asserts that right now Urabe is the only person he loves. Urabe is happy and Tsubaki tries to capture that smile, but is unsuccessful. Instead Urabe makes a face when Tsubaki takes the picture. Tsubaki is a little peeved, but settles for just a picture of his girlfriend, smiling or not. Tsubaki says he will treasure the picture forever and stores it in his wallet. Urabe blushes when Tsubaki does this, showing that she is happy.

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